Pokemon Court Chapter 971

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the body of the 907th Volcano Sky battle, floating astronomy
    The venue of the pavilion was built on top of the magma. Apart from Blaine himself, several Terrances did not continue to walk as they entered the venue.

    Blaine, on the edge of the field, stopped at the place where it fell into the magma.

    "Next, show a hot showdown, let me see the real power of the fire of life."

    “Very looking forward.”Terrance nodded.

    However, Blaine's expression suddenly became serious at this time: "Forget it, the life of Cinnabar Island is probably coming to an end. This Volcano is just about to move, even if it is difficult to suppress with the power of the elves, so the battle is still going on. Please take note of the changes in Volcano."

    “Is this Volcano nearing an outbreak?”Terrance nodded and motioned to understand.

    Looking at the old Blaine and the magma flowing underneath, Terrance changed his mind and slowly took out Altaria's Poké Ball. This time, he intended to let Altaria use only the power of life to fight.

    That is, the next will be a flame showdown.

    "Go, Altaria!!"After Terrance directly throws Altaria's Poké Ball, Blaine also evokes the name of Moltres.

    As with Terrance and Ash, this time, Blaine's elves still live in Volcano.

    Compared to Poké Ball, Blaine believes that the environment inside Volcano is more suitable for the growth of these fire elves.

    "Come out! Moltres! ! ”

    As Blaine shouted, the magma suddenly rolled up, and a large bird-like genie in flames suddenly flew into the sky, and his eyes closed. Lock On was bathed in white light and flame, on the Alt Evolution of the Mega Evolution! !

    At the moment of the Mega Evolution, in addition to raising the level of life, the enormous life energy also began to fuse with the flame, allowing Altaria to form a flame coat.

    The flame coat is wrapped in white cotton feathers, which makes Altaria look like Moltres.

    This is the characteristic of the fire of life! ! It can be transformed into a flame without temperature, and it has the ability to heal and recover! !

    Although it was just a confrontation, Moltres already knew the thornyness of Altaria. It was the oppression of the flame that made it understand that there was a gap between it and Altaria.

    This kind of oppression, it was only felt in the god of fire in the Orange Islands, although Altaria's flame oppression is not as good as the god of fire, but it is not comparable to the flame it controls.

    "Moltres has appeared, Altaria has also completed Mega Evolution, then…"Xiaogang's eyes are dignified, reminding Ash and Misty to step back, not too close to the front.

    "Hurrying ~~~~"

    Soon, with the eyes of Terrance and Blaine, the battle started directly.

    When the two elves started, the flames fluttered in the wind and roared. When Altaria and Moltres flew forward, both sides pulled out a long trace of flame in the air, which was very beautiful.

    The flame is wrapped in two claws, Altaria directly slashes away, and Moltres, not to be outdone, the wings condense the flame and force it!

    However, during the attack, Altaria apparently had a strange change, as if giving the forelimbs the power to surpass the limits of the body, forcing the unbearable power! !

    Such an outbreak will definitely damage the body, but with the restoration of the fire of life, Altaria is safe and sound!


    Originally Altaria's physical fitness is not comparable to Moltres, with the healing effect of the fire of life, Altaria's explosive tear, the flame of Moltres' wings is directly torn open, the fire snakes are scattered, this scene suddenly makes Blaine glance, excitement Expression.

    "This Altaria is really tyrannical!"

    "However, Moltres is not weak!!"Blaine excitement, Moltres rapid regression, the whole body burst out of a stronger flame, moltres the reason why dare to challenge the god of fire, because of this trick, this trick can burn their whole body flame, squeezing the limits of the body flame, but after that, the cost is very large, will lose the perception of the flame, Even serious will make the Elves lose the fire Type and the ability to manipulate the flame, need to recuperate for a long time to recover.

    This Moltres is to challenge the strong in this self-harming way. With the Flame Body, its burnout can squeeze itself and increase your control of the flame.

    When the heat wave came, Altaria noticed a glimpse of Moltres, which burned a strong flame, and it began to be serious.

    Although Moltres' flame level is weaker than the fire of life, but…From this moment on, Altaria clearly felt a threat, even if the level is relatively weak, but a large number of flames condensed to a certain extent, it is also very terrible.

    "Fire Swirl!!"

    "Big words burst!!"

    In the double flame collision, Soaring in the sky does not know when to raise a round of hot sun. This is the masterpiece of Moltres and Altaria. Since it is a battle of flames, it is naturally inseparable from the sunny environment.

    Hey! !

    During the rounds of the two elves, the bursting flame continued to collapse, and numerous fire snakes fell into the magma, alarming Blaine's other elves, and angering Volcano, barely hesitating. Under Blaine and Terrance's gesture, the two elves rushed directly. Out Volcano, flying to the sky, launched an earth-shattering battle.

    At this time, residents of Cinnabar Island could feel the change of Soaring in the sky. When they looked up, they suddenly found that Soaring in the sky had been outlined by the flames of two huge creatures.

    The shocking wings and bird-like body make these Cinnabar Island residents even think that two Moltres are fighting, they want to see, but the two elves fly too high, and they are covered by clouds, there is no way.

    The bright tweets and Soaring in the sky were so shocking that many people were shocked. They didn’t know what was going on at this time. Blaine and Terrance were far below the ground, except for the initial command, and then did not affect Volcano changed, handing over the right to fight to the elf, and staring seriously at Soaring in the sky.

    As the Trainer of Moltres and Altaria, others don't understand the battle, but they can tell.

    Bang! !

    The raging fire completely burned the sky and made people feel that the end of the world is coming. Many tourists have already regretted coming to Cinnabar Island. For fear of accidents, the staff of the project team of the Idol Idol project is also burning the Cinnabar Island Soaring in the The flame of the sky shivered and the face was tense.

    The only thing that can stay calm is Rias. She knows that Fairy Elite is not too big accident here, and that she feels that the change of Soaring in the sky and Terrance can't be separated! !

    "Southern sister, what to do."The project team's employees were worried as several fire snakes spilled.

    "Alright!"It seems that something has fallen. ”Not only Rias, the courageous Trainer close to Volcano Sky, it was found that the burning sky seemed to have dropped a black dot…

    As the black spots get bigger and bigger, many people see the true meaning of the black spots, as if the scorpion is caught, the eyes are squeezing out.

    The streamlined crown and the tumultuous tail, and the body that bathes the flames, aren’t the magical legends of Mars, the legendary sprite Moltres that makes the hearts of the people who have seen it sway? ! !

    Moltres, the powerful and mysterious coexistence of countless Trainers, is now like a flapped Spearow Normal, falling slowly and being seriously injured! How can this not be surprised by the Trainer who saw this scene.

    What makes a lot of people unthinkable is that behind the moltres, a also bathed in the flame of the elves flew down together, this elf calmly incomparable, that constantly changing flame, let this elf like the constant Nirvana Phoenix Normal, shining amazing Lucas, even if not the brain, It is also known that this mysterious elf defeated the existence of Moltres.

    For a time, the entire Cinnabar Island was silent.

    "The elf is…"

    Rias squinted his eyes and muttered in his mouth.

    "Terrance Elite, he…It turned out to be a legend on the island of Cinnabar. ”

    And as Moltres and Altaria return to Volcano, Blaine and Terrance understand that the outcome has been set.

    Seeing the horror of Moltres, Blaine was helpless, and Moltres went to challenge the appearance of the god of fire in the Orange Islands, but that's it.

    After falling into the magma, Moltres immediately lost the perception of the flame, and the Contest Condition has reached the limit. However, when he was trying to recover from the magma, Moltres did not forget the resentment and envy of Altaria, and he was really bitter.

    "I lost."Blaine shook his head, but he had already expected this ending, just in the first round of the two elves.

    But Blaine was shocked at the moment, even if it relied on physical fitness and flames to defeat Moltres…Then, how can this Altaria break out?


    Looking at Terrance and Altaria, Blaine sighs, it's really Elite Four.

    At this moment, Ash is obviously still immersed in the previous match. Misty is still looking at the Soaring in the sky where the flame has not yet dispersed. My heart can't be calm for a long time, if…If the battle was just on the ocean? Will the sea water be evaporated a lot?

    Is this kind of flame really resistant to the water elves?

    No problemWake up to Ash and Misty. Xiaogang knows that the Elite level is not what they can try to compare. Their level is not enough. It is not a good thing to be too involved.

    "Good and strong…"After Ash reacted, it was discovered that Terrance and his own game were just playing around, and the gap was very big, but for Ash, it is very easy to adjust this gap.

    After the results came out, Terrance stepped forward and communicated with Blaine again. Just now, for the change of the fire of life, he believed that Blaine, the master of fire, must have a unique view.

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