Pokemon Court Chapter 974

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the body of the 974th chapter of the fist punch? Mawile? Floating astronomy
    After deciding on the next destination, Terrance quickly applied to the relevant Alliance department.

    Terrance is not the first time to go there, but it is also necessary to apply in advance, even if he is one of the Elite Four.

    These trials for the top Trainer and those close to the top Trainer are all important.

    This time, Terrance is ready to accept the elves from the ultra-ancient pyramids, which is even more applicable in advance.

    The elves in the ultra-ancient pyramids are very belligerent, highly aggressive, and experienced in practice. They have always been a good place for the top Trainer to receive the elves in the Hoenn Region, but because the environment is relatively closed, the Alliance is designed to prevent ecological chaos, so There are many rules for accepting this behavior.

    In fact, you can also think of this as a wild wilderness area. However, this place is the wild wilderness area of the exclusive Trainer of the Hoenn Alliance. If other Region Trainers want to come to this experience and conquer the elves, they must pay more.

    Soon, Terrance's application was approved. No one would go to a local Elite Four in this kind of thing. As long as Terrance does not take away all the layers of the elves, only accept seven seven elves. The department can still close one eye with one eye.

    “Fairy Elite !!”

    As Terrance stepped into the island where the ancient pyramids were located, he immediately heard the familiar voice. Mr. Yoshino, who guarded the ancient pyramids, should have known that Terrance was coming and had been waiting here.

    "Mr. Yoshino, I haven't seen you for a long time."After Terrance handed over the pass-through voucher, the other party did not look at it, but instead showed a bad smile:

    "I didn't expect the Trainer who came here to experience the Elite Four. It was a Trainer who conquered the ultra-ancient pyramid."

    "This talent, I can see that even the Brandon guy can't match."

    “Ewww.”Terrance looks at each other with some mistakes. Even if you want to praise me, don't compare Mr. Brandon.

    Looking at the old man who smiled, Terrance always felt that there was something in the other person's words. Sure enough, before Terrance left, the other party immediately yelled at Terrance: "Don't worry, I don't know if Terrance Elite is in a hurry. If I can, I hope Terrance Elite. Can help me a little."

    “In exchange, I can provide information inside several super-ancient pyramids.”

    "What busy?"Terrance looked calm and didn't refuse it for the first time. I plan to listen to it first.

    "Hey, I have a young man who doesn't listen to the plan to go to the ancient pyramids. She has already got the qualifications. It should be enough to protect herself with her strength, but I am worried that she can't adapt to the environment, so I think Ask Terrance Elite to help me with the environment."Yoshinoya’s swinging hand, he is already using private power, but he is very concerned about this younger generation, really do not want the other side to have any accidents, if there is Terrance, the Elite Four master to take the other side, then practice The danger will be much less.

    "Who is the other person?"Asked Terrance.

    "She is a native of the Seven Mile City, the current leader of the Wind Boxing Dojo."

    "Seven cities? Wind fist flow field? ”Terrance immediately showed an expression of interest.

    During the Masters, he met a Rival that impressed him. He was called Sky Ash. The skills of the other party's Growth tricks have made Terrance unforgettable. The other party seems to be a descendant of the Seven Stars. I don't know if they have what relationship.

    In addition, the person who said in the mouth of Mr. Yoshino, since it is also a Trainer of a certain field, should also be proficient in an Attribute or skill.

    Terrance is more curious about this.

    "The wind fist stream is the Fighting system. She is also the leader position that has only recently been inherited. This is not…Just becoming a leader, she is eager to improve her strength, but usually this gimmick is only practicing in the city of Qiyi, and rarely goes out. This is the source of my concern, although her comprehensive strength may not lose to the old man, but young people. ……In the wild, it is inevitable that I will make some bad mistakes. I am also relieved to have personal care. ”Mr. Yoshino sighed slightly.

    “What does information mean?”

    "Terrance Elite came over the ancient pyramids this time to took demon the elves, but even if you get through all the layers, the level of exploration is not necessarily complete, but for the ultra-ancient pyramids, Mr. Brandon often goes into it to record the details of each layer on a regular basis, and I, is responsible for managing this information, for some of the elves information, I have a lot of mastery, as Terrance Elite you say want to took demon which type of Sprite, I can provide you with the corresponding layers and approximate location information, if lucky, can save you at least half a month. ”

    Mr. Yoshino touched his beard and asked, "How? In addition, if there is any need in the future, I can provide information as well. ”

    Terrance thought about it, the other party's request is not difficult, just a matter of convenience, so that you can get some information in advance.

    "If Mr. Yoshino can give me two accurate messages, then this thing is on me. I can take each other and walk through all the layers quickly."

    "Okay, let's talk."Mr. Yoshino said.

    FirstIn addition to the elves of Misdreavus, Chimecho, Lapras, Ludicolo, Flygon, and Altaria, there are other elves in the pyramid who are good at attacking with sound. Oh, it's better to be the Fairy Elf, I want to know the location of these elves. ”

    Number TwoIs there a strong Fairy elf in the pyramid? ”

    After that, Terrance didn't know how much it could be screened. At this time, Mr. Yoshino was immersed in contemplation. After a while, he said that he had to find out the information.

    Terrance is not in a hurry, just rest in the place where the other person lives, and wait for the result.

    After about ten minutes, Yoshino hurried over and said: "I will give you all the information about the Fairy elves that have been recorded in the pyramid. As for the elves who are good at using the sound tricks, except the ones you said. In addition to five, I will tell you together."

    Terrance nodded immediately.

    At the same time, start making detailed records of Rotom Pokédex.

    "As for the stronger Fairy Elf…Most are ethnic leaders…But I don't recommend that you conquer the leaders of those ethnic groups. The leader will have a great influence on a group. The consequences may be serious, but if you have patience, try to stay on the 17th floor for a while. ”

    "17 layers? I remember that there are all steel elves. ”

    "Well, there is a Mawile on the 17th floor. It is a lone ranger. It is often challenged everywhere. The strength is very good, but the whereabouts are very different. According to Brandon, the Mawile might be the strongest elf on the 17th floor. I don't know if you met. Have you been there before?"

    "Nope."Terrance shines.

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