Pokemon Court Chapter 975

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the body of Chapter 975, Grass Whistle and Cherrim, Astronomy
    From Yoshino, Terrance got five information about the elves that he didn't know. The five elves were scattered in different layers. The location was hidden. If you let Terrance find it yourself, you will definitely miss it in a hurry unless he stays for a long time. Here, each floor spends a lot of time on carpet search.

    In addition, Mawile in Yoshinoguchi attracted Terrance's interest.

    On the 17th floor, he met powerful elves such as Steelix, Scizor, Metasols, and Aggron. It's hard to imagine that there was a Mawile strength in the wild, which was what Terrance didn't think of.

    "It’s just to receive the powerful elves just to quickly grow the Fairy Legion. During the period, there is a lot less Breeder fun, but this is also a helpless move…"

    Terrance bite into the lips and enter the ultra-ancient pyramid directly. He plans to go to the first few layers to find the elves suitable for the Idol plan. Currently, there are 2 members in the plan. Count Jigglypuff and 1 member. If you can find it here, That is naturally the best.

    In order not to miss the time agreed with Mr. Yoshino, Terrance intends to go to the 7th floor to search, and then slowly return.

    It will take two or three days for Mr. Yoshino’s descendants to come to the ultra-ancient pyramids, during which Terrance is not going to idle.

    Super ancient pyramid, layer 7, a piece of water.

    There are a total of 9 Lapras on this floor. The number is small and quite concentrated. Because of the Lapras in the Idol Idol project, Terrance has not paid much attention to them for too long.

    and also

    "These Lapras ice talents are good, and the sound talent is just Normal."

    Not far from the water, Terrance stood here, surrounded by floating bubbles, Arcanine, and Beautifly. In addition to Lapras, one or two elves were observed by Terrance for a long time, even though he directly hit it. To verify the other person's talent.

    "This Jynx sound is good, but it's a bit worse than the three elves Rias is looking for, and the Jynx style is not suitable for Idol planning, forget it…"

    In the ice and snow water environment, a round of high sun is hanging.

    Under the scorching sun, the sunny bubbles Contest Condition's floating bubbles, Arcanine, and Beautifly once again met the Dewgong ethnic group.

    To beat them, they only used Terrance in less than a minute. Soon, these Dewgong were quiet and checked by Terrance and Rotom Pokédex.

    The elves in the ultra-ancient pyramids are very slippery. For resources and food, they will fight desperately, but when they encounter a guy like Terrance that obviously does not infringe on their interests, Dewgong quickly sells them. .

    "It's so interesting, Rotto" Rotom Pokédex was the first to come to the ancient pyramids. Before Terrance entered it several times, it was in Mt. Chimney's guardianship of diamonds, the environment of the ultra-ancient pyramids, is indeed new to it.

    "I won't be able to live in this place. Even though the elves of this group like Dewgong are the majority, there are still some elves that are more savage and not clever…If it is not because of the good strength, I am afraid that it has been annihilated in this pyramid. ”Terrance is helpless.

    In this group of Dewgong, he did not want to find the elf.

    The super-ancient pyramids have a large number of elves, and the talents are outstanding overall. In theory, it is not difficult to find a top-level elf with a voice talent…

    Soon, Terrance came to the sixth floor. There is Vibrava's ethnic group. Supersonic is also a kind of sound. The image of Vibrava's evolutionary form, Flygon, is not too bad, but there is still no elf that Terrance is looking for.

    Then, on the fifth floor, the Chimecho, Missrereavus ethnic group…There are still a few Flygons perched here, but after a greeting from Terrance, he still has nothing to gain.

    But Terrance is not discouraged, the fourth floor also has the Misdreavus group, followed by the second layer of Ludicolo, the first layer of Butterfree…

    In two days, the 7th floor climbed back and forth. Terrance barely rested for a long time. If there were gains, but the few elves found, although they are good at using sound, but there is really no top sound qualification.

    “It’s too easy to think about it, but there are still some ethnic groups that have not met, and there are opportunities.”

    After slamming, Terrance began to rest on the first floor and had already planned to leave. The time agreed with Mr. Yoshino is coming soon. He also has to meet the other generation. Terrance intends to take the other person with a brush. Look for it again in the process of the tower.

    After the seventh layer of the pyramid, he has not looked for it.

    In addition, Mawile on the 17th floor has to look carefully.



    After a rest, Terrance went straight through the secluded area and left the grass from a grassy shortcut, but at this moment, a long sound came, causing Terrance's brow to wrinkle quickly and quickly through the bite of the tongue. Take your own Smelling Salts.

    At the same time, Mismagius hypnotizes directly with illusion, causing Terrance to temporarily lose hearing until the sound disappears before the hypnosis effect is removed.


    Recalling the sound just now, Terrance's mouth is picking. If there is no wrong judgment, it is the voice of Grass Whistle! !

    Deliberately did not say anything, Terrance they waited quietly in place, not long after, a group of elves appeared in front of them!

    These elves look very gloomy, and the two crossed Purple Petals are accompanied by purple stems and leaves, covered with a green leafhopper and two deep pink feet; their eyes are close to the foot, deep and deep, giving A Ghost system feels like a sprite.

    After seeing these elves, Rotom Pokédex was even more excited than Terrance, constantly analyzing the Grass Whistle sounds just collected.

    "Found, the frequency of one of the sounds meets the requirements, just in this group of elves Rotto!!"

    As Rotom Pokédex shouted loudly, the passing princes suddenly panicked, and Terrance certainly didn't plan to give them a chance to leave, immediately telling Mismagius to start obstructing the other side to escape.

    "Cherrim? How is it so timid? ”

    Terrance had a glimpse of his eyes and some accidents. He did not expect that the Cherrim ethnic group, the most difficult to encounter in the first layer that Mr. Yoshino had said, was still encountered by himself.

    Cherrim has two different forms depending on the weather. This trait is similar to Castform. Now it is their normal appearance. On sunny days, they will become more beautiful. Of course, this is not the cause of Terrance's concern…

    The most important thing is that the elf he is looking for with the highest level of sound is in front of you!

    "Wait a minute, if I remember correctly, timid seems to be their disguise…Mr. Yoshino told me that they like to use the aroma of the paralyzed effect and the hypnotic effect to expel other creatures. ”

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