Pokemon Court Chapter 976

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the body of the 976th chapter, the new Idol, floating astronomy
    When Terrance counted, fifteen Cherrim smashed and fled.

    However, they were quickly disturbed by Mismagius and had to regroup.

    "Run so fast…I have forgotten what it is. ”

    In the first layer, Cherrim is not a hunter, but they are not soft persimmons. It is said that Cherrim will release all the anger of being imprisoned when it is open. If it is not enough, it will encounter the sunny form when they just opened. Dofu.

    At this moment, this group of Cherrim obviously does not release their anger. This is because they have not accumulated enough energy at this time, and it is because of this that they will sing and look for other places of activity, all to prevent encounters. Natural enemies.

    When they fell into the illusion of Mismagius, it was not long before the group of Cherrim discovered that they had been restricted from freedom, and the strong counter-attack consciousness quickly led them to choose the power of assembly and break through.


    In the blink of an eye, ten Cherrim used the Sunny Day trick to create a sun with a very strong sun. But now, not every Cherrim is enjoying the sun. Of the fifteen Cherrims, only five Cherrim began to absorb. The energy of the sun.

    After the amount of solar energy entered, the five Cherrim forms changed instantly, and Cherrim Lock On's Cherrim, which has the highest level of sound talent, is also among them.

    Soon, these Cherrims became dressed in short skirts and hair made up of pink Sakura petals. In addition, they also had two berry-like balls adorned on their hair, much like It is decoration.

    Short and thick branches, pink arms and yellow short legs…This is their new look.

    After changing the form, Cherrim is more lovely and less threatening than before.

    However, if you dare to look down on the elves in the ultra-ancient pyramids, even the senior Trainer of the Masters will be miserable.

    "Mismagius, Mystical Fire."

    As the core five Cherrim violently smashed the snow-like fall of the flowers toward Terrance, Terrance quickly ordered.

    The words, like the flame of Will-O-Wisp Normal, collided with the oncoming flower storm in an instant. What surprised Mismagius was that even though Attribute had an advantage, its Mystical Fire did not burn the flowers for the first time. The light, on the other hand, bears the strength of the rapid rolling of the falling flowers, and it has a tendency to collapse.

    "Use all strength."As Terrance spoke again, Mismagius's Mystical Fire broke through the Petal Blizzard trick, and the fire snakes dispersed and began chasing these Cherrim.

    These Cherrim's Ability are all flowers. Under the sunny Contest Condition, the attacking and special defense ability of the wizard's elves and companions will be improved. Fifteen Cherrim will be brought together to activate the Flower Gift. After 10 Cherrims used the Help to gain a companion, the core five Cherrims temporarily gained their limits.

    Just that blow, enough to threaten most of the senior trainer, but it is clear that this destructive power can not break the Mismagius mystical fire, in the ultra-ancient pyramids, similar to such a cooperation Terrance see too much, these cherrim okay, Individual strength is not strong, otherwise it will be more threatening, in some layers, he even encountered the ability to cooperate with the strength can threaten the top trainer of the Elf community.

    "You are the one!"

    Break through the past mystical fire raging, mismagius body of three red gems flashing demon Light, at the same time its eyes also lit up, mouth chanting strange spell, it this set of hypnosis such as flow, less than half a second, one of the Cherrim was fixed in place , and by this time, the Cherrim companion had all fled, for fear that Terrance would continue to leave them.

    Under the illusion of Mismagius, this Cherrim lost consciousness without any surprise, directly in the Poké Ball of Terrance, and with the Poké Ball shaking, Cherrim was successfully conquered by Terrance.

    "In this way, the fourth member of the Elf Idol idol project will be there. Once you find Jigglypuff, the plan will work."Terrance muttered to himself, looking at Poké Ball and putting Cherrim back.

    For the elves in the ultra-ancient pyramid, there is almost no concept of “Trainer accepting Poké Ball”, so this elf still looks hostile at Terrance after appearing in Poké Ball.

    If it is the outside elves, most will show obedience after being took demon, because from the blood they have been branded "Trainer took demon" These concepts, know that being took demon is not necessarily a bad thing, but a win-win cooperation, so most elves will even take the initiative to leave their homes in search of their own recognized Trainer, But the elves who exclude humans are not without them, but in small numbers, and in the ultra-ancient pyramids, this few examples have clearly become widespread.

    "Mismagius, help it soothe your mood."Terrance Road.

    The next moment, Mismagius's ringing to heal the mind was passed into Cherrim's ear, into its heart, making its hostility slightly weaker, but Cherrim was still watching Terrance cautiously.

    "Don't be so nervous, I believe that you will not regret being conquered. Next, I will explain the world outside. If you are willing to stay here, I will not be reluctant. At the same time, I will take you to find you again. Ethnic group."Terrance opens the door to the mountain.

    Mr. Yoshino told Terrance that some of the elves in the ultra-ancient pyramids don't really like the environment. Because of the long-term isolation from the outside world, they are even curious about the outside world and the unknown. If you start from this point, most of the elves. Will not refuse to be accepted.

    Especially the underlying elves in the ultra-ancient pyramids are more eager to change the living environment.

    There is no sun in the ultra-ancient pyramids. For Cherrim, which has a lightness, the outside world is more suitable for them. Terrance is also accurate.

    At this time, Rotom Pokédex played a very good role, and its holographic projection technology quickly immersed Cherrim in the beauty of the outside world…But in just ten minutes, this Cherrim died and Terrance didn't leave. It wanted to see the real sun, not the energy body that the energy was made. Besides, it also wanted to see Rotom Pokédex. The stage where the simulated lights are flashing is not so beautiful.

    "It seems that you have already decided."Terrance smiled slightly.

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