Pokemon Court Chapter 977

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the body of the 977th chapter of the city of Qilan Jialan, floating astronomy
    After accepting Cherrim, Terrance left the ultra-ancient pyramid with this little guy. Just outside, Terrance released it from the Poké Ball.


    The sun shines through the thin clouds, shining through the white ground, reflecting the silvery light, shining the eyes and shining. When Cherrim comes out of the Poké Ball, it is very unsuitable for the outside world. Compared to the dark pyramid, the outside world The air is a bit different.

    But soon, after feeling the constant stream of sunshine and the sun shining on him, Cherrim was suddenly stunned.

    Followed by…Then some surprises flew.

    In the sun, its figure is constantly flying, the voice is extraordinarily cheerful, although it has already withdrawn from the sunny form, but at this time it has bloomed more beautiful than the sunny form.

    "Lucky little guy…The outside world is much more interesting than the pyramid. ”

    Terrance shook his head and greeted him and began to walk towards Mr. Yoshino.


    Hoenn sea area.

    On a helicopter flying to the island where the ancient pyramids are located, a woman with a single horsetail is about 20 years old and is looking at the outside world.

    As the line of sight moved, when she saw the island, she immediately stood up and was somewhat difficult to channel:

    "This pyramid is higher than the imagination. The top has already broken through the clouds. Even the towers of the big cities are not as good as it is…"

    "Miss Jia Lan, we are going to drop, please be careful."

    "Alright!"As the driver's voice came, the current leader of the Wind Boxing Field, Jia Lan, took a breath and sat down again.

    Three minutes later, Jia Lan boarded the island and watched the helicopter leave. He took the baggage alone and began to walk inside.

    Not long after, she saw two people sitting in a chair and drinking juice.

    "uncle."After seeing Mr. Yoshino, Jia Lan immediately went forward, and at the same time, her eyes stayed on Terrance.

    "You are here, this is the person I said that will take you through a circle of ultra-ancient pyramids. You should be familiar with the environment in this process, don't waste this opportunity."Yoshino yells.

    "Miss Jia Lan, hello."At this time, Terrance also put down the cup and said hello.

    "Hello there."After seeing Terrance, Jia Lan was dissatisfied. She thought that the uncle introduced her to someone who was a predecessor, but who thought it would be a Trainer who was much younger than her age.

    The age of Terrance…I am afraid that her disciples are not yet big.

    Although Jia Lan hidden very well, but Yoshino how may not know their descendants of temper, see Jia Blue expression subtle changes, Yoshino know what she is thinking, in fact, Yoshino did not tell Jia Blue in advance about the identity of Terrance, it is to try to suppress her sharpness, let her know that there are people out of the sky, Don't take that broken dojo too seriously.

    "Forgot to introduce to you, you have just returned from Kalos to inherit the pavilion. You may not know. This is Terrance Elite, the newly appointed Elite Four master of the Hoenn Alliance, specializing in the top Trainer of the Fairy department."Yoshino is not in a hurry.

    With the wording of Elite, Jialan's pupils were obviously shrunk, and it took a while to return to normal.

    "you are……Elite Four ? ”

    Seeing Terrance's faint smile, tens of thousands of people in Jialan's heart don't believe it. There are more than a dozen dojos in the city of the city and the Trainer. There are countless trainers, but there are several in these dojos. The old top Trainer, but no one can become Elite Four.

    Jialan's strength is not top in the city of Seven Miles, so she naturally knows the strength of the top Trainer…And the strength of the Elite Four!

    In the Kanto Region, the entire city of Seven Miles can be seen as a force. A dozen dojos form a Dojo Alliance, one of the top leaders of the Indigo Alliance, but in a sense, Terrance's identity is comparable. Half a city.

    "I can still lie to you."Yoshino said: "I want to say, you should not be immersed in the small fights in the city of Seven Miles. Even if you develop the Dojo into the first place in the city of Qiqi, it is better to challenge the Masters to get an Elite Four identity. Be realistic."

    "Which is so easy…"Jialan is speechless.

    Like the Indigo Alliance, Hoenn Alliance, and Sinnoh Alliance, the Elite Four has always been the leader in the top Trainer. There is no Elite Four in the whole city of Seven Miles. She is a Trainer with some gaps from the top Trainer. Not to mention it.

    However, after learning about Terrance's Elite Four status, Jialan's attitude took a 180-degree turn, which is a respect for the strong.

    "I will take you through the ancient pyramids, but there is a condition that I may stay for a while on some floors, I hope you don't mind when you arrive."Terrance said in advance.

    "No problem, I am here for the sake of experience, and there is plenty of time."Jia Lan was originally unwilling to follow others. After all, her purpose was to enhance her strength. If she was taken care of, she would talk about her experience. However, at this time, she was interested in Terrance and wanted to see the age. Gently overtake the Elite Four of all Trainer in the city of Seven Miles.


    after an hour.

    The two had already understood each other through this time. At the same time, Jialan could not wait to enter the super-ancient pyramid. Terrance was also in a hurry, and naturally there was no opinion. Before the Yoshino chanting, Terrance and Jialan both came in neatly. .

    "If there are no special circumstances, the work of opening the road will be handed over to you."

    Walking in front of Jialan for a while, Terrance suddenly stopped and said.

    It is better to let the other person walk in front of you than to follow behind them, so that the other party may be able to adapt to the environment more quickly.

    If there is any danger that is difficult to cope with, it is not too late for him to shoot.

    "En."Jialan nodded. The next moment, a Machamp appeared next to her.

    This is one of her main strengths, the elf who masters the skills of wind fisting.

    Wind boxing can be traced back to more than 200 years ago, the founder is a trainer called Feng Zhen, he respected the spirit of the Fighting Elves, the concept of advanced, but the actual use of incomparable difficulties, this genre since its creation, so far can only be the perfect application of this concept in the "Focus Punch Focus Blast "Two tricks, the wind boxing dojo is also around these two moves passed on to the present."

    "Stun Spore dust…"

    During the walk between the two, as a yellow ghost appeared not far away, Terrance immediately stopped and no longer moved forward, and was going to hand it over to Jialan.

    This guy……More decisive than Terrance's imagination, as he progressed, Machamp waved four fists, and the force of his fist directly rolled the wind, blowing away the paralyzed trap in front.

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