Pokemon Court Chapter 978

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the body of the chapter 978 high-year power Herb, floating astronomy
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    "Strong strength."

    The deeper the ultra-ancient pyramid, the stronger the strength of Jialan.

    Terrance estimated that she might not be the same level as the grass star, and it is a level, but how it is, it is difficult to judge without playing a game.

    "The next step is the third floor. Can you keep up with your strength?"

    "No problem, my elves have done their best, they have perfect control of the body, and their physical strength is very fast."

    When Jia Lan’s words fell, the two went on again, and Terrance was happy to relax. The first seven floors were not too much threat to the Jia Lan level of the Trainer. She is now fighting, but Terrance knows that the blow is still behind.

    In the battle, Machamp's physical recovery speed is really fast, which makes Terrance very surprised. He can judge that this is not a trick. Perhaps it is just like what Jia Lan said is “the combination of spirit and spirit”. The special skill, Jialan's self-confidence is capital.

    However, this is so, in the depth of the third layer, Jia Lan still had to send two new elves.

    Hitmonchan and the hot monkey, the standard Kanto Region sprite configuration.

    In three days, Terrance and Jialan arrived at the seventh floor. This speed is already very fast. It is necessary to know that when Terrance entered, it took five days to reach the eighth floor.

    Can climb to the seventh floor in three days, thanks to Terrance's guidance, which made Jialan a lot easier when it opened the road, but even so, she was dusty at this time, and her physical strength and energy could not keep up.

    I can't sleep well for three consecutive days. It's a normal person who feels tired. Even if the Jialan Trainer is good, but she is still unable to hold the limit of the human body, the Contest Condition will fall rapidly.

    On the eighth floor, the first stop of Terrance's entry, after reaching this level, the six elves carried by Jialan have all been dispatched, and the elves of this layer who have mastered "Self Destruct" and "Explosion" Suicide attacks, Jialan’s team defense line completely collapsed.

    In the chaotic battle, her six elves concentrated, and the Focus Punch, which was full of blows under the Contest Condition, was still dragged by the Weezing group, not only exhausted but also caught in Poisoning Contest Condition.

    "The eighth layer…That's it. ”From the temperament to the exhaustion at this time, Jia Lan and her elves Contest Condition slipped not Normal. If she directly challenged Jia Lan to challenge the eighth floor, she would be very relaxed, but the first seven layers actually consumed her a lot. The strength of her, so that her own fighting spirit is somewhat depressed.


    Frightened away the group of Weezing, the six elves of Jialan also reached the end of the strong, seeing their Contest Condition, Jialan urgently opened the backpack.

    "No, let me give it."

    At this time, Terrance suddenly opened, the first seven floors, he barely shot, just with Froakie and Togepi while training, while letting them watch the Jialan battle, in his prediction, the strength of Jialan can reach the eighth The layer is already extremely difficult, and the same is true.

    The first seven floors, Terrance has been fully explored, so he did not care much, but the next few layers, he plans to open the way.

    As Terrance threw Poké Ball, Altaria, who danced in Soaring in the sky, immediately released the fire of life, letting the flames bathe on the six Fighting spirits. At the same time, under the hypnosis of Mismagius, these elves immediately fell into depth. Sleep Contest Condition, physical strength recovery.

    Visible to the naked eye, the toxins in the body of several elves were burned in an instant, and the injuries on the body began to heal. The physical strength and energy also began to improve under the Contest Condition of deep sleep, and the face showed a relief expression.

    Seeing this mysterious flame and spell can make the elf recover the Contest Condition so quickly, Jia Lan is incredible.

    "The next thing, the work of leaving the road will be handed over to me. You should be familiar with the environment here in these three days."Asked Terrance.

    Let Jia Blue lead, Terrance is hope that she can personally familiar with the ultra-ancient pyramid environment, if the beginning of Terrance take her walk again, the meaning is not very big, the impression of the other side will not be as profound as now, and, Terrance also want to in these three days time let Froakie and Togepi comprehensive familiar with the ultra-ancient pyramids, all the way to watch, they also accumulated a lot of experience.

    Got itJialan hesitated, then lost.

    "There is no need to lose confidence. When I first came, I stopped at the eighth floor. I took back the elves. Then I will accumulate experience and we will continue to move forward."Terrance Road.

    At the same time, he began to leave Froakie and Togepi open, and Mismagius and Gardevoir acted as bodyguards.

    Froakie and Togepi, although they work well together, encounter some of the elves in the ultra-ancient pyramids with their current strength, and hard work is inevitable.

    But with the help of Altaria, Gardevoir, and Mismagius, Terrance didn't worry that they would get hurt, and the efficiency of advancement was even faster than when Jialan opened the road.

    And seeing the cooperation between Terrance's elves, Jia Lan is dumb.

    She didn't think of the ultra-ancient pyramids that she felt so troublesome, but it was just the place where Terrance took the new elves to hone.

    From the eighth to the twelfth floor, Terrance took less than two days. This time is a bit slow for Terrance. If he wants, he can sweep all the layers in one day and spend so much time, mainly because of him. Carefully search each area and want to see if there are any elves that are suitable for conquering.

    At the same time, Togepi and Froakie have more opportunities to experience. As for Jia Lan, it is cheaper. Behind Terrance, she is very impressed by the dangers in these layers. She will be selective next time. Looking for a place to experience.

    On the twelfth floor, there are four layers of weather coexisting. Deserts, jungles, snow fields, and rivers exist. In this layer, although Terrance could not find the favorite elves, he solved a few in a jungle. After the grass was only the elf, suddenly there was an amazing discovery.

    this is the

    "Power Herb?"The red vanilla-shaped plant in front of you gives Terrance an instant look.

    With the scan of Rotom Pokédex, he was even more surprised to find that the Power Herb in the twelfth layer of the Super Ancient Pyramid was surprisingly high.

    Altaria used Tapu when Alola was training on Assist natural energy?Plants suspected of being Power Herb.

    After eating, Altaria can more easily Assist natural energy to enhance its own strength.

    Afterwards, after the analysis of Terrance and Rotom Pokédex, they also identified Tapu?The red vanilla made by 哞哞 is Power Herb…

    That is what is in front of you!

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