Pokemon Court Chapter 979

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the body of the 979th Mawile's murderous, floating astronomy
    Previously, in order to speed up the progress of Altaria Assist's natural energy practice, Terrance had collected Power Herb, but unfortunately, Power Herb, which is less than 100 years old, has no help for Altaria's practice.

    But Power Herb, which is more than 100 years old, has no place to buy in large quantities.

    Power Herb This kind of plant is widely planted and sold on farms, but the maturity of this plant is only one year, so the market is also sold for one year, less in 10 years, not to mention more than 100 years.

    The two strains that Terrance found were wild in the wild, not artificial Breeder, artificial Breeder's century-old Power Herb, the profit is too low, too expensive.

    At the moment, these Power's Power Herb in the ultra-ancient pyramids are more than a hundred years old, which is the conclusion of Terrance's underestimation.

    "These Power Herbs are useful…"

    Terrance looked up and looked at Jialan, but hadn't waited for Terrance to explain anything. He said quickly and easily: "Need help?"

    Although I don't know what these vanillas are in front of me, but Jia Lan is also the leader of one of the dojos, and has been helped by Terrance, not to covet these things, she did not even ask Terrance to take these herbs, I took the initiative to help Terrance Collect it.

    Eh…The number is not a lot. ”

    With the count of Vanilla, Terrance slightly sighed, he originally thought that here growth a lot of Power Herb, but all collected, only regret to find that the number of Power Herb is only a total of 27 strains, but the good thing is that these are at least hundred years old, this is a rare consolation, Of these, the year-high power Herb even has 400 years, should be able to altaria practice has a certain help.

    “However, how can there be so many Power Herb here, is it because of environmental factors?”Terrance looks at Soaring in the sky, where there are double traces of sunny and rainy days, and the vegetation here seems to be very lush.

    But before the Terrance they watched for too long, there was a lot of commotion in the depths of the jungle. A group of angry grasses and elves rushed in. It seems that there are still a lot of numbers. It should be a community.

    After feeling the commotion, Terrance and Jialan quickly looked at each other…

    "It turns out that it seems that these Power Herbs are 'the Lord's things'…"Terrance grinned, no matter what, Power Herb has been taken by him, and these elves are unlucky. If there is a chance to compensate them next time, by the way, see if new vanilla grows.

    It seems that these Power Herbs should be forced by these grassy elves with their own abilities. They have matured so many hundred years of Power Herb, and they must have used a lot of time and effort to be illuminated by Terrance. They are angry and normal…

    "let's go."

    After telling Mismagius to apply a illusion Barrier to the place, Terrance shouted, and he planned to slip away, took the other people's things, and it would be too unattractive to lick each other again.




    All the way out of the jungle, Jia Lan panted, Terrance looked at her, some doubts: "Does the wind fist flow not have the way to train the Trainer?"

    Whether it's Bruno Elite, the Karo King of Saffron City Fighting, or the vines of the Hoenn Dewford pavilion, these specialized Fighting trainers are exercising their physiques like Jialan…It’s rare, and the physique is even weaker than before he practiced Fighting…

    "The method of exercising physical fitness passed down by the dojo will increase a lot of muscles."

    Jialan is helpless.

    Between her physique and her body, she decisively chose the latter.

    When Terrance heard this answer, it was completely unexpected. He had been speechless for a long time, but he could not refute it.

    Next, the two continued on their way, and three days later, they had arrived at the seventeenth floor.

    From the eighth floor to the seventeenth floor, Togepi and Froakie experienced a variety of battles. They were not the first to come to the ultra-ancient pyramids, but at that time Terrance was specifically looking for some kind of elf to hone them. For example, this kind of courageous trial is the first time for them, the harvest is bigger, but it is more difficult.

    If it is not the fire of life, these two guys have long known that they have hanged back, but at this time their two actual combat experience is indeed very rich, it can be said that any one of Terrance's previous elves can not exceed them in the same stage.

    At present, Togepi and Froakie have reached the limits of pre-evolution, if you want them to continue to restrain, you can only use the same stone, but Terrance this time the purpose is to let them evolve, naturally do not have to look for what invariant stone, but at this time, but it is not the time of evolution, He intends to let Togepi and Froakie will be a strong mawile in Yoshino's mouth.

    On the third day of the seventeenth floor, Terrance had almost searched every corner of the floor, and there is only one place left.

    Here is the most dangerous cave on the 17th floor. It is located at the deepest point of this floor. Normal is difficult to reach directly. The magnetic field is very chaotic, which will have a very strong impact on the elves and the human brain. Rotom Pokédex has just entered here. Informed Terrance of this, and quickly entered the Contest Condition and took a break.

    Both Terrance and Jia Lan were also safely entered under the isolation of Gardevoir's Confusion shield.

    "There should be a good Mawile here, which is my goal this time."

    As the two deepened, a chaotic magnetic field pulsed and eroded the Confusion shield, and it wasn't long before the Terrances who entered the area were attacked by a mysterious elf.

    Under the messy current, a petite figure like the doll Normal appears. The elf has a blackish body with a black, very large mouth. The teeth in its mouth are sharp and it seems to be able to bite the Ohreburgh Normal. The horror is that when it was looking at a few people to Terrance, the elf ran out of saliva…Seems to treat them as food.

    “Wild Mawile is not just eating veins…”Jialan is awkward.

    "Who knows what it thinks…But this Mawile…"Terrance's eyes were condensed and some accidents.

    Looking at the top, Terrance felt that this Mawile was not a good person. The bruised body under the brutal eyes should be left behind by life and death. No wonder Mr. Brandon is hailed as the strongest in the 17th floor…

    "Togepi, Froakie, the other side is very strong, be careful."

    Togepi, who saw such a stupid elf, couldn’t help but greeted the younger brother Froakie and rushed over. At the same time, under the combination of the Fire Vow, the Water Oath, the Skill Swap, and the Role Play, they were two. The flame and Water Pulse quickly attacked and planned to give Mawile a down!

    In the face of Togepi and Froakie's combination skills, I saw Mawile's disdainful grin, and surrounded by electric explosions, it flew directly into Splash, flying to the sky, releasing an amazing murderous.

    This murder is essentially a change in the magnetic field, which interferes with the mind of the living body. Seeing Mawile's hand technique, Terrance's gaze, electromagnetic floating and magnetic field use…In addition, what is the mastery of this Mawile?

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