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Pokemon Court Chapter 980

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the body of the 980th chapter Froakie, Togepi evolution, floating astronomy
    Under the Rainbow Contest Condition.

    Togepi's Flamethrower and Froakie's Water Pulse were all strengthened. Although Mawile used the magnetic field to fly, the flame and the current were still dead. Lock On lived it and slammed into it.


    It was discovered that Togepi and Froakie didn't give up, Mawile showed a cold expression, and opened his mouth to instantly launch a thrilling sound wave.

    When this sound wave is combined with Thunder Wave, it instantly combines into a wave of pressure, and the power directly crushes the Flamethrower and Water Pulse.

    “This Mawile is very close to the top of the field.”

    Jialan quickly glanced at the surrounding environment. Is this harsh magnetic field environment the root of this Mawile?

    "It is indeed a very good elf…Unfortunately, the character is too bloodthirsty, I am afraid that even the top Trainer is also difficult to control, you want to tame it, you have to come up with absolute strength. ”

    In a moment, Jialan saw the strength of this Mawile, close to the strength of the top field, even in her team can also be the main force.

    This kind of strength is all that Mawile has honed in the wild alone. It is conceivable that this Mawile talent is outstanding.

    Astonish moves!

    Just now that trick is a very ordinary Ghost series, now by the Mawile cast out, the power of terror, of which Mawile is the use of mysterious means, assist the special magnetic field here, given the strong penetrating force of sound waves, this technique, Terrance For a time it is difficult to rely on experience to judge what is the combination of tricks, can only wait for the afterwards to let Rotom Pokédex analysis.

    "Forcibly Ability?"

    At the same time, although Terrance did not see what moves Mawile used to borrow electromagnetic power, but in addition, the other party can apply Astonish moves to such power, only two possibilities.

    First, Mawile is quite versed in this move, just as Gallade has a deep understanding of Teleport, and second, has a strong Ability.

    Forced Ability can also be seen as a technique that allows the addition of a move to disappear, but the sprite can therefore make the move with greater power.

    Astonish's added effect is to make Rival cringe, so powerful Astonish, Togepi and Froakie have no reaction, very unusual. From this analysis, and considering the destructive power of sound waves, it is not difficult to judge the Mawile's Ability.

    Seeing Mawile so despised, Togepi and Froakie's offensive became even more fierce. Since entering the ultra-ancient pyramid, they have pressed their combination by themselves. This Mawile is still the first one.

    In the smoke, Froakie and Togepi were serious about finding opportunities for attacks. During this period, Froakie continued to jump, and the blink of an eye appeared next to Mawile.

    The Bounce technique gives Froakie a high degree of maneuverability. The combination of Fling moves and the Bubbles secreted from the chest and back gives Froakie stability under the highly maneuvering Contest Condition. However, this Froakie's best masterpiece is Double. Team and Substitute tricks, these moves plus the change of Ability, make it really like Ninja Normal.

    In cooperation with Togepi, Froakie often performs killings. One is responsible for containment and one is responsible for sneak attack. The mode is simple, but they are defeated by countless elves who are stronger than theirs. However, this time Froakie them. It seems like a tricky guy…

    Froakie's enchanting smog was directly swayed by Mawile's magnetic field, and Bounce's Froakie in the air was forced to appear in front of Mawile.

    Under the acceleration of the magnetic field, Mawile broke out at a horrible speed. When a ray of light flashed in front of Froakie, Mawile had already shaken the bloody mouth behind him and bit it directly on Froakie! !

    This scene appeared, almost let Jialan scared to death, in terms of the strength of this Mawile, its bite force Crunch Oreburgh is not a problem at all, now Bite Froakie, Froakie still live?

    "Substitute !"

    Seeing that Froakie was instantly flattened into Bubble by Crunch's body, Jia Lan was shocked. This Substitute didn't even have her Detect, but even more incredible, Mawile reacted almost instantly, and the body twisted and directly Froakie wants to attack!

    The reaction consciousness is surprisingly amazing.

    At this time, Togepi also Teleport to the most suitable attack position, a round of big characters slammed!

    However, the hot heat wave rushed, but Mawile didn't even look at it, and shook it with a punch!

    This unfolds…Let Togepi hold it in an instant.

    "Mawile's attack power is getting stronger…"

    Seeing the changes in Mawile, Terrance is a glimpse, not a Sword Dance…This is……Power-Up Punch ?

    Seeing that Mawile's body was getting more and more condensed, Terrance's mouth suddenly picked up.

    Power-Up Punch, one of Mawile's genetic tricks, by repeatedly hitting Rival and making his fists slowly Harden, thus increasing the attack power, this Mawile obviously has practiced Power-Up Punch to a certain extent, the whole body has already Use this technique.

    Continue like this……Just give it enough time, it will be more and more brave, even across the top-level areas.

    "Interesting, then give you time."

    In the words of Terrance, Togepi and Froakie put together again and watched Mawile cautiously. At this time, the two of them no longer looked down on Rival, and they concentrated their spirits and began to tighten themselves…In the face of a strong enemy, the bodies of the two little guys have some involuntary negative reactions.

    "Relax!"As Terrance shouted, Togepi and Froakie saw the calm look of Terrance.


    The pressure from Mawile is great for adapting to the new body.

    Also suitable for Togepi to actively evolve.

    Froakie Fortunately, Togepi has always been reluctant to evolve and want to maintain this form. However, this form has limits. If Togepi can't wake up, it is only a matter of time before it is surpassed by Froakie.

    Although the strength gap was great at the beginning…But with training, the gap between Froakie and Togepi has been very small.

    If Froakie evolves and Togepi does not evolve, then Togepi's strength will be farther and farther, until it is surpassed by his younger brother.

    In this case, Terrance wants to see Togepi's decision to stay in the Togepi form. If there is no chance, it will not be a climate. He really does not want Togepi to do so.

    In the face of the immediate enemy, Froakie get Terrance Command, finally no longer suppressed, sprint between the body flashing the light of evolution, the shape gradually changed, compared to the Froakie period, the evolution of the frogadier body a circle, high-picking posture seems to become more flexible, after evolution, It goes straight into a blue light and shadow gallop away, trying to get face back.

    At the same time, Togepi's face sank instantly…

    Although do not want to evolve, but Togepi is not stupid, it is very clever, but also clear the benefits of evolution, but, it has not been willing to togepi the image, but now, in order not to stand still, Togepi finally or cruel heart, but, It's all about putting anger on an bastard with two mouths in front of him, and if it wasn't for Mawile, it wouldn't have to start evolving so early.

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