Pokemon Court Chapter 981

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the body of the 981th chapter to conquer Mawile, floating astronomy
    Togepi's evolutionary form, Togetic, is a petite two-legged elf with a short height.

    Compared to the previous, the eggshell in Togepi is now gone, the body has changed from bright yellow to white, but the body still carries a red and blue triangular ring.

    In addition, its main change is the length of a pair of wings, which makes it look like an angel.

    Rumors, Togetic always pays attention to people with pure hearts, it will go close to them and sprinkle happiness and enthusiasm on him. This is called "Happy Powder". It is said that in order to share happiness, Togetic will Fly to find good people around the world. If you are not with good people, Togetic becomes frustrated and has no spirit…

    However, after Terrance's Togepi evolution, these habits for most Togepi did not appear, and the style difference was not Normal.

    After the light of evolution dissipated, Terrance immediately saw a gloomy, exaggerated Togetic.

    Togetic is very unhappy at this time, because the bloodthirsty atmosphere of Mawile makes it very depressed, making it feel like a weak side. This is the root cause of Togetic's unhappiness. At this time, Frogadier has already confronted Mawile, although evolution However, Frogadier is still in a weak position and is still being beaten by Mawile.

    After the evolution, its strength is still insufficient. After a period of evolution, although it gained strength immediately, the body could not adapt for a short time, so that Frogadier could not fully play the previous accumulation.

    It is the best way to adapt through battle. Terrance is also the plan. With Togetic joining the battle, Frogadier's advantages began to show up. Togetic got the ability to fly and realized Fairy Wind. The flying Mawile is not so passive.

    Thanks to the strength of Togetic and Frogadier's Beat Up, Mawile's expression did not change at all. In the face of heavy pressure, suddenly, Mawile turned to defend, stirred up the electromagnetic force, and resisted the elves' offensive.

    Togekiss waved the flames, and Frogadier launched a critical strike like Shadow Normal, which was successfully resisted by Mawile!

    At the same time, its two mouths began to devour the flames, Mawile seems to be using flames to hammer their own Oreburgh body, frogadier attack caused by the impact, but also by its iron Defense smooth block, the force scattered throughout the body, the body suffered a huge impact, Incredibly, the Mawile body jerked the Arnold Circle, and the body released a strong black smoke.

    "What is this?"

    "I don't know, but it should be the physical changes caused by Power-Up Punch and some moves. This Mawile is really powerful. Not only on the 17th floor, I look at the entire ultra-ancient pyramid. I have never seen a single strength beyond it. However, even the dragon spirits in the Dragon Valley will not work."

    Seeing that Mawile turned the magnetic field into a more murderous, Terrance nodded with satisfaction.

    This moment, Mawile has stepped into the top field, the Wild elves reached this point, talent and opportunity indispensable, this mawile opportunity may be this chaotic magnetic field of the land, but its talent, has not yet been Terrance full insight, of course, in addition to talent and opportunity, Without its battle in the 17th floor, it would have been impossible to come out of nowhere.

    "If you lose after evolution, the blow to Togekiss and Frogadier may be a little bigger."

    "However, evolution does not mean that you can reverse the situation, and losing is not a bad thing."

    Togekiss and Frogadier have potential, and eventually they are the final outbreak of their strength, compared to the peak of Mawile.

    In Soaring in the sky, the seemingly indifferent Mawile Assist magnetic field leaps and leaps, giving itself a violent explosive force to cast a combo. Togekiss and Frogadier's body is bounced in the blink of an eye and then bounces back again. During this period, Mawile The offensive is endless, so hot, and so on, Togekiss and Frogadier may have a life worry.

    Togekiss and Frogadier, although rich in actual combat experience, but are built in special circumstances accumulated, they know that their injuries can certainly be cured, know that they still have Terrance behind, so the fight has left the spare, and Terrance It is also impossible for them to hone between life and death, but this mawile will not be the same, if not to fight with life, it is absolutely impossible to accumulate such a terrible murderous.

    The destructive power caused by the use of magnetic fields to materialize murder is no less inferior to Normal's trick.

    "This Mawile…"Jialan is not the first time to be shocked by this Mawile. She asked about it. Even if her own Trump Card is on this Mawile, it is estimated that it will only be defeated.

    "This is still a wild elf!"

    At the time of Mawile's mad attack, Terrance finally shot, and a powerful Confusion wave shrouded Mawile, causing the murderous Mawile to pause and stunned.

    At the moment when Gardevoir's Confusion waved down, Mawile felt a very strong threat. This threat is something that no elf can give it here. It has intuition…If you act rashly, it will be hit hard!

    "Come back, Frogadier, Togekiss, it doesn't matter, you still have a chance."Terrance took back the actions of the two elves who fell, and Mawile didn't dare to stop, still cautiously guarding against the tyrannical Psychic.

    The next moment, Terrance began to look at Mawile and praised: "In the elves I met that were not accepted by Trainer, in addition to the legendary elves, you are the most powerful and interested in following me?"

    "Follow me, you will be able to climb a higher peak."

    Terrance said this confidently, but Mawile was dismissive, and Terrance was not angry. This Mawile is proud of arrogance. However, just staying here, its talent is wasted, and it can never be climbed outside. The peak!

    "Go, Altaria!!"

    Seeing Mawile's attitude, Terrance is no longer nonsense, decisive shots, flashing light, Altaria autonomous Mega Evolution, and mobilizing the surrounding natural energy, the strength suddenly broke out, under the suppression of Fairy Aura, Altaria launched a thunder blow, light and shadow Like the collapse of the sky, Normal is pressing towards Mawile.

    At this time, Mawile, whose body is suppressed by energy, is hard to move. He can only watch this horror under Smack Down and shoot himself into Ground.

    Under the single blow, Ground is broken, and the strongest elf in the seventeenth layer of the ultra-ancient pyramid is directly killed.

    Seeing that Altaria, who was in charge of healing on weekdays, broke out with such a terrible fighting power, Jia Lan suddenly stunned and was shocked.

    Elite Four ……Was it so horrible…

    "Interesting Mawile, but the character is indeed a little difficult to adjust, but this strength, qualified to be a member of the Fairy Legion!"

    Not waiting for the Mawile reaction, Terrance's Poké Ball had been thrown out, and soon after, the Poké Ball stopped shaking and was transferred to Terrance under the Confusion of Gardevoir.

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