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Pokemon Court Chapter 982

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the body of the 982th chapter is afraid of being shackled Mawile, floating astronomy
    "This…this…"This is conquered? ”

    Seeing that Terrance simply and rudely conquered Mawile, Jia Lan was stammered.

    "Or what else, convince it?"Terrance smiled, and with this Mawile's temper, even if he convinced it, it would not be able to recognize himself as a Trainer, let alone convince.

    If an elf with top-level combat power can easily be conquered, then the world is in a mess.

    After the service, Terrance did not immediately release Mawile, but left the area of the magnetic field chaos, and came to an empty Valley.

    At this point, Rotom Pokédex has been rebooted, and it is also immersed in analyzing the magnetic field fluctuations just scanned, and is very interested in that particular magnetic field.

    "Strength is at least Mt. More than ten times Rotto in areas such as Coronet and Vast Poni Canyon. ”

    "Ten times? If there is no external interference, it is really high. ”Terrance nodded.

    Inhabiting in such an environment, this Mawile is very well honed for its own, whether it is the steel system or the Fighting technique.

    It is a pity that the Fairy department, this Mawile did not touch.

    “The potential of this Mawile has been exhausted and it has reached the limit at this level, but if you can use Fairy Aura to ignite its potential and then perform a second Breeder from Fairy Type, there is still a further possibility.”Take out the Poké Ball, which is taken by Mawile, and the heart of Terrance.

    Will this condition make this Mawile willing to follow himself?

    "Would you like to release Mawile here?"Jialan is careful.

    "Well, it still hurts, let Altaria give it a cure."Terrance falls and throws Mawile's Poké Ball directly.

    In addition, Frogadier, Togetic's Poké Ball, these two guys were also slightly injured under the tyranny of Mawile.

    The three elves just appeared in the Poké Ball and showed different responses.

    After Frogadier and Togetic looked at the situation for the next four weeks, they quickly locked On Mawile and then showed a dissatisfied expression and planned to rush again.

    Mawile, after a series of accidents that made it feel awkward, still maintained a high degree of vigilance. At the moment of its appearance, the mouth behind it opened and stared at the Poké Ball that closed her in the hands of Terrance.

    Destroy it…

    This is the first thought that Mawile raised after seeing Poké Ball.

    But before the three elves reacted, the three flames quickly descended and covered them from the sky.

    Altaria waved his wings and sacrificed the fire of life to start treating them with Mawile. Terrance naturally saw Mawile's current thoughts, but didn't care. Since Altaria could easily defeat the other party for the first time, it would be easy to defeat the second time. I think that after this Mawile is in good condition, it should be able to see the situation.

    The fire of life bathed on the body, Frogadier and Togetic immediately stopped moving, staying in the same place, silently waiting for the recovery of the injury, they are obviously no stranger to Altaria's fire of life.

    Compared to the familiarity of Frogadier and Togetic, Mawile was shocked. The flame came to his body. He subconsciously wanted to expel and was shocked. However, Mawile soon realized that it was wrong. The flame had no temperature. Not only that, but also slowly moisturizing his own injuries, restoring his physical strength, and discovering this, Mawile's eyes flashed, and the two mouths were opened, and the fire of life was absorbed in a special way.

    At this time, the healing effect of the fire of life is obviously stronger.

    "Rotom Pokédex !"Seeing this scene, Terrance shouted immediately.

    “After the analysis, Mawile is using 'Power-Up Punch ''Snatch ''Swallow ' moves Rotto.”

    "The purpose of this technique is…Turn Rival's trick into your own power? ”Thinking of the mechanics of the three tricks, Terrance was shocked.

    This Mawile is better than you think.

    This combination skill is the secret of it to dominate this layer?

    Having said that, is it that the Assist magnetic field in the cave is also a "Snatch" trick?

    Time passed quickly, and Terrance couldn't help thinking. The first restored Mawile looked at the source of the flame, Altaria.

    At the moment of seeing Altaria, Mawile's pupils shrank and remembered that he was being spiked.

    Mega Altaria first used Fairy Aura to deter Mawile, then mobilized natural energy to strengthen itself, after the surge in combat power, followed by…Mawile was directly ruthlessly killed by the Dazzling Gleam released by Altaria and the pure force of the double slap…

    At that time, Altaria could be regarded as a Legendary Pokémon capable of mobilizing natural energy. It can be said that Altaria's strongest Battle Condition is not under the power of Assist Terrance. Even if this Mawile is stronger, it still cannot support. A trick.


    Just as Mawile was in a sluggish situation, Terrance's high drink attracted his attention.

    "Remember what I said? Becoming my partner will give you more strength, and I can take you out of here and challenge the outside world to challenge the stronger. ”

    “Kuku” Mawile just showed a disdainful expression, but was immediately taken back by Altaria and rethought seriously.

    It looked at Altaria, and some did not understand why Altaria was so strong that it was dominated by a fragile human.

    After a while, Mawile meditation slowly opened…

    As elves in the super-ancient pyramids, their way of thinking is somewhat different from the elves of the outside world.

    "If I refuse, how will I be?"When Terrance heard Mawile's question, he showed a weird expression.

    What else can you…Anyway, it won’t be a waste of roots…

    "If you refuse, I will call you again and throw you back to the cave."Terrance said nothing.

    Aside, Altaria showed a bad expression and was ready to move…

    And seeing Terrance is not a joke, Mawile's expression is constantly changing, and he looks at Altaria with a taboo, and takes a small step back…

    Then, quickly nodded.

    One is to know that he is really not Altaria Rival, the second is here, it has felt the limit, although very reluctant to relate to this unexpected visitor, but Altaria's claws really hurt…

    Mawile's eyes were removed from Altaria, and the slap in the heart was constantly remembered.

    "You will be lucky to choose today."Terrance smiled and got a general. He was unhappy and fake.

    A lot better than the plan.

    When I saw Terrance, I let Mawile confess. Jia Lan stunned and patted her cheek. This time I came to the ancient pyramid. She felt that the biggest gain was not the experience, but the Elite Four’s deity, let me understand. The gap between her and the real strong.

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