Pokemon Court Chapter 983

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the body of the 983th chapter of the star celebration, floating astronomy
    On the 18th floor, Terrance did not stop too much and went on.

    After boarding the 19th floor, the opener added an elf in addition to the Frogadier and Togetic combination, which is the Mawile that Terrance just conquered.

    When Mawile first came out, Togetic and it were very unsightly. This situation has not only improved, but has become stronger.

    If it weren't for the lack of strength, Terrance didn't doubt that Togetic would go straight to Mawile.

    If it were other elves, Terrance would persuade the persuasion, but on Togetic, the idea of Terrance faded directly.

    "The bad things at Togepi didn't change at all…"Gently glanced at Togetic, Terrance's heart.

    Forget itThis is also a good thing. Togetic takes Mawile as a catch-up, and it's not bad. After all, Togetic is not so good for elites such as Altaria.

    As for Frogadier, as always, Togetic and Terrance said that it listened and didn't bother to think.

    To date, Togetic has not yet experienced the bathing of Fairy Aura. After its evolution, Terrance is not in a hurry. He is going to look for top quality Shiny Stone. Besides, as for the potential to stimulate, he intends to wait until the evolution of Togetic or after evolution. planning.

    It is imperative that Togetic focus on the “Metronome gong” trick, the potential to stimulate the practice of the Fairy department, when it is not too late, in contrast, now makes Togetic too distracting rather than a good thing.

    Frogadier words, actual combat growth, it has been their instincts unearthed, with a "Ninja" quality, special war killers, special war spies, is the main generalization of Ninja, compared to Gallade, Frogadier evolution after the Greninja of more change, Will and Gallade are two different styles, and now the "camourflage" trick has not been Terrance included in its training procedures, otherwise it will be more in line with the definition of "Ninja".

    In addition, Terrance also wants Frogadier to learn the rainy skills from floating bubbles, so that as long as the resources are in place, it is not difficult to step into the top-level field.

    In order to accumulate the details, Terrance next plans to conduct a Ninja training for Frogadier.

    Just like the original Gallade learning, Frogadier also has to learn Ninja skills that suit him.

    "The inheritance of Ninja…I remember that there was a Ninja Village in the Kalos Region, but it has been down for a long time. In addition, the Elite candidate of the Indigo Alliance and the Koga of the Fuchsia Dome are also a Ninja. ”

    "If you forget it, you can only collect the basic information. There is Rotom Pokédex. It is the right way to promote the road that belongs to us according to Frogadier's Ability, moves and style."With the Rotom Pokédex plug-in, Terrance is naturally reluctant to copy other people's Breeder routes.

    All the way through, Frogadier and Togetic have completely adapted to the new form, and the strength has been enhanced. After Mawile broke away from the 18th floor, he began to show his murder again on the 19th and 20th floors, without any meekness in front of Altaria. The elves of the last two layers began to doubt life.

    In fact, if you don't face a group, Mawile's strength is already at the top of the super-ancient pyramids, and there are few elves that are stronger than their singles.

    After taking Jialan to the top floor, the two returned to the original road, which was the end of this ultra-ancient pyramid.

    Before Terrance left, Jia Lan sincerely invited and told Terrance a message that made him curious.

    The annual star festival in Qionglai City will begin. By that time, the special altar in Qiyu City will communicate the power of the stars in the sky, which will be a very beautiful landscape.

    “If Terrance Elite is interested in the Star Festival, be sure to come to the Wind Boxing Road to be a guest.”Jialan Road.

    "if it is possible."Terrance smiled a little, but put the focus on the star celebration described by Jialan: "Is the power of communication stars?"

    "That is an altar from the ancient city of Qiyu, as if it was built by the ancients…As for the power to communicate with the stars, it seems to rely on the power of Pokémon. ”

    "Cosmic Power?"

    "Well, this is the move."

    Communicate the altar of the power of the stars through Cosmic Power…Is it the wisdom of the ancients?

    Terrance shook his head and didn't care. If there is a chance, let's talk about it. Now he is sensitive to the words of the stars. After all, during his analysis with Rotom Pokédex, most of the planet's Fairy energy is radiated from the moon. Down.

    If you can Assist the power of the moon, then maybe Altaria will become stronger…



    In the ultra-ancient pyramids, Terrance has three gains, one is the top voice talent of Cherrim, Terrance did not intend to use this elf as the main cultivation, only regarded it as a "Elf Idol Idol Planning" part, but Cherrim ability Perfect for Sunny day, in addition to sound training, Terrance also wants to leave it with a training mission on ability, so that it may play an unknown role in the future.

    Second, from the ultra-ancient pyramids unexpectedly won the century-old power Herb, Terrance intends to go back to study slowly, if these components of power Herb can help altaria enhance a certain amount of strength, then Terrance even at great cost, but also in a variety of ways to continue to buy , or do it yourself, breeder vanilla from scratch, and then hire Alliance's exclusive grass elves to ripen.

    The third is Mawile. After Rotom Pokédex analyzed all of its data, Terrance next intended to use Fairy Aura to stimulate its deeper potential. Terrance and Rotom Pokédex also wanted to integrate it into the Fairy Legion, even if it could not be a single. The core, but also the greatest tactical value.

    After bidding farewell to Jia Lan and Mr. Yoshino, Terrance returned to the Napru Road Hall and began to implement these plans.

    Then, with a blink of an eye, it was time for him to give a lecture with Professor Birch.

    Littleroot Town.

    Known as a town that has not been dyed by any color.

    Here, the building in the south of the town is Professor Birch's Laboratory, and some of the elf Trainers who are about to embark on a journey can choose Treecko, Torchic or Mudkip as their own beginners from Professor Birch.

    Upon arriving here, Terrance saw the abducted, sullen elf researcher greeted with enthusiasm. The other is a representative researcher at the Hoenn Region. He is in a good position in academia, because the two met for the first time, they Immediately and constantly entangled.

    "Ha ha ha, Terrance Elite, my Laboratory here is a bit rudimentary, please forgive me."

    Professor Birch is a professor who studies the elves' habitat in the Hoenn Region. The Laboratory is somewhat close to nature. Terrance cares about it and quickly returns.

    In addition, Professor Birch thought of an interesting thing, suddenly opening:

    "Oh, yes, I have a Rookie Trainer here to pick the elves. Terrance Elite may be curious if you want to guess her identity."

    "Hint, about Mr. Norman."

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