Pokemon Court Chapter 984

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the text 984 chapter Oldale Ruins, Ash and May, floating astronomy
    Related to Mr. Norman?

    "Her daughter?"

    Terrance casually said that Professor Birch immediately surprised: "I didn't think it was so easy to be guessed hahaha…"

    Rookie Trainer, who is scheduled to pick up a beginner's elf, is exactly May.

    "But then, if you come to Terrance Elite from afar, you are thirsty. Let's go back to Laboratory."

    Professor Birch smiled and invited, and Terrance, he just wanted to agree, but who knows that the Elite medal suddenly sent an urgent message.

    "What happened?"

    Seeing that Terrance had a slight sigh, Professor Birch was awkward.

    hold on a bit

    Only the Hoenn Alliance's intelligence center can send emergency information to the Elite Medal. This communication method Normal is used to remind the Elite Four of some important information.

    "The lava team has another activity? The target is suspected to be Oldale Town, Oldale Ruins…"

    Terrance's eyes flashed and the information was urgent. Terrance is currently the closest Alliance to Oldale Town. According to the intelligence, Alliance hopes that Terrance will lurk in Oldale Town for the first time, and control all the movements of Oldale Town in his own hands. It is best to be able to catch the members of the Lava team.

    Compared with the lava team, the lecture with Professor Birch can only be postponed for a while.

    "Professor Birch, I have an urgent task. I can see if I can catch up with the lecture. If it doesn't work, I can only postpone it."Terrance fast track.

    I understandProfessor Birch also understands that Elite Four has a heavy burden and does not care. Instead, he looks serious: "Can I help?"

    No for the moment

    Oldale Town is also a town in the south of the Hoenn Region, which is very close to the end of the town, even if you walk, it will take less than half a day.

    Terrance didn't plan to come to Oldale Town in a big way, but in the disguise of Mismagius, he came here secretly.

    “When will the lava team appear?”

    Although he did not know the information source of the Hoenn Alliance, Terrance was not sloppy. After checking the Oldale Town, he did not find the trace of the lava team. It seems that the other party has not come, or it is possible that the other party intercepted the intelligence of Alliance. I know that the Hoenn Alliance has been ambushing here.

    In any case, Terrance began to let Gardevoir begin to place Confusion coordinates in all corners of Oldale Town, trying to be foolproof and seeing any movements in the first place.

    Oldale Town is sparsely populated and the layout of the building is very sparse. If you don't prepare in advance, it may be difficult to react.

    Afterwards, Terrance has been secretly observing the winds and waves of Oldale Town.

    The next day, Terrance, hidden near Oldale Ruins, suddenly saw a sneaky guy wearing a dark brown adventure suit, not like a bad guy, but to be on the safe side, Terrance scanned this through the Elite medal built-in system. Human avatar.

    Then he got the specific information of this person.

    Professor Alden, a professor of the Department of Archaeology at the University of Lilycove, currently studies ancient ruins throughout the Hoenn Region.


    Terrance came to Oldale Town the next day, still did not find traces of the lava team, but to carry out this task, he has been in ambush for several days of preparation, at this time alliance has sent the relevant search officer rushed here, there are already many search officers also hidden in the Oldale All the strongholds in Town, but without Terrance's instructions, these people will not take the initiative.

    They got neither, the diplomat said.

    Looking at Terrance of Oldale Ruins, I suddenly saw a pair of familiar figures…Ash and May.

    The two came from the direction of the end of the town, before entering Oldale Town, they first passed by Oldale Ruins.

    "I actually forgot May…When traveling from the end of the town, the Oldest Town with the Elf Center and the nearest one is indeed the first suitable destination. ”

    Terrance continued to observe that Ash and May were in contact with Professor Alden, but then they both hurried to the Elf Center.

    "If Ash is also there, it means that the lava team is likely to appear in the last two days!"Terrance thinks of Ash, the event trigger, and immediately raises his spirit.

    After discovering Ash and May, Terrance didn't meet them for the first time and planned to wait until later.

    In addition, after a while, Terrance suddenly picked up his brow and then converted the view through Gardevoir's Confusion coordinates, which was in a public telephone booth.

    "James, Jessie, Meowth…The Rockets also came to Hoenn Region with Ash. ”

    At this time, Terrance's ears stood up directly and heard the secret conversation of the trio, the caller…It turned out to be the Rockets' bossGiovanni.

    In the phone booth, Terrance listened carefully, but in the end did not get any important news, but James three, was commissioned by Giovanni.

    The Rockets have no active presence in the Hoenn Region so far, and Giovanni called James, Jessie, and Meowth to build the Rockets' reputation here…

    "If you are not corrupt, you will be worthy of you…"Terrance really wants to vomit.

    At the Rockets headquarters, Giovanni didn't really want James and others to be the division heads of the Hoenn Region. He still knew the idiots.

    After stroking the Persian, Giovanni hangs up and screams: "Through those idiots, if you can get some information about the lava team and the water fleet, you will make a big profit."

    After the movement of the telephone booth stopped, the old Old Town Town did not appear to have changed much, and it looked peaceful.

    Near the evening, Terrance was a little sleepy, and as he was about to enter the Calm Mind Contest Condition, an arc suddenly crossed his mind.

    Then, he saw a team of people wearing red uniforms through Confusion coordinates.

    "The lava team, wait until you are"



    Elf Center.

    Professor Alden is taking a group of Ash to visit his temporary Laboratory at the Elf Center and explains: "In order to study Oldale Ruins, I have already made plans to live here for a long time."

    "But it's a pity that I haven't got four keys to enter Oldale Ruins yet, so I can't open it for now."

    Professor Alden and Ash talked very happily, and did not feel the outside world. At this time, the lava team secretly sneaked into the center of the elf suddenly opened the temporary laboratory door. At the same time, the power system of the elf center was damaged. It is dark.

    In the dark, a lava team with a red thermal night vision goggles, in the protection of two men and elves, stood in front of some flustered Ash and others.

    "Professor Metz, we want to trouble you, take a trip to Oldale Ruins."

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