Pokemon Court Chapter 985

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the body of the chapter 985 Groudon capture action, floating astronomy
    This time, the Lava team sent a team of less than 10 people, led by an Executive.

    After invading the Oldale Town Elf Center, these people directly took away Professor Alden and then shut down Ash, May, and Nurse Joy in a warehouse.

    Before the lava team didn't hurt, Terrance didn't plan to show up. Even the search officers hiding in Oldale Town were told by Terrance not to act rashly.

    "My elves have sent messages, and the other party has a response in the outside world. Let's take a look at their purpose and then do it all."

    Terrance quickly ordered that in a controlled situation, he wanted to expose as much information as possible to the lava team.

    At this point, Mismagius has left with the members of the Lava team. Responsible for surveillance, and Terrance himself appears in the warehouse of Ash and others.

    At this time, Ash, May, Nurse Joy is still in the panicked contest condition, especially Nurse joy, is now very worried about the Elf center in the Pokémon situation, the Elf center of the power system was destroyed, The elves who are in treatment are likely to be at risk from the failure of the facility, in which case the backup power must be started quickly.

    "Don't worry, Nurse Joy, you should first start the backup power supply in the Elf Center, and those people will hand it over to me."

    The sudden appearance of Terrance and Gardevoir surprised the three, and through the Confusion coordinates left by Gardevoir, Terrance easily arrived at the warehouse in the form of Teleport.

    "Terrance Big Brother…"

    Seeing Terrance, Ash 茫 then immediately surprised.

    Aside, May also slammed his mouth and let himself not be surprised to shout. She really didn't think Terrance would appear here.

    "It’s hard to be you…"Nurse Joy of Oldale Town, after seeing Terrance, is a slight glimpse.

    "Terrance Elite, then please, I have to start the backup power now."

    "Sure.Terrance nodded and looked at the warehouse door. At this point, Rotom Pokédex quickly flew out of his pocket, his hands clinging to the door of the warehouse, releasing a current.

    Just listen to the "Zizi", the switch program of the warehouse door is directly activated, and the door is automatically opened.

    "Ash, May, you are here to protect Nurse Joy, and Professor Alden is going to rescue me. You should not act."

    After giving Ash a mission, Terrance left an elf to protect the Elf Center here, and then he began to track the lava team.

    The opponent's goal is Oldale Ruins.

    Previously, Oldale Ruins had been in the Contest Condition and only had four special keys to open. In order to enter Oldale Ruins, the Lava team had to pay the price to find the key, and then took the oldest Professor Alden of Oldale Ruins. Go inside and collect the information they need.

    In Oldale Ruins, the lava team has already entered the ruins of Assist Professor Alden and began to take pictures and texts on the stone walls.

    “Amazing!Seeing the sight inside Oldale Ruins, Professor Alden couldn't help but be surprised: "This is a mural depicting the life of ancient humans and elves. This is a big discovery."

    Regardless of the self-talk of Professor Alden, the lava team members are eager to find something…

    After a while, as the members of the Lava team approached the end, the youth who was Executive said: "What about the 'it'?"

    That does not seem to be the case.Members of the Lava team reported.

    “All the information was collected and no findings were found.”

    "Cut, it seems that it is not here."The lava team Executive snorted and then looked at the watch and said, "Okay, retreat."

    After the lava team's Executive retreat was issued, the helicopter that stayed in the high altitude of Oldale Town immediately descended and slowly stopped at the exit of Oldale Ruins.

    This time the investigation of Oldale Ruins did not have any gains, and the members of these lava team were obviously in a bad mood.

    And when a voice came, their mood was even worse.

    "Is it so eager to leave?"

    A total of six members, plus two who were responsible for driving the helicopter, the lava team's eight-person squad suddenly flashed into the eye with a ray of light.

    In the light, a figure walked slowly, looking at them like a smile.

    "The lava team even sent only 8 people to dare to invade the Elf Center. I have to say that I really don't know how to be tall."Terrance sneered at the opening.

    The arrival of Terrance made the members of the Lava team suddenly shocked and made a fighting posture. Under the flash of Poké Ball, more than a dozen Mightyena and Houndoom showed their fangs and looked at Terrance in disgust.

    "Elite Four, Terrance."The Executive of the Lava team snorted and there was a fluster in the eyes.

    "Since I know me, it will be easier. I advise you not to resist, or you will not be hurt."Terrance Open room, two flash flash and die, gallade into a light and shadow, shuttling in each other's elves, with it is to enter the field of the wind beautifly, assist unique golden energy, it does not rely on totem The air field can still show that incredible flexibility and explosive power, in addition to the Gardevoir confusion also suppressed the helicopter, so that it can not flying.

    This 8-person squad could not withstand the joint attack of the three Terrans of the Terrance, and soon the team collapsed.

    "Mismagius, hypnotize them."

    Aside, the hidden Mismagius eyes flashed blue, and when Terrance walked forward, the people had fallen down one after another.

    At this time, Professor Alden also came out of Oldale Ruins. When he came out, the first picture he saw was the way the kidnappers who had kidnapped him fell down. When the people who solved these bad guys came and recognized their faces, Professor Alden was shocked:

    "court……Terrance Elite. ”

    "Professor Alden, it's okay, but please let us know about the lava team and all your conversations."

    “No problem!”Professor Alden looked at the crowd coming from all directions and swallowed the mouth.

    Under Terrance's instructions, the lava team's helicopter and eight members were all taken over by the search officers, but unfortunately, this time, in addition to some ordinary members plus a small Executive, did not catch any important members of the lava team.

    Under Terrance's trial, Alliance has only got a message that is not too light.

    These people are one of the squads of the lava team's "Groudon Capture Action" subordinate looking for Groudon's hiding place, and they are bringing this news.

    "The lava team that got the blue orb began to look for Groudon's trail. This is a good thing and a bad thing."Terrance muttered.

    Fortunately, the other party has not found Groudon, and the ambition of the other party has reached the final step…

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