Pokemon Court Chapter 986

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the body of Chapter 986 63%, floating astronomy
    Afterwards, as the sun rose, Oldale Ruins showed some changes.

    The crowd found a cave in it, which led to the underground Canalave, where two of Relicanth's figures flashed away.

    After an in-depth investigation by Professor Alden, he found that there were still many secrets hidden, and Professor Alden also expressed his concerns:

    "Although Oldale Ruins didn't have what the Lava team wanted, this time their members were arrested here and the Lava team might not be willing to give up."

    "I have considered this, as long as the Lava team does not know if there is anything they want here, they will always pay attention to it and even take it again."Terrance said: "There will be a large number of people guarding around Oldale Ruins, and strive to be one person, leaving one person, leaving a team, leaving a team, even if Maxie is in person, the Hoenn Alliance security layout can also be Respond quickly, support, and Lock On each other."

    "I can rest assured that."

    After solving the Oldale Ruins, by the way, leaving a bait to the lava team leader Maxie, Terrance saw both Ash and May again.

    "Do you two are traveling together now?"

    "It should be considered."Ash glanced at May and nodded.

    I understand

    "Ash, you have to take care of May. As for me, I will wait for you both at the Napru Hall."Terrance smiled slightly.

    Whether it's Ash or May, I'm afraid I will go to Ballabor Gym to get Badge.

    Ash wants to challenge the Evergrande Conference, and May wants to challenge the Grand Festival. As a result, the current Elite Four, the coordinator established by the Coordinator, is a place worth visiting.

    "We will."Both Ash and May know what Terrance is referring to, and immediately say it seriously, and look forward to that day.

    Ash is the son of the world, and May is the daughter of Mr. Norman, the leader of the top Trainer. The future is immeasurable. Terrance is also fortunate to witness the growth of both. If Ash and May come to challenge, he will personally guard at Fallabor. Gym is off.

    Since Terrance had a post after the mission, and did not stay with Ash for too long, after personally supervising the Alliance to arrange the Tianluo network, Terrance left Arcanine and Banguila here, just in case.

    And he himself returned to the end of the town, continue to prepare for the lecture.

    This lecture on Fairy Type is a lecture on popularization of knowledge. The main audience is the grassroots Trainer. The sprite representing the Fairy system, which is jointly launched by Terrance and Professor Birch, is a Sylveon.

    And with this lecture, the two also popularized the evolution of Sylveon.

    At the same time, in the lecture, Professor Birch also strongly recommended the book "Fairy's Uprising" by Terrance, and called it a must-read for learning the Fairy department.



    Three days later, Mt. Chimney top.

    A huge Mega facility stands here, the training base that Terrance established after becoming Elite Four.

    In the training base, Altaria swallowed the last Power Herb and then proceeded to the Mega Evolution.

    Then, Terrance used the z moves to start improving the efficiency of Altaria's natural energy.

    When returning from Alola, Altaria can increase the natural power of Assist by 20%, and Terrance can increase the ratio to 50% after using the exclusive z moves.

    After that, Terrance, Rotom Pokédex, and Altaria continued to explore, but only improved by three points.

    That is, Altaria can improve the overall strength of 23%.

    This time, the power of Altaria Assist's natural energy boost has increased by an astonishing 31%.

    After using z moves again, it increased by 32%, which is 2% more than the 30% increase when Alola uses z moves.

    That is to say, with the full outburst, Altaria can improve its comprehensive strength by 63%, and its strength is progressing rapidly.

    “The proportion of using z moves to increase strength and Altaria's mastery of natural energy is related to my physical fitness.”According to Rotom Pokédex's analysis, Terrance determined this, and the proportion of the original z moves was not the same as Khoury.

    "How much is the Wave Fighting deduction?"

    "91% Rotto."

    "That's fast. I didn't think that the massive use of Power Herb would have such a big benefit to Altaria's practice. It seems that it is better to collect some high-powered Power Herbs…"

    Although Terrance and Rotom Pokédex found that the more Power Herb used, the weaker the effect, but before the upgrade to zero, the plant would not lose value, even if it could only be improved by less than 1%, it is still worth collecting.

    When Power Herb didn't work, his Wave Fighting, Calm Mind method might have made a breakthrough. At that time, using z moves, Altaria might be able to double its strength and rival the legend.

    After returning from the end of the town, Terrance put the main thoughts on the training elves.

    At the same time, he once again built his own Elf Corps.

    The Fairy Army, which is based on Altaria, is currently members of Ninetales, Gardevoir, Diancie, Mawile, Togetic, Mismagius, and 36 Ribombee.

    Popplio, Eevee, and Jigglypuff not encountered may be candidates.

    Among them, Gardevoir's integration of spiritual power and Misty Terrain is nearing completion, and Diancie is also rapidly digesting the inheritance of diamond mining countries. Ninetales has been perfecting the icemoon system from beginning to end, and the new Mawei is enrolled. I accepted the baptism of Fairy Aura, re-developed the power of the Fairy department, and stepped into the top field.

    When the Fairy Corps was just formed, the current Fairy Legion can be said to be a big increase.

    It is worth mentioning that Mawile's "Snatch Swallow Power-Up Punch" tricks work in tandem with Assist's natural energy skills.

    After discovering this, Terrance had no doubt that if this Mawile was left in the ultra-ancient pyramid, a real king would not be born there decades later.

    But unable to master the Fairy Energy and life energy of the mawile, doomed to not be as easy to use this technique as altaria, each time it forcibly snatch fairy energy, swallowed into the body, assist "power-up Punch" technique polishing itself, it will suffer great pain , even after the fact, the injury will be retained, and continue to spread, the more important is that such a rough practice will also damage vitality, is really taboo skills, Terrance not advocate its excessive use.


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