Pokemon Court Chapter 987

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the body of Chapter 987 Jigglypuff is coming, floating astronomy
    "Several main forces, as well as some candidate mains that did not enter the top-level field, plus 36 Ribombee with relays as the assistant, the Fairy Legion has been completely formed, in addition, the other teams should also be on the table… ”

    In addition to the Fairy Legion, Terrance is not without other power.

    Although the restrictions of the Fairy Legion are not large, they are not able to face various situations. If some unexpected situations are considered, Terrance will consider some tactics.

    Although his number of elves is small, they are all distinctive, and most of them are Breeder around the weather.

    Frogadier is also starting a rainy day training with a clear goal.

    Togetic and it are both candidates for Terrance. In addition to being part of the Fairy Legion, Frogadier also has the potential to integrate into the rainy day.

    In addition, it is Terrance's Idol community, and there are many options.

    This elf team that Terrance deliberately cultivated now has four elves with top talent, Eevee, Popplio, Lapras, and Cherrim.

    And a member that has not yet been found, Jigglypuff.

    If there is a chance, these elves will also be integrated into the Terrance team. After all, these elves have a rare talent, and it is a pity that Breeder is not serious.

    In addition to the Fairy Legion, they were divided into four weather teams under the construction of Terrance and Rotom Pokédex.

    These weather teams are all combined with floating bubbles as the core.

    Sandstorm Team: Floating Bubbles, Banjara, Diancie, Mawile…

    Rainy Team: Floating bubbles, Frogadier, and even Lapras and Popplio are possible.

    Snow Sky Team: Floating Bubbles, Ninetales, and Lapras, Popplio…

    Sunny Team: Floating Bubbles, Arcanine, Beautifly, Cherrim…Even Altaria can be integrated.

    After the analysis, Terrance and Rotom Pokédex simulated the special environment in which the Fairy Legion could not function. The combination of Sandstorm and Sunny Team was the strongest, and the rain and the snow team had some shortcomings.

    Of course, in addition, if the Idol idol group can be formed, it may be possible to cooperate with the "sound" tactics to form the Idol team.

    However, the weather is good, Idol is also good, they are positioned to assist the Fairy Legion and the second match, Terrance is the core strength of the Fairy Elite, or the Fairy Legion.

    Without the Fairy Legion, he couldn't play the strength of an Elite Four.

    Two days later, Terrance applied to the Hoenn Alliance for 48 Grassy Elfs who were proficient in the Grassy Terrain moves and collected a large number of Power Herb seeds.

    Then he was at Mt. Chimney opened up an area for planting Power Herb.

    In this area, 48 of the grass elves who are proficient in grassy Terrain will ripen daily, and when power Herb grows into a century-old, they can be picked, and it is not clear how much terrance the real time will take, but it is bound to consume a lot of physical strength of these grass elves. In order to allow these temporary borrowed grass elves to work properly, Terrance also built a sun-enhancing facility here.

    Under the Sunny Day floating bubbles, these elves can't consume much energy even if they are constantly ripening.

    In addition, in this area, Beautifly is mainly responsible for security, while Assist solar energy is safe to practice the golden energy that Mew and the world's Earl Dervish tree give to it, and seize the time to perfect the physical source skills.

    "The Wave Fighting Deduction completed Rotto!!"

    Another few days later, Rotom Pokédex finally completed the waveguide fighting, Terrance immediately began to practice, before this, assist Elite Four's rights, Terrance also obtained a more advanced calm mind method, In order to adapt to the exclusive Z-style, Terrance did not have the slightest relaxation of their own requirements, whether it is waveguide fighting, or deep calm mind method, is his premise to control Z moves.



    In the blink of an eye, two months have passed in the hard work of Terrance and the elves.

    During this period, the training of Beautifly, Altaria, Mismagius, Arcanine, Floating Bubble, Gallade, Ninetales, Banguila, Gardevoir, Diancie and other elves did not use Terrance's special care, and they were all stepped up.

    In addition to them, Togetic, who worked hard on Metronome, completed the initial mastery of the four moves of "Moonblast Baby-Doll Eyes Misty Terrain Play Rough" following the "Teleport Fire Vows Ability Exchange".

    Assist Metronome masters these four tricks. Because Attribute is close to each other, it takes a lot of time to make it easier than the previous three tricks. However, in terms of proficiency, it still needs to continue training.

    After forcibly remembering the Natural Challenge of the four tricks, Togetic's brain capacity reached the upper limit for the second time. It seems that it needs to evolve again before continuing to practice the "Metronome" trick.

    Frogadier also gradually adapted to the special training.

    It quickly mastered the rainy techniques and is currently working hard on top rainy techniques. In terms of Ninja skills, Frogadier also conducted devil-style training under the help of Rotom Pokédex.

    Terrance and Rotom Pokédex have investigated the Ninja culture of the world and found that the basic Ninja training here includes balance, sensitivity, strength, durability and special skills.

    Due to the different styles of combat, the training methods in these aspects are different from the traditional training methods. The first four points are good. After the integration of the hundred families, Rotom Pokédex summarizes the most suitable training methods according to Frogadier's situation, but in special skills. On the other hand, Terrance abandoned a variety of weapons and chose the shuriken as the main weapon of Frogadier.

    The main reason is that Greninja can learn the water shuriken. The water pressure and sharpness under high pressure are not worse than the Ohreburgh weapon, and because of the water's Ability, Frogadier can be better integrated into the Toxic trick.

    Ninja, who doesn't possess the poison, is not a good Ninja. Frogadier, who has the ability to change himself, can be terrible to use poison.

    "Time has passed so fast…"

    “Ash is already coming to Mauville City?”

    On this day, Terrance got the message from Rias, and they followed the Ash line and finally found Jigglypuff.

    "I had to give up Jigglypuff, but who knows that Jigglypuff really crossed the ocean and came to the Hoenn Region."

    Terrance has some helplessness and has already planned to go to Mauville City to check the growth of Idols.

    After handing Cherrim to Rias, Terrance has not paid attention to the progress there. During this period of time, because the lava team and the water fleet did not make much noise, Terrance has been immersed in the practice and barely noticed the outside world.

    After practicing for a long time, it is time to move your muscles. If you successfully conquer Jigglypuff, then the elf Idol idol plan can be put into operation.


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