Pokemon Court Chapter 988

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the main article 988 exclusive props: Marker Pen, floating astronomy
    The project team of the Idol Idol project was found in the town of Mauville City, where the Jigglypuff appeared in the Trick House of Trick King, where it caused quite a stir.

    Afterwards, Jigglypuff wanted to leave, and Rigas was caught up by the back foot.

    In the face of the sudden appearance of Rias who wants to retain it, Jigglypuff wanted Sing to say hello, but was quickly stopped by Rias.

    Rias's investigation of this Jigglypuff is deep, knowing how strong the hypnosis of this Jigglypuff song is, and she naturally dare not listen directly, otherwise she will fall asleep and let Jigglypuff leave.

    Rigg's rhetoric, delicious and delicious Jigglypuff left, brought it into the truck and saw various Sing items, Jigglypuff was quickly attracted, and Terrance was speeding up here.


    Walking in the truck of the Idol project team, Jigglypuff's eyes twitched and squinted, watching the Sing props hanging on the wall.

    "How, if you like, all can be given to you."

    Rias carefully followed behind this Jigglypuff and continued to promise benefits.


    It is said that Jigglypuff is happy, but subconsciously, it picks up its own Matt wind and thinks about Calm Mind.

    When Jigglypuff didn't know what to think, Rias was also looking at the Matt wind that Jigglypuff had never left.

    It’s a wild elf but it’s a strange wind…Moreover, this thing is not really like the Matt wind, but more like a marker.

    "Jigglypuff, can you show me your Matt wind? In exchange, wait until my friends are all there, and you can listen to Sing together. ”

    At this time, in order to take a closer look at Jigtlypuff's Matt wind, Rias gently asked.

    Maybe it was because Rias had a good impression on Jigglypuff. Jigglypuff didn't refuse. After considering it, he handed it over, but its gaze has always been Lock On on Matt. It seems that he is afraid that Rias won't give it back. it.

    this is theAfter getting the Jim wind of Jigglypuff, Rias reaffirmed her own thoughts. This is clearly a marker. However, after Rias carefully observed, she instantly discovered that the top of the marker was buckled with a mini. voice Changer.

    "Jigglypuff…Where did you get this thing? ”Pointing at the mini-finger on the marker, Rias was surprised.

    Such meticulous workmanship is really rare. The most important thing is that this mini voice changer can be perfectly combined with this mark. I don't know if it is a coincidence or a reason.

    “啵哩??”Jigglypuff stunned, and after thinking about it, three figures appeared in his mind.

    The two-person group in white uniforms plus a Meowth, the parts of the sounder, seem to be assembled from the sound-changing Matt winds they made.

    Think again, Jigglypuff confirmed that there was no mistake…That's it!

    Moreover, since using this assembled Marker Pen, Jigglypuff feels that his singing is more perfect…

    This Marker Pen can't be lost!

    Rias's inquiry made Jigglypuff firmly believe that it was not moved by Captivate. Even if there were a lot of new Matt winds, it would never give up this self-assembled Marker Pen.

    "Hey…"Soon, Jigglypuff took Marker Pen back and started to visit.



    "Mr. Terrance, you are here."

    When Terrance arrived, the team's staff immediately took Terrance to Rias.

    At this point, Jigglypuff is communicating Sing experience with Eevee, Lapras, Cherrim, and Popplio! !

    Jigglypuff was surprised to find that the songs of these elves were quite good, just a pity…It is still a little worse.

    "Hey."After listening to the singing of the four elves, Jigglypuff couldn't help but couldn't wait to show myself. Its round face was so red, and he planned to go to negotiate with Rias and ask for the Mega stage that he had promised in advance. .

    "You don't worry, Jigglypuff, the stage is being built. You can Sing when you wait. I will introduce you to you before. This is Terrance. I am willing to provide the stage. You are the one who gives Sing."

    After Rias led Terrance in, Jigglypuff raised his head, and although he didn't know Terrance, it didn't prevent it from recognizing Terrance, precisely because of Rias.

    Provide the stage to its Sing people.

    As an elf who has been pursuing Sing, nothing is more attractive to the Jigglypuff than the audience and the stage. After hearing the stage is under construction, Jigglypuff nodded helplessly and looked forward to it.

    "Hello, Jigglypuff."At the same time, see Jigglypuff after Terrance eyes, this jigglypuff voice is not how wonderful, but, the vocal line has a strong hypnotic effect, even if the normal speech is the same, normal people may not feel, but Terrance The mental sense of the mind beyond the ordinary people, naturally can hear the jigglypuff voice with that trace of the silk has a hypnotic effect of the psywave movement.

    This is just a normal communication, if using Sing moves?

    "Hey."Jigglypuff smiled and waved Marker Pen, saying hello to Terrance.

    It didn't take long for the stage to be built. Under the stage, the audience was the team's staff, their elves, and the four elves in Idol's plan, plus Terrance.

    In addition, Terrance's Gardevoir is also below.

    I want to listen to the song of this Jigglypuff. Naturally, I can't be unprepared. Terrance thinks a lot of ways, such as letting a group of soundproofing fans be Jiiglypuff's listeners, such as let Mismagius temporarily close the audience's hearing, but no matter which one, it seems nothing. Sincerity.

    After careful consideration, Terrance chose to let Gardevoir appear.

    The hypnosis ability of this Jigglypuff song is indeed very strong, and in the Sing process, this Jigglypuff only knows to do its best, and does not know the control, no wonder it is difficult to find a listener, but now the situation has changed, even if Jigglypuff Play

    On Contest's stage, the lights flash, and a layer of pink mist floats on the Ground, making the stage look like a phantom Normal.

    In the middle of the pink mist, Jigglypuff feels very comfortable. This stage is the best stage it has ever seen, and it won't wait for such a long time.

    When I was ready, watching the next audience, Jigglypuff showed a long-lost smile, and when she mentioned Marker Pen, she began to sing:



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