Pokemon Court Chapter 989

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the body of the 989th chapter Jigglypuff joined, Idol planning, floating astronomy
    The melodious songs were quickly uploaded from the stage, and when the sound came into the audience's ears and bathed the whole body, even Terrance felt a bit of comfort.

    It is like a pillow Huang Jing Normal, people enter the illusory dreams of travel, and the spirit has been very satisfied.

    Normal, at this time, the audience has already slept, and when Jigglypuff was in Sing, the eyes could not help but open a little, and quickly observed the stage.

    What surprised Jigglypuff was that this time the audience didn't fall asleep. Instead, they all showed the expression of enjoyment and joy. This expression is undoubtedly the biggest recognition of its singing! !

    Seeing this, Jigglypuff Sing is even harder, although it is exaggerated, but this Jigglypuff sang for 2 hours, and finally…I was exhausted and fell down.

    "It seems to be the first time to sing for so long, although Jigglypuff looks tired, but I heard joy from its singing…"

    "Yeah."By the time this Jigglypuff is able to control the song autonomously, it will gain more listeners. ”Terrance muttered.

    This time, the hypnotic fluctuations in Jigglypuff's voice did not affect them, mainly because of the pink mist on the stage, which was Misty Terrain made by Gardevoir.

    Misty Terrain is a Fairy system, so Jigglypuff feels very comfortable. In addition, the mist has an immune status Condition.

    Whether it is paralysis, burns, freezing, poisoning or hypnosis, it can be resisted.

    Melting the pink mist on the stage not only makes the stage more Contest, but also gives Jigglypuff a chance to truly express itself.

    "Gardevoir, don't you?"

    Jigglypuff After a tired sleep, Terrance looked at Gardevoir and maintained the two-hour Misty Terrain. Although the consumption of Gardevoir was not large, it was not easy.


    Gardevoir shook his head.

    The hypnotic fluctuations in Jigglypuff's voice are too strong. Although Misty Terrain succeeded in resisting it, it consumed Gardevoir far more than usual. If the intensity of this Jigglypuff song is several times higher, I am afraid even the soundproofing Ability, Misty Terrain Such moves are also difficult to resist.

    "Do you even feel the pressure…"With Gardevoir's feedback, Terrance nodded thoughtfully.

    Gardevoir is a wizard who has entered the top-level field, and is proficient in Fairy's moves. Misty Terrain's accomplishments are even higher. Even so, it is very acclaimed to Jigglypuff's voice. It seems that this Jigglypuff talent is more than he imagined. high.

    At this point, Jigglypuff was asleep, and after the staff cleaned up the stage, Rias came to Terrance with Jigglypuff's Marker Pen:

    "Mr. Terrance, I suspect that this Marker Pen may be the key to making the Jigglypuff song so special."

    "Let me see."Terrance took over the Marker Pen and found the mini-final on the top, which couldn't help but glimpse.

    This prop is definitely not made by Jigglypuff himself. However, even if this Marker Pen has the effect of increasing the Jigglypuff song, it does not cover Jigglypuff's own talent. After all, even without the Marker Pen, Terrance can feel the sound in it. Hypnosis fluctuations, which are not possible with the other four elves.

    “Rotom Pokédex, can you analyze the structure of the sounder?”

    "Received Rotto!!"

    Soon, the structure of the transducer will be rotom Pokédex analysis out, this mini-transducer should be one of the core parts of a Matt wind, the main role is to strengthen, its production technique is very special, different from any kind of sing props on the market, not only can strengthen the volume, Even hypnotic fluctuations can be strengthened, this discovery, let Terrance eye-catching, he has had to idol planning of the elves are equipped with an idea.

    After returning Marker Pen to Rias, Terrance slowly said: "Wait, wait for Jigglypuff to wake up."


    Jigglypuff wakes up…

    It immediately opened his eyes and looked around, recalling what had happened before.

    No one listened to himself, but instead it fell out of its own exhaustion.


    Realizing this, Jigglypuff swelled his face, became angry, and couldn't sing for the audience for a long time.

    "Jigglypuff, have you woken up?"

    After Jigglypuff woke up, Terrance walked into the room and sat next to Jigglypuff.

    "Hey!"After seeing Terrance, Jigglypuff's eyes suddenly slammed and smiled.

    Terrance, which provided it to the stage, and Terrance, who listened to it Sing, now have the deepest friendship with Jigglypuff.

    "Happy, just fine."Terrance smiled and said, "So what are your plans for the next step?"


    "I mean, if you want to join Eevee, Popplio, and form a group with them, then go around the world to sing and let people around the world hear your songs."

    Terrance slowly said this. When Jigglypuff understood the meaning, the body suddenly glimpsed, and then began to fantasize about the scenes of the tour concerts in various places…

    Can't refuse at all…

    This condition directly poked the most Covet dream in the heart of Jigglypuff.

    "Hey!!"I didn't hesitate at all, and Jigglypuff made the action that I must let me join.


    With the addition of Jigglypuff, the Elf Idol idol project was initially formed, bringing together the five members Rias originally expected.

    “An idol group with three, five, seven, and nine members is a good choice. At present, they are qualified to be on the stage, but before that, Jigglypuff needs some special training.”

    Said Rias and Terrance.

    "Well, then the training program for the Jigglypuff song will be given to you, and Gardevoir will stay until Jigglypuff fully masters the Sing skills."Terrance nodded.

    If Jigglypuff is smart enough, this time may not be long, maybe it won't be used for a few days.

    "Trouble you."

    Terrance came this time and arranged all the training tasks of the five elves. The initial three-month training content, these elves Terrance are not in a hurry to make them a battle, he is playing a long-term plan, maybe two or three years After that, these elves can come in handy.

    Before that, the place where the five elves showed charm was not on the battlefield, but on the stage…

    When Terrance left, the elves had already become one, and Jigglypuff was the first time to meet so many like-minded partners, so it was very happy.

    "Next, please."After the five elves were asked to give Rias, Terrance left the place. The next time I met, it was time for Idols to officially debut.


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