Pokemon Court Chapter 991

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the body of the chapter 991 Togepi Paradise, floating astronomy
    "I saw records from ancient books that there is a Togepi paradise in Mirage Kingdom, and I happen to have a Togetic, so I want to see it, I don't know if the Princess has heard of this Togepi Paradise."

    “Togepi Paradise?”Princess Sara.

    She had some impressions about this place, but the impression was vague.

    It is rumored that the kingdom and the paradise have always maintained a balance between the two, and the Togepi, born in Paradise, will grow through the spiritual contact with the people of the kingdom.

    "You mean…Are you looking for the paradise of Togepi? ”

    “Well, Togepi Paradise is said to have a lot of Togepi life, and it has a lot of power for Togepi…”Terrance smiled and dismissed the idea of slipping away. From the reaction of the princess in the two conversations, Terrance knew that the princess should be very fooled and seemed to be very curious about Togepi Park.

    There are two guarantees, maybe he can turn a princess to be a guide.

    "Ancient books…Why don't I know…"Princess Sara is puzzled. She has lived here since she was a child. It is not very clear about these.

“……”Terrance is too lazy to explain that it is an ancient book. It is actually obtained through the built-in channel of the Elite Medal. It is a unique one in the world. It belongs to the secret that no one can see. Only the elite top-ranking Elite Four can explore these hidden secrets. qualifications.

    These secret treatments are not good, they are scourges, they are handled well, and they can even benefit one side.

    "In any case, if you enter the palace without authorization, you have violated the law of Mirage Kingdom. I advise you to leave as soon as possible, otherwise the soldiers will find that you may be jailed."Princess Sara shook her head and said.

    "His Royal Highness, you seem to have something to worry about…"Terrance suddenly said.

    The princess’s heart is quite good. I just said that he is a bad person. Now I want to let him go, but Terrance doesn’t want to leave so easily, and the princess seems to have the ability to perceive Togepi’s unique special energy. Maybe it’s right. What he wants to do is a Help and it is worth paying a good deal.

    How did you know that?Princess Sara was surprised.

    "Worry is written on the face, it is difficult to see it."Terrance laughed, mainly because he felt the other side's waveguide, which was told by Wave.

    "Let me think about it. When I entered Mirage Kingdom, I heard the people talking about it. It seems that there is a wearing ceremony to be held here in a few days. Is it related to this?"Terrance's eyes lit up and suddenly associated with the tradition of the kingdom, saying: "Are you still not finding Togepi that recognizes you."

    This kingdom, in order to inherit the throne, must be approved by Togepi. Terrance, the source of this strange tradition, is too lazy to examine, but this tradition has caused trouble to the princess.

    "What do you want to do…"

    “Would you like to go and see it in Togepi Paradise, maybe you can meet a Togepi who recognizes you.”Terrance Road.

    But,Princess Sara suddenly paused, but when she thought about the wearing ceremony in a few days, she suddenly felt a little tempted.

    Sometimes, Princess Sara even thinks that she didn't do well. She didn't recognize her Togepi. Because of this, the current king even plans to ignore the tradition and let Sara succeed, but Princess Sara himself. However, I feel that this is not good, and I am worried that it is difficult for me to get recognition from the people.

    "If there is Togepi…"Princess Sara thought about it, Togepi Paradise should be in this kingdom. She wants to see Togepi inside and see why the other person does not recognize herself.

    Togepi will appear before the kings of the dynasties. Why didn’t this time? Is it because of her reasons…

    Sara's heart is very messy.

    “Do you know where Togepi Paradise is?”After a while, Princess Sara seemed to make a great decision. She remembered that her mother had said this to her. The people of Togepi's paradise could not enter. Is there a way for this person to enter?

    "There is a…But are you not afraid that I am a bad person? I just remembered that you said that I have an unknown atmosphere. ”Terrance is in the air.

    "It should be that I feel wrong."Princess Sara shook her head and said: "I have never heard that Togepi will scatter an unknown atmosphere. Moreover, Togepi will only give happiness to others. They are the embodiment of warmth and joy, even if Togepi encounters bad people. I will not do this kind of thing at all."

    MaybeWhat went wrong. ”

    With the communication with Terrance, Sara did not feel the maliciousness of Terrance. The person who can own Togepi should have no bad guys. Togepi, the incarnation of warmth and joy, will not follow the bad guys even if he is dead. Sara is sure, In this way, Sara thinks that she has been so worried about herself, maybe it is a misunderstanding that has recently caused anxiety.

    "The incarnation of warmth and joy…"Terrance sighed in his heart, forget it, and wait for the princess to see his Togetic, maybe it would be possible to remove the Togepi Temple directly.

    "His Royal Highness, since you want to come together, come together."

    Terrance immediately said that waiting for this princess to succeed, is the queen of this kingdom, first make a good relationship, next time you can explore this Togepi paradise with light and greatness, in short, there is no harm, and everyone is young, it is good to communicate a lot. of.

    "If you want to go out…Be careful with the soldiers. ”

    "Don't worry, no one will see us."Terrance had intended to use the Teleport to rush, but now with a princess, he simply walked, and soon, under the cover of Mismagius, Terrance and Princess Sara came to the temple.

    It's here!Terrance touched his chin. Behind it, there is a small world and a different space?

    How is it going? After the Gallade Mega Evolution, Teleport has the ability to shuttle space…

    But…Always feel a little dangerous.

    After considering it, Terrance intends to let Togetic try it out. The ancient books show that the Togepi family seems to be able to shuttle both places to Solaceon.

    ‘Hello?Princess Sara yelled at Terrance and asked him to be careful.

    "First let my Togetic try it, if not…We are harder. ”Terrance nodded and took out the Togetic Poké Ball and pressed the button.

    Then, Togetic appeared, and saw Togetic, Princess Sara suddenly showed a peace of mind: "You really have Togetic…"

    this country……Too obsessed with the Togepi family…

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