Pokemon Court Chapter 992

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the body of the 992th chapter by the power of Imprison, floating astronomy
    After Togetic came out, Terrance was not in a hurry to give it orders.

    Terrance is also not very clear about the specific method of shuttle between the two places.

    However, the shuttle method is related to the Togepi Temple. This is for sure.

    Without Terrance's command, Togetic was the first to perceive it, and soon it was discovered.

    The temple of Mirage Kingdom has a gate that connects two places. If you want to pass the gate, there is a way for any Togepi to do it.

    After all, in ancient times, the Togepi Paradise in Mirage Kingdom was originally a holy place for Togepi.

    "Can you do it?"

    After a while, Terrance began to ask.

    Princess Sara, also began to look at Togetic with a look of anticipation.

    On Togetic's side, I just observed the energy fluctuations in the temple, and I had a general way of passing through it. But this guy didn't do good things, suddenly started playing with the heart, looked at Princess Sara with a pitiful look, and even almost let The princess took it with distress.

    "Can't you? If not, just…"Princess Sara saw Togetic's expression and immediately worried.

    "It should be passed."Terrance can ignore Togetic's face. Since he didn't respond to himself, it would be fine. For this Togetic style, he has long been savvy.

    Under Terrance's "Staring ~~", Togetic sighed, then showed a confident expression, flew to Princess Sara and snorted, seemingly inviting, and as Terrance's eyes became more and more murderous, Togetic finally moved. However, the expression is like how much sacrifice was made, and Terrance seems to be a bad guy.

    As Togetic sighed, Terrance sighed and died.

    Fortunately, Togetic didn't drop the chain at the crucial moment. As Safeguard's light wrapped it, the threshold above the temple opposite Togetic instantly fluoresced.

    Let's go

    Seeing the fluorescence, and getting the indication of Togetic, Terrance quickly reminded Princess Sara. The next moment, Togetic shakes his fingers and opens the passages of the two places with the command.

    Under the white light, Terrance and Sara, like the shuttle time and space Normal, came to a new place.



    When the glare of white light left the line of sight, Princess Sara and Terrance slowly opened their eyes.

    But the sight of the moment…But suddenly let the two people hold it.


    Is Togepi Paradise?

    WhyIt will be so desolate.

    Looking around, this place is full of dead grass and dead trees, even a few Togepi can not see, or even a little green vitality.

    In addition, the sky was gray, cloudy and cold, and when I saw the scene of Togepi, Terrance's brow suddenly wrinkled.

    Not only him, but even Togetic, after discovering the environment here, he could not help but reveal a strange expression.

    "There is Togepi over there…"

    Soon after the two stayed in place, Princess Sara suddenly found something and quickly reminded Terrance.

    "Looking at the past."Terrance Road.

    The Togepi paradise is much larger than Terrance imagined, but the number of Togepi is not very large. The two of Terrance discovered only 5 Togepi in the first time. At this time, the five Togepi are lying on the ground and leaning on the ground. The trunk, it looks like it’s been hungry for many days, and there’s no strength at all.

    What are we going to do?

    Seeing the few Contest Conditions that fell to the bottom of the Togepi, Princess Sara looked at Terrance in a panic.

    “Have you forgotten that Togepi in Togepi Paradise has grown up with the spiritual energy of the people of Mirage Kingdom.”After thinking about it, Terrance slowly said.

    "This may happen because of a problem in this link."

    When I heard Terrance's explanation, Princess Sara was obviously puzzled. Terrance said tightly: "I mean, is there something wrong with your kingdom?"

    "No way?"The Mirage Kingdom has always been peaceful, and the crime rate is almost at a very low number, even better than the security of the previous kings. It is impossible to happen…"

    Princess Sara shook her head and denied Terrance's statement.

    "In addition to the nationals, is there any struggle between your royal family?"Terrance glanced at Soaring in the sky.

    Before he came to this kingdom, he heard that the politics here was a bit confusing. Most of the rights of the kingdom went to the hands of Regent Chancellor Colonel Hansen. If Terrance didn't make a mistake, it was a precursor to the throne.

    When it comes to the king of a country, Terrance suddenly understands why Togepi Paradise will become like this.

    "you……"A short glimpse of Princess Sara, along with Terrance's prompt, suddenly had some bad feelings.

    “Regent Chancellor Colonel Hansen, I was very opposed to the fact that I did not inherit the throne without Togepi’s approval. I repeatedly obstructed and even clashed with my father. Is it because of this?”Princess Sara is kind, but not stupid, and soon she realizes that something is wrong.

    If it is only against her inheritance of the throne without Togepi's approval, it will not make Togepi Paradise like this…

    "Is it wrong…The father is in danger. ”Princess Sara hurriedly said: "According to tradition, the succession of the king needs to be recognized by Togepi. This Togepi can only be from Togepi on the paradise. If the witch of the temple is bought by Colonel Hansen, I suspect he may use Togepi elsewhere. To the position of Snatch, with the strength of the father currently, may not be able to rival Regent Chancellor Colonel Hansen."

    If Togepi is really polluted by the ambitions of Regent Chancellor Colonel Hansen, then the other's ambitions are certainly not small, and may involve the national movement.

    Got itTerrance heard the words, nodded, and probably had a judgment in his heart, but he did not pay attention to Princess Sara, who was in a hurry, and began to look at these Togepi.

    Mirage Kingdom's chores, he does not want to go deeper now, in contrast, he is more curious about this paradise.

    "The power of Imprison? How to wake up? ”

    Terrance touched his chin and thought about it. As described in the ancient books, Togepi Paradise was powered by Imprison's power to be close to a Shiny Stone vein. It was the foundation of the entire park, and even if it was only borrowed, Togetic could be harvested.

    This is much more useful than what Shiny Stone is.

    ‘Hello?Princess Sara has only reacted until now, she still doesn't know Terrance's name, but at this time, she just wants to go back and tell her father that Regent Chancellor Colonel Hansen may have the ambition to seize power.

    "No hurries."

    Terrance didn't look back. At this time, the five nearby Togepi noticed the existence of Terrance, slowly opened his eyes and looked at him with a praying look.


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