Pokemon Court Chapter 993

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the body of the 993th chapter Togekiss, the owner of the paradise, floating astronomy
    From Terrance, these Togepi feel the power of hope, and this power may save this paradise.

    "The nose is very good."

    Seeing these changes in Togepi, Terrance sighed, maybe not the nose, and he already thought about what to do.

    At this time, Togetic is flying with interest and looks at these people.

    It was the first time I saw so many Togepi, but when I saw these Togepi's small figure, Togetic suddenly became resentful.

    I have evolved myself and can't keep Togepi's cute look…As a result, its camouflage difficulty will be greatly improved.

    "Don't give me a look."Terrance's mouth twitched and said: "Listen, Fairy Aura you are looking forward to is coming."

    Togetic has learned about the existence of Fairy Aura from Terrance, and knows that this gas field can reinvent himself, but because it has not been personally experienced, Togetic is not very clear.

    What you will do …

    Seeing that Terrance took out another Poké Ball, Princess Sara didn't understand.

    “Let the park rejuvenate.”

    Terrance's eyes flashed, the national sport of a country, compared with Altaria's Fairy Aura, which one would be better?

    In the incomprehensible eyes of Princess Sara, Terrance throws Poké Ball, while Altaria flies in the air and releases Fairy Aura after Mega Evolution.

    In Fairy Aura, the life energy contained in it immediately began to moisten the land. It also covered the five Togepi and covered it on Togetic. In addition, this Fairy Aura continued to spread and continued to move in all directions. Gushing, it seems to want to cover the entire Togepi Paradise.

    "Can't you?"

    After a while, Terrance discovered Altaria's hard work, and it was a little worse than Fairy Aura's full coverage of Togepi Park.

    In this way, although it cannot be said that the entire park cannot be covered, the consumption of Altaria will be very large.

    Forget itAltaria, you try to feel the power under the paradise, go to Assist! ”

    Terrance suddenly shouted, reminding me of the presence of Altaria's underground Imprison, and Altaria, who began to follow Terrance's instructions.

    Soon, Altaria felt the power of Imprison at the bottom of the paradise and began to use the power of Fairy Aura.

    This power has been dusty for too long, and it has not been possible to give Togepi Paradise Enze. The royal family of Mirage Kingdom has tried many methods and there is no way to activate it…

    But today, Altaria was stimulated by Fairy Aura, and this force suddenly spewed out of the amazing Lucas, and began to cool down the rain, nourishing every corner of Togepi Paradise.

    At this time, while bathing in the light rain, Fairy Aura's Togetic, suddenly felt the body hot, the body unconsciously produced a suction, began to plunder Fairy Aura and light rain, use them to constantly change themselves.

    In addition to it, the other Togepi in the park did not change much, but the Contest Condition on the body began to recover, and it has a more full spirit than before.

    With the moisturization of Fairy Aura and light rain, the entire Togepi Paradise began to rejuvenate, and the withered grass was like a moment to regain a new life, giving birth to a green vitality.

    On the sidelines, Princess Sara, who was originally outside the heart, was shocked by the changes.

    She looked at it like a Togepi paradise that changed the world for a moment. The whole person stood there, and some looked at Altaria unbelievably.

    The power of an elf has changed the entire paradise…

    In other words, it alone contends with the power of the Mirage Kingdom…

    Is this a miracle…

    Also surprised by Princess Sara is the Togetic change in Soaring in the sky that absorbs most of the Fairy Aura fluctuations and the gushing light at the bottom of the paradise.


    In the history of the entire Mirage Kingdom, there are few Togekiss, and Princess Sara is the first to see the live Togekiss.

    "It has finally evolved."At this time, Terrance was relieved. I didn't think that the records in the ancient books were really correct.

    The power of Imprison under this Togepi Paradise should be similar to the holy diamonds of the Diamond Mines, the energy that sustains the entire paradise…

    If a little bit of the outside world will affect the health of these Togepi, it is too exaggerated. In addition, this energy dust should be one of the main reasons for this change. It is the two that come together that will lead to It’s so bad here, it’s just a reason, it’s definitely not so exaggerated.

    During the evolution of Togetic, in this paradise, in addition to the five Togepi in front of Terrance, Togepi living in other areas also flew over, until after that, Terrance really saw the Togepi paradise.

    Although the number of Togepi is not very large and cannot be compared with hundreds of people in the diamond mining country, the images of more than 30 Togepi appear together are extremely shocking.

    To know that Togepi is no more than Carbink, the number is more rare than Carbink, more than 30 Togepi, is the number of members that are not behind Togepi Park now, how many Togepi will there be when Togepi Paradise is brilliant?

    Terrance doesn't know.

    But for now, these Togepi moves made Terrance a bit stunned.

    With the evolution of Togetic, the five Togepis closest to here have actually made a pilgrimage, which is extremely weird!

    The object of their worship is Togekiss.

    Togekiss is a bird-like elf with an egg-shaped body covered in white furry fur. Its triangular wings replace the previous angel-like wings, which makes it possible to rise rapidly without any effort, but at the expense of It has no short arms before evolution.

    After evolution, the Togekiss still retains red and blue triangular dots, which are the hallmarks of the Togepi family, and the biggest change is that the spikes of its healed are divided into three bundles of crowns, one in the middle from the bottom to the top and all white, and the tip on the left and right are red and blue, respectively, This makes it look like it's become the "king" of the Togepi family.

    The Togepi's pilgrimage is certainly not the reason. The only thing that Terrance can think of is that Togekiss has absorbed the power of Fairy Aura and Paradise Imprison, and it has changed itself, which makes it closely related to this paradise.

    "Should not be…"

    When Togekiss evolved, Terrance groaned a few words. At this time, the Togepi in the park had all arrived, and they all made a pilgrimage. It seemed that the Togekiss of Terrance was their "king".

    And when this scene was discovered, Togekiss revealed his "evil" expression in an instant.


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