Pokemon Court Chapter 994

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the body of the 994th undercurrent, floating astronomy
    Togepi has a total of 39 Togepi, all of which are here. These Togepis are wrapped in the light of Safeguard, floating in the air, surrounded by Togekiss, but not so much as Togekiss, but the power of Togekiss.

    The power of Togepi Paradise has been dusted for too long. It has long since lost Lucas. It is now awakened again by Imprison's power, and most of the power that is awakened is concentrated on Togekiss. This change makes these Togepi as if they want to see Normal. .

    In their view, this same family is here to save them and save the savior of Togepi Paradise.

    The most important thing is that from Togekiss, they really feel the supreme power. This force has a great influence and pressure on them. In addition, Togepi has not been born for a long time. After Togekiss, the appearance of Togekiss has a different meaning for Normal for Togepi.

    "Things are moving in an interesting direction…"

    Terrance grinds his teeth and thinks about how to face the situation at this time.

    He glanced at the stupid Princess Sara, and wondered: "If the Mirage Kingdom and Togepi are in the same body, then what do these Togepi's performances on Togekiss know if they are known to the royal family?"

    "The secret here is not clear enough in a short time…"

    Terrance was very tangled, and Princess Sara at this time looked a little shocked.

    39 Togepi, and all of them Togepi in Togepi Paradise, really frightened Princess Sara. In addition to being stunned, she looked at Togekiss with a very complicated look.

    “Togepi Paradise has been affected by the outside world and has become desolate. Every Togepi has become very weak. This should be the reason why no Togepi left the Togepi Park and went to the outside Help’s royal family.”

    "So what should I do next…"Princess Sara looked up at those Togepi and thought of the current situation of the royal family.

    Regent Chancellor Colonel Hansen has been resentful, the king is weak, and the power of Togepi Paradise may be the only way to defeat Colonel Hansen's ambitions, but there have been changes.

    Princess Sara looked back from the Togepi and looked at Terrance, who had recovered her mind, saying: "Mr….Haven't asked your name yet. ”

    "Tell me Terrance."Terrance Road.

    "Mr. Terrance, these Togepi seem to be very respectful to your Togekiss, you know the situation of Mirage Kingdom, so I want to ask you for a favor."

    "As a thank you…"

    "As a thank you, I can promise Mr. Terrance that you are a nobleman."

    Princess Sara nervously said this, she has not succeeded to the throne, she is not qualified to promise someone else's position, but now the situation is urgent, she believes that the father will understand her.

    Right now, take the time to get the approval of a paradise Togepi, and inheriting the king's position according to tradition is the most important thing.

    At this point, Terrance did not seem to hear Princess Sara, and did not answer immediately. Just now, he suddenly got a report from Altaria.

    The power of Fairy Aura does not permanently awaken the power of Togepi Paradise. It only temporarily stimulates it to spurt out some of its power through stimulating means. It is difficult to do so by conventional means.

    What Terrance hesitated most was that he had received the exact message from Altaria, and that the power of imprison under Togepi Paradise was so great that it was as terrifying as imagined, almost as much as a destructive weapon, and that if it broke out all the way, it could destroy the country almost instantly, This is only to the small guess, the worst result, Terrance for a time is difficult to judge.

    “What is the existence of this Togepi Paradise? Why is the record in ancient books not detailed? ”

    During the Terrance guess, I answered Princess Sara's inquiry and I already had plans.

    "Princess Sara, you misunderstood, I have nothing to do with these Togepi, I will not obstruct if you can get their approval."Terrance Road.

    "You are the princess of Mirage Kingdom, and instead of begging me, why don't you ask Togepi?"

    Terrance fell, and Princess Sara glanced at him and nodded slowly.

    This is the case…Princess Sara heard that Terrance didn't want to take these Togepi for her own sake, which made Princess Sara relieved.

    As the heir to the Mirage Kingdom, Princess Sara is an elegant, gentle and versatile person in the eyes of the nation, but she has a bad habit, too much to think about others.

    However, this bad problem can also be seen as her kind-hearted performance. Today, this feature has just become the reason why Togepi recognizes Princess Sara.

    The Togepi family, born with the habit of chasing pure souls, when Princess Sara stood up and, after a loud request, these Togepi's attention was immediately attracted to Princess Sara.

    "Everyone in Togepi Paradise, now Mirage Kingdom Some people have a misdemeanor, I think you have felt that their evil heart has affected here, I am the long princess of Mirage Kingdom, the heir to the future kingdom, Sara, Next, I would like to ask you to lend me your strength to allow the kingdom to restore the original peace to the paradise, please everyone. ”

    When Sara asked, Togepi looked at each other, Soaring in the sky, Togekiss also heard Princess Sara's words, his eyes quickly turned his eyes, like a bad idea, Terrance's mouth twitching, this guy suddenly went to Princess Sara released goodwill.

    With Togekiss's position, a small Togepi slowly came to Princess Sara and smashed his leg with his body, indicating that he was willing to follow each other.

    "Togepi…you……"Seeing that Togepi is willing to follow himself, Princess Sara suddenly shows a happy expression.

    As long as you have the help of Togepi, then you may be able to disintegrate Colonel Hansen's ambitions.



    At the same time, Ash and his group also saw Misty from Kanto not far from Mirage Kingdom.

    Since Ash challenged the Silver Conference, Misty left the team. Instead, Mr. Norman's two children, May and Xiaosheng, entered the team, and now meet again in the Hoenn Region. Ash and Mr. Misty are very happy.


    Misty waved the invitation and showed a smug expression: "Invite the Trainer with Togepi to come to the party, and also allow friends, if not me, Ash, you don't have such good luck."

    "Cut, Togepi is what I found."Ash glanced at Togepi in Misty's arms, and he was helpless.

    The so-called Togepi Trainer banquet is actually a fictional thing from the Rockets trio. The goal is to steal Misty's Togepi and use Togepi to talk to their clients about a big business.

    In the shadow, the Rockets trio immediately showed a conspiracy after seeing Misty:

    "The Colonel Hansen of Mirage Kingdom was looking for Togepi at a high price and made a lot of money. With this money, we can build a Rockets branch base in Hoenn Region. It feels great."

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