Pokemon Court Chapter 995

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the body of the 995th chapter attacked Elite, sinful, astronomical
    Ash's group didn't know that they had fallen into the Rockets' trap. As they went to the party, it wasn't enough. They were once again not long-disturbed by the Rockets' disguised staff and cheated Togepi.

    To this end, Ash and his team all the way to the territory of Mirage Kingdom, before coming to the royal palace, the impetuous paired with the Rockets trio.

    "The Rockets, it really is you!!"

    Seeing Tolenpi's Colonel Hansen and his Rockets trio, Misty's face was extremely ugly and full of anger.

    "The Rockets! You are too odious. ”Xiaosheng shouted.

    "Take Togepi back!!"

    In the face of Ash's screaming, Mirage Kingdom's Regent Chancellor Colonel Hansen looked very unsightly and looked at James with a look of insight.

    "Stupid, didn't I say that, as long as Togepi, what do you bring your Trainer to do!"

    This…When we didn't pay attention, they just followed. ”Jessie said, while holding her hands to please, but her heart has already smashed this Colonel Hansen hundreds of times, if it is not that you have not paid, the old lady is too lazy to marry you.

    WhateverRegent Chancellor Colonel Hansen turned his head and looked at Misty. "You are Togepi's Trainer. This Togepi is mine from today. I will give you enough benefits, so please leave now. Kingdom."

    "Are you kidding kids?"Misty stepped forward and didn't say whether the other person said it was true, but she didn't intend to give Togepi to the other party.

    "I don't care who you are, but I grabbed the mist of my Misty, I don't agree!!"After all, Misty took out a Poké Ball and was ready to fight.

    In the Kanto Region, the Cerulean pavilion is not strong, but its status is among the best in the Kanto pavilion. Now, with Misty as the owner, the Cerulean pavilion is different. With Misty's temper, it is even more impossible to endure a baffling one. Bullying in the independent kingdom, don't look at Colonel Hansen, but Misty didn't even look at him.

    "Misty, we help you."Ash and others also took out Poké Ball, staring at the three elves behind Colonel Hansen.

    Two Ninjask, one Shedinja.

    Soon, the atmosphere is full of arrogance.

    Under the tense atmosphere, the eyes of both sides began to dignify, but at this time, a burst of laughter came.

    Terrance walked in front and walked behind Togepi's Princess Sara. After they came out of Togepi Paradise, they heard the movement here and they arrived.

    "Regent Chancellor, what have you done!"Princess Sara looked at Colonel Hansen holding Togepi, and the guess in her mind was immediately confirmed, and some Rage looked at him.

    At the same time, I saw the Princess Sara holding the Togepi, and the Mirage Kingdom Regent Chancellor Colonel Hansen suddenly sank.

    "You two, give me the Togepi, too!!"Seeing that the princess also got Togepi, Colonel Hansen was in a hurry and ordered the Rockets trio. However, after a while, he suddenly felt that it was wrong, because there was no movement at all.

    Ash is also very surprised. I don't understand why the Rockets trio suddenly turned and fled like crazy.

    At this time, James, they have been sweating and running far away, while running, Meowth is still licking "The old guy is finished, he certainly does not know the identity of Terrance, if we mix with him, it will definitely The victim died."

    "What should I do next?"James is nervous, and he doesn't want to face Terrance.

    "No, the Rockets never trade at a loss, come with me."

    The escape of the Rockets' three men was just an episode. When no one was available, Colonel Hansen screamed "waste" and looked back at Terrance and Ash.

    As he shouted, a lot of guards quickly emerged around him.

    "You princess is here, these guards still listen to that person's words, you are too mixed, right?"Terrance saw this scene, eccentrically turned over and looked at Princess Sara.

    “I don’t know.Princess Sara shook her head in a panic, and some didn't know how to face the situation.

    At the moment, unlike Princess Sara, I saw the Ash group of Terrance, but suddenly felt at ease.

    "Ninjask, Shedinja, give me the Togepi!"Things have already been revealed, and Regent Chancellor Colonel Hansen has no intention of concealing it and launching the attack directly, with the goal of following Princess Sara behind Terrance.

    At the moment of Colonel Hansen's speech, Terrance was concentrating, staring at the phantom flying over, deliberately taking a small step and letting Ninjask reach his shoulder.

    Terrance was almost hurt, and Ash and Princess Sara were shocked. At the same time, facing the speed of Colonel Hansen's elves, Princess Sara's Togepi was almost instantly taken away.

    "Oh, but that's it."Seeing Togepi so easily, Colonel Hansen laughed.

    After that, no one can threaten him to win the throne.

    "Hey, I said you…Is it too happy to be too early. ”

    With Colonel Hansen's laughter, Terrance licked the shoulder that had just been smashed, revealing a smile. "I didn't want to intervene in the chores of your kingdom…"


    The words of Terrance said that Colonel Hansen had not yet responded, but in his next sentence, he completely shocked the Mirage Kingdom Regent Chancellor Colonel Hansen, including Princess Sara behind him.

    “Even if you are a member of the autonomous country, it’s sinful to attack the Alliance Elite and the Snatcher in the Snatch Hall!”

    "Ninetales, with Blizzard!"

    Terrance cold road, throwing Poké Ball directly, with a flash of light, a snow and ice energy instantly turned into a gust of wind whistling in all directions, almost in an instant, the speed is hard to see Ninjask, and Colonel Hansen With all his legs, all of them were frozen into ice sculptures and could not move.

    At this moment, the garden was surprisingly cold, and Ash and his group saw Terrance's shot, and none of them looked at Colonel Hansen, who was already scared.

    Colonel Hansen was easily solved. Terrance was a little proud. Since he was attacked, he had reason to intervene in the affairs of Mirage Kingdom. It is not difficult to investigate Togepi in detail.

    This Colonel Hansen is really his lucky star.

    AllianceElite Four ? ”

    At this moment, Princess Sara is still immersed in Terrance's exposed identity, somewhat awkward.



    Py recommended bamboo blowing "This world has a demon".

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