Pokemon Court Chapter 996

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the text of the 996th chapter, the astronomy
    Regent Chancellor Colonel Hansen's three elves are not strong enough, and the guards who came in have never had elves. In the face of Elite Four, one of Alliance's highest forces, they have little room for resistance.

    After Colonel Hansen was frozen, he couldn't use his strength and let Togepi escape to Misty. In addition, the Togepi in the park returned to Princess Sara.

    As the temperature plummeted, the garden was frozen into snow, and all the Ash people snorted and began to wonder why Terrance would be here.

    "you are……Alliance Elite Four ? ”

    Togepi jumped back into his arms and made Princess Sara a little awakened. Some brains looked at the young man who was about the same age.

    The Hoenn Alliance is an Alliance of Hoenn Region and even many other Regions. The independent small country like Mira is not qualified to be a senior in power. It does not have any say, in contrast, as the highest in Alliance. One of the fighting powers, the Elite Four, symbolized by the Alliance force, is definitely an unattainable figure for the Mira Ancestral Room.

    "Compared to that, the princess still handles chores as soon as possible."

    Terrance took back Ninetales and watched Colonel Hansen, who had been frozen and purple in the forward direction, with a horrified color.

    Next, this culprit will certainly lose ground for attacking the Alliance Elite. His followers should be able to see the situation. To do this, if the Mira Ancestral Room can't rectify the kingdom by thunder, it is too inferior.

    I…I understand

    Princess Sara’s face was a decisive color. Sorry to see Ash’s group of people, I hurriedly started to carry Togepi out of the place.

    "Terrance Big Brother, how come you are here."

    After seeing Terrance, Ash and May were very surprised, but the little victory on the side was a little absent-minded. The father who worshipped in his heart was defeated by Terrance. Although it has been a long time, it is still unacceptable for Xiaosheng.

    "I have something to do here, but you, how come here?"

    "Not a Rocket!"Misty looked around, but the Rockets had long since ran away, and it really made her angry.

    With this answer, Terrance smiled and didn't continue to ask. "As you can see, there is some confusion inside the Mirage Kingdom. There may be many changes involved. You should leave here as soon as possible."

    “The Naplu Road Museum should be not far from here. I remember that the Fallarbor Conference is also going on, May are you going to attend?”

    "That is of course."May said: "Don't look at me like this, the last time I was able to get the ribbon medal, I will definitely win the Fallarbor Conference this time, and I will also challenge the Fallabor Gym and get it. Fallarbor Badge !"

    "And me, Fallabor Gym, I will also challenge."Ash is not far behind.

    "In this case, I will wait for you at the Fallabor Gym."Terrance laughed.

    At this time, Xiaosheng couldn't help but come out and said: "Terrance Big Brother, congratulations, become the Elite Four…"

    "Small victory…"Terrance saw a small win and smiled. "Thank you."

    As for Xiaosheng, after nodding, I don’t know what I’m thinking, maybe I’m thinking about how to beat Terrance after my father’s Retaliate, how to become a Trainer…

    At the same time, when Terrance Help Ash and others left, Princess Sara quickly found a reliable person and explained things to the current king.

    "Colonel Hansen, this bastard, I want to succumb to our Mirage Kingdom!"After the King of Mira heard the news, the first reaction was not to anger Encore Colonel Hansen, but to anger him not long eyes, dare to attack the Alliance Elite.

    “Is that Elite particularly young? Is it the new Fairy Elite, Terrance? ”

    Colonel Hansen has been resentful. The king has a lot of thoughts, but this is a matter of the kingdom. It is not without a solution. But if Alliance Elite is held accountable for the attack on Mira, his king cannot escape responsibility. Mira’s royal family may Disintegration, because Rival is completely and Colonel Hansen is not a heavyweight character.

    "Father, don't worry, the person who calls himself Alliance Elite should have no plans to pursue responsibility…"Princess Sara explained quickly that this is not a solution.

    If, in the Terrance of unauthorized access to Mirage Kingdom, the claim that Regent Chancellor Colonel Hansen only unknowingly expelled the intruder, the Mira royal family did not necessarily ignore it, but Terrance Was an unreasonable party, but Princess Sara knew that she could not explain it, nor could he let things move in that direction, and that the Mira Royal Family and Alliance Elite were not equally present at all, compared to Princess Sara, who believed that there would be a better way to deal with it, At the very least, let things be moving in a better direction.

    "Father, can you handle this matter for me? I have contact with Terrance Elite and I can definitely solve this problem perfectly."

    "But you go to the Alliance Elite. After I deal with Colonel Hansen, I will go to see the Alliance Elite with you."The ancestors of the Mira sigh sighed. If it was the Terrance Elite, then it would be better to let the peers like Princess Sara come into contact.

    Then, within the Mirage Kingdom, there was a lot of people in the chaos, but the most disappointing thing for the king was that the home of Regent Chancellor Colonel Hansen turned out to be as clean as a housewife. When the soldiers arrived, it was almost everywhere. The dust is invisible.

    "I want our Rockets to do things in the white, no doors!"On the roof, the Rockets trio looked at the soldiers who came in and out, and smiled. The valuable things in Colonel Hansen's family had been moved to a safe place. They were paid, and they didn't have to pay for it. So much effort to steal Misy's Togepi.



    "Terrance Elite, Regent Chancellor Colonel Hansen has been involved in you, I am very sorry."

    “Princess Sara is very kind.”Terrance smiled slightly.

    At this point, Princess Sara has verified that Terrance's Elite identity is true and more cautious.

    “Terrance Elite came to Mirage Kingdom, but for the evolution of Togetic? Today Togetic has evolved successfully and is loved by all Togepi in Togepi Paradise. I think it should be the reason why Terrance Elite has restored Togepi to its original appearance. In fact, this event is not only good for Togepi, but also as a symbiosis with Togepi Paradise. Mirage Kingdom, the kingdom has also benefited a lot, Terrance Elite, please be sure to express my gratitude. ”

    After all, Princess Sara took a deep bow and didn't have the chance to explore Togepi with Terrance.

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