Pokemon Court Chapter 997

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the body of the 997th chapter war weapons, joining countries, floating astronomy
    "And this time Foresight Colonel Hansen's ambitions, he arrested him smoothly, Terrance Elite also had a great affection for Mirage Kingdom, and then asked Terrance Elite to stay, let my country thank you."

    Something strange in Terrance's heart, this female doll is so diligent, I am afraid not only worried about his investigation of Colonel Hansen attack.

    I also wanted to stay here to continue to investigate Terrance in Togepi Park, and did not refute the invitation of the other party. I simply stayed and wanted to see what Princess Sara was planning.

    After being settled in Mirage Kingdom, Terrance saw the incumbent king here. However, due to the domestic changes at this time, the two did not communicate too deeply. Terrance was not in a hurry and planned to wait for the other party to handle Colonel Hansen's affairs, then slow. Slowly talk.

    Taking advantage of these hours, Princess Sara also learned from her father about the secrets of the Togepi Paradise that the royal family knew. The mood is even more complicated, because the Togepi Paradise may have a wider range of things than before…

    How to properly handle Togepi Paradise in front of Terrance is a test of the decision of Mira's royal family.

    "Terrance Elite, bother."

    The next day, Princess Sara visited Terrance again. This time she changed into a princess dress of Mira's royal family. It was more mature and beautiful than yesterday. Obviously, she was meeting with Terrance as a representative of Mira's ancestral room.

    "Princess Sara, sit."Terrance pulled out of a chair and sat down and talked to each other.

    “Terrance Elite can't remember the power that was sprayed from Togepi Park before?”

    “It is recorded in the ancient books that it is the power of the Togepi Paradise. It is of great benefit to the growth of Togepi. It can even make Togepi evolve perfectly. Is there any problem?”Terrance Road.

    "I checked the records of the royal family and found that things were not so simple. It was only because Mira's royal family had long lost the way to control this power, so it was impossible to use this power."Princess Sara shook her head.

    The essence of this power is the energy of the mind and the energy of Shiny Stone, which can make Togepi perfect evolution, but in the early days of the establishment of Mirage Kingdom, Togepi Park actually held another important task.

    "Appreciate further details."Terrance Road.

    About 3,000 years ago, war broke out in the Kalos Region. The elven friend of the king, Floette, died. Thus the ultimate weapon was developed and the Floette was eternal and became the flower of eternal.

    This is a legend circulated in the Kalos Region. It is impossible for ordinary people to test it, but Terrance knows that this is what happened in history.

    The ultimate weapon is a weapon of war, rumored that it uses the elf's life energy as fuel to be driven, can play an unimaginable destructive power, or even enough to destroy a continent, in fact, this source of energy was later used by Hoenn Region Manufacturing Co., Ltd. to make the energy, this is also Terrance Knowing that this legend is the main reason for real history.

    At that time, the war that was launched with the final weapon, not to mention the Kalos Region, even the ancient countries of the distant Hoenn Region got news, and Mimic got up, hoping to create a war weapon that could reverse the war.

    The Mirage Kingdom at that time was far larger than it is today in Hoenn Region, where the first king, mimic, built a weapon of war based on a shiny Stone vein, the present Togepi paradise, Togepi The park was raised by the then king for countless Togepi, because he wanted to use Togepi's special abilities to absorb energy in order to accumulate the power of weapons.

    Togepi has the energy to absorb other people or elves and then transfer that energy to the special abilities of those in need or elves, and Togepi Paradise is a body that diverts a variety of energies, but the plan has not been successful, and the Mirage to wage war Kingdom By the Togepi of the betrayal of the people, the evil heart of mankind let Togepi unwilling to continue to transform energy, helpless, Mirage Kingdom had to give up the plan, re-use the heart of kindness to breed Togepi paradise, so that, although can not further conquer Hoenn, But there is no problem with this weapon in the troubled ancient self-preservation.

    And with the accumulation of energy, the power of good souls may not be a weapon, and the kingdom will be blessed in the future. The king at that time thought so.

    But over time, with the end of the war, Togepi Paradise is a weapon of war things have long been forgotten, only recorded in the royal family of Mira zu, because the good and spiritual transformation of the energy in a short period of time is not much destructive, this weapon of war is not at all the attention of the royal family, It is thousands of years since the weapons of war slowly accumulated enough energy.

    Togepi has absorbed enough energy to this day, but this energy has been dusted for a long time, and the Mira grandfather room that controls this energy means has lost its Togepi Paradise as a spiritual symbol. Use its power to wave this war weapon.

    This is what Princess Sara and Terrance are talking about. This is all about the origins and value of the Togepi Paradise that Mira is known to.

    “I didn’t think that Togepi Paradise would be a war weapon made of Mimic’s ultimate weapon…”Terrance was very impressed. Although the ancients did not master modern technology, some talents did have something to do under any circumstances. Yes, the first king of Mirage Kingdom was also. If he succeeded at the time, I am afraid that now Hoenn Region History is about to be rewritten.

    Looking at the calm Princess Sara, Terrance suddenly felt that she still had something to say.

    "Terrance Elite, I hope that I can work with you on behalf of Mirage Kingdom."

    "Now the Regions are peaceful. It doesn't matter if the Togepi Paradise weapon can work. But the power of the dust in the Togepi Paradise is a treasure trove. I hope that the Mirage Kingdom will join the Hoenn at the cost of co-developing the Togepi Paradise. Alliance, get a position."Princess Sara tries to calm herself down.

    "Terrance Elite, you should know the value of Togepi paradise, your Togekiss, Altaria and in a sense can change the Togepi paradise, I and the father has discussed, if we can, we hope that in Terrance Elite's help Under, join Hoenn Alliance, although our royal family has lost the means to control Togepi paradise, but there are still a lot of secrets about the Togepi paradise, we jointly develop, I believe that we can get more benefits from it, the benefits of which will not let Terrance Elite Disappointed. ”Sara solemnly said.

    "Let me think about it."

    Terrance suddenly frowned, slowly closed his eyes, and his hands were gently knocked on the table. Princess Sara was talking about a country talking about the fate of a country. It was very nervous, but Terrance faced such a sudden thing. It doesn't feel very tricky.

    Looking at the Terrance lost in thought, Princess Sara clenched fist also out a lot of sweat, with this turmoil, Mirage Kingdom power unprecedented weakness, she investigated the growth history of Terrance, if which side of the alliance is worth cooperation, Can change the fate of Mirage Kingdom, representing the emerging forces, the development momentum is fierce Terrance side, is undoubtedly the best choice, seize this opportunity, Mirage Kingdom in the future may be in the modern society also become a party's top forces.

    Co-developing the Togepi Paradise is one of the results of the discussion of the Mira Ancestral Room. Today, the idiots can see that Terrance's Altaria and Togekiss have a certain influence on the Togepi Paradise. Regardless of the feeling of Terrance, the Mira Ancestral Room is hard to settle. After careful consideration, they decided to be honest and hope to impress Terrance with sincerity.

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