Pokemon Court Chapter 998

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the body of Chapter 998 Togekiss Corps, the chaos of the region, floating astronomy
    Mirage Kingdom wants to be a member of the Hoenn Alliance. It is not difficult, even if they can apply for membership under their current conditions. However, there is basically no status, just join as an ordinary member.

    With the Togepi Paradise as a condition to join the Hoenn Alliance, the purpose of the Mira Ancestral Room is not only to want the identity of an ordinary member, but to get more benefits and even higher status.

    In this case, Terrance can't do the Lord, unless the Contest contest represented by Terrance and even the company is willing to support Mirage Kingdom, the other party's request can have some hope.

    In this way, Terrance should consider the actual value of Togepi Park, and how much benefit it should take to satisfy the other party.

    The energy of the mind accumulated for 3,000 years, and the energy gathered by goodwill, how big is it?

    Even though the energy of the mind is consumed a lot by Togepi in this process, the energy that can be retained is also many times larger than the energy of the fears of Nightmare Island.

    Togepi Paradise, arguably the accumulation of the “good” side of the Mirage Kingdom for three thousand years, is equivalent to the air and foundation of the Mirage Kingdom.

    In order to give Terrance plenty of time to consider, Princess Sara took the lead and left Terrance to walk alone in this huge manor.


    During the walk, Terrance shouted Togekiss. After coming out of Poké Ball, the guy looked at the Togepi parade in the first place and was still hiding the power of the map.

    After the analysis of Rotom Pokédex, the power of assist Togepi Paradise and the fairy of the perfect evolution of Aura Togekiss Power have absorbed enough spiritual energy, light energy, fairy energy, to achieve a very balanced contest condition, to it familiar with a period of time, and Togekiss can understand a few of the great tricks of all the thorough practice, it can enter the top field, become Terrance another battle force.

    The essence of the power of Togepi Paradise is the combination of the Shiny Stone vein and the spiritual energy of the Mirage Kingdom in the past 3,000 years. It is of great benefit to the Togepi family who rely on the energy of the mind and the evolution of the energy of light. It can be said that it is growing. The best nutrients.

    I understandSeeing Togekiss's yearning for Togepi, Terrance suddenly realized.

    How to develop this Togepi park, he suddenly understood.

    Instead of continuing to study the means of controlling this weapon of war, it is to share this energy with the Togepis, making it a true Togepi paradise.

    How many powerful Togekiss can the energy accumulated in 3000 years?

    In simple calculations, there is absolutely no problem in creating a Togekiss army. In two or three years, Togepi Park can become an exorcist army that is very exaggerated and inferior to the top Trainer, and the power of the Elf Corps is actually Not very important, what matters is its growth.

    This power can be much more valuable than a simple one-time war weapon.

    "The development of the Ribombee Legion in the Naipuruda Pavilion is on track, Kalos and the diamond mining nation, with hundreds of carbink standing behind it, now, if you can make a lot of Mirage Kingdom, Togepi Park, it is equivalent to mastering a very powerful fairy The Legion of Elves, the Togekiss Legion created by Togepi Paradise, a few years later, the actual combat value is no less than the Elf Legion of an established elite Four, and if it can blend into my fairy legion, it is another great connotation. ”

    "Mira's ancestral room really gave me a hard to refuse Captivate…"

    Terrance's gaze is far away. At present, the Togepi of Togepi Park seems to respect his Togekiss. It can be said that as long as he and the Mira ancestral room work together to really awaken the power of the Togepi Paradise, there is hope for a Togekiss army.

    This thing alone depends on Altaria's Fairy Aura. I don't know if I can do it, but Mira's royal family must have more secrets about Togepi. Their power is Assist. In addition, Togepi exists in Mirage Kingdom. Terrance was interested and had to ask for the head of Mira.

    “A paradise that has the strategic value of being able to master the Trainer…”Terrance narrowed his eyes and immediately returned to the room.


    Compared to Terrance's position, the Mira Ancestral Hall has more considerations here.

    The current ancestor of the Mira ancestors looked at the elegant and dignified princess, and the mind changed. When the Elf Alliance was initially formed in the major Regions, Mirage Kingdom did not respond to missed the opportunity to join the first time. Until today, the Elf Alliance became the largest in the planet. It is not easy for the forces to want to join in to occupy a seat.

    "I missed an opportunity, this time I can't miss it anyway…"

    “It’s a pity that Mira’s ancestors lost most of the information in Togepi Paradise. Otherwise, after swallowing this cake, there are more choices.”Mira ancestral kings road.

    "Father, are you talking about the chaotic Region?"Princess Sara, who was a royal family, was knowledgeable and immediately guessed what the other person meant.

    The chaos of the Region, a Region divided by 17 countries, has never been formed by the Elite Alliance, the folk customs, where the ancient style is preserved, the location is remote, and it is far from the other continents, if the city of Qiyi is the inheritance of the Daochang Then there is the place where the ancient country passed down.

    "Well, Terrance Elite's book" The Aoyi of fairy "rewrites Togepi Attribute as Fairy, rumors, the Arceus of Genesis mythology and the chaos of the world region in ancient times have an inexplicable connection, where there is Arceus Attribute power, the current chaos Region 17 countries on behalf of 17Attribute, but no fairy, if you can assist the power of Togepi Paradise to build a fairy legion, then I Mira may be able to region a place in the chaos, Get the unknown benefits out of the control of the Elf Alliance. ”The king of Mira has shook his head, and the person in this position, no one wants to live under the people, but this idea is more impractical than joining the Hoenn Alliance. With the current national strength of Mirage Kingdom, it is no longer possible to gamble.

    "And, you are the same age as Terrance Elite. If you can marry, it will be my Mira ancestor, Sara…"

    It was said that Princess Sara had a good meal and bowed her head and nodded.


    Time is short.

    On the 7th day of Terrance's stay in Mira, the two sides reached a consensus. The Hoenn Alliance officially welcomed the Mirage Kingdom to join the Hoenn Alliance with Alliance champion Steven and Alliance Elite Terrance as representatives.

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