Pokemon Court Chapter 999

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the body of Chapter 999 Challenger: Ash, May, Astronomy
    In the Mirage Kingdom, Steven and Terrance looked up at the mirage that was suspended in Soaring in the sky, and some admired the wisdom of the ancients.

    "Is it sure?"Steven asked.

    "There is no doubt that behind it is a huge treasure trove, but how much value can be developed is not yet known."Terrance said: "But according to the agreement, the benefits that Mirage Kingdom can get are closely related to the development level of the park. No matter what progress, it will not suffer. If it can really restore a strong Fairy army, then it will pay a little more. The price is also worth it."

    "But I still don't know much."Steven nodded.

    Oh…Terrance naturally knows what Steven said is incomprehensible.

    Even the Alliance champion and some of the old Alliance Elites did not have the urgency of expanding like Terrance. This time Terrance paid a lot for the development of the Togepi Paradise in the Mirage Kingdom.

    The benefits of dialing to Mirage Kingdom will be largely cut off from Terrance.

    Be worthTerrance grinned, the threat of the lava team and the water fleet, the predictions of Olympia, the warning of Xerneas, the war in the Hoenn Region paralleled by Primal Groudon and Primal Kyogre, all of which required strength to face.

    If you can solve the lava team and the water fleet, it will be more useful than anything else.

    Elite's merits are not cheap.

    In addition, Terrance has his own plans, he does not intend to sit in the Alliance Elite for a lifetime or sit for decades, so naturally want to squeeze the benefits of Elite identity as soon as possible.

    When the wings are full, even if you take off the Elite Medal, as long as the details are sufficient, you don't have to worry about this scruples.

    "All right."Steven slammed his head and did not care about the radical approach of Terrance. In his opinion, Terrance's sense of crisis was too strong.

    "Speaking back, are you going to participate in this championship challenge?"

    Chatting and chatting, Steven suddenly curious about Terrance's current strength and asked involuntarily.

    Glacia, Phoebe, Sidney, the three Elites, but have not challenged the championship for a long time, but Terrance, the new Elite, Steven and he have not really let go.

    "There is no such plan for the time being."Terrance said crisply: "At least I have to sit on the Elite position and wait until I experience the feeling of Elite and then go to the championship."

    "You are not welcome."Steven smiled and said, "Well, I will wait for the day you want to challenge."


    Mirage Kingdom officially joined the Hoenn Alliance and became one of the participating countries. While the status changed, Mira's ancestral hall did not forget to pay attention to the holy place of Togepi Paradise.

    The next place is an important card for the status of the Mira ancestor. It is sloppy and must be protected.

    From now on, this is not the exclusive of Mirage Kingdom, Fairy Elite Terrance is also a major owner here.

    The date of the official development of the Togepi Paradise was set at half a month. After half a month, the Togepi Temple Manager and the Mira Ancestral Room will take some time to review the ancient books left in ancient times and organize the Togepi Paradise in more detail. The secret, to analyze, and strive to make the first development to be foolproof.

    “Terrance Elite has left?”

    After Terrance left, the current king of Mirage Kingdom looked in the direction of the Temple of Togepi: "What did he say before he left?"

    Nothing……Just left his Togekiss and another elf. ”

    "And when I left, I seemed to be worried about…"

    Princess Sara shook her head and was puzzled.

    "Until the end, that thing too…"The king wants to stop talking.

    Princess Sara suddenly faded and continued to shake her head. Most members of the royal family hoped that she could have a relationship with Terrance. However, many times, Princess Sara understood that Terrance is not here. They are not destined to be a world. Man, she can't tie Terrance to the side of Mirage Kingdom.

    "It's a pity, hehe."The king of Mira sighed, and Terrance was so young and promising that the Mirage Kingdom did not have such a blessing. If Terrance could come to the kingdom in the next five years and meet Princess Sara, it would not be difficult for them to be a good story, but then, then The Mira Ancestral Room may or may not look at Terrance's grassroots Trainer at all.

    After all, no one can be a prophet.

    "Sara, let's go to the authorization ceremony, this country should be handed over to you."



    At the same time, the Fallarbor Conference at the Naplu Road Museum is nearing completion, and May from Petalburg City has successfully reached the final. After some battles, she won her first ribbon medal since her debut.

    “Mr. Norman’s daughter entered the coordination field and chose to participate in the Contest competition. I don’t know if it’s on the rise…”On the rostrum, Mr. Raoul Contesta felt that if Mr. Norman's daughter could become a Top Coordinator and continue to develop in this field, there would be many benefits to the Contest competition.

    "This Beautifly reminds me of today's coordinator Terrance, you, Suzuki?"

    "Yeah, I think she should go to challenge the Fallabor Gym next time."Sasaki laughed.

    After winning the Fallarbor Conference in May and winning the Fallarbor Ribbon Medal, Terrance also left the Mirage Kingdom and returned to the Napru Road Hall.

    Terrance was worried about this. He put Togekiss in Togepi Park, mainly to let its Assist have the remaining strength to consolidate the Contest Condition, but Terrance was worried that Togekiss took advantage of this opportunity to upset the Togepi Park, even if he left Frogadier at the same time. Not too reassuring.

    "But it is a test."

    Togekiss was never the elf that made Terrance worry, and there was no solution better than Misdreavus at the time. However, although Togekiss wanted to get rid of Terrance many times, now Terrance believes that this idea is gone. Togekiss has been aware of Terrance for its pay, after all, the heart is completely bad Pokémon very few, Togekiss although the character is bad, but and Terrance with so long, the great is still clear, at least in the super ancient Pyramids, In the experience of Terrance has deliberately reduced their own protective measures, in that case, Togekiss can save him more than once.

    This is also the main reason why Terrance believes in Togekiss.

    Since Togepi is close to Togekiss, it is no problem to leave Togekiss close to them. Terrance is mainly afraid that Togekiss will bring the group of Togepi into "Boke".

    “Togepi Paradise is a paradise for the energy of good spirits. Togepi is also growing up in this environment. I don’t believe it. Togekiss can really ignore these spiritual energy and even turn those Togepi away!”Terrance doesn't believe in evil, but he is also worried about it. He hopes that Togepi can bring Togekiss to the right place…If successful, he will also worry a lot in the future.

    At this point, Terrance was rushing back to the Napru Road Hall because today the Fallabor Gym will welcome two challengers, the two who are very important to Terrance, Ash and May.

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