Pokemon Creation Chapter 249

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First of all……

One thing, I must clarify!

“Masked Riding Dogs never give up! He is a hero who can support both heaven and earth!” A 7-year-old boy extends the hand on the street in the neighborhood.

“Masked Riding Dog is impossible to withstand a single blow in front of Charizard!” Opposite the little boy stood three boys with disdain on their faces.

Charizard is now the most popular Pokemon among children.

In child’s eyes, the handsome and powerful Pokemon is naturally the most popular.

“No! The most important thing about a Masked Riding Dog is not strength! He…he…” The little boy flushed and wanted to explain in a daze. After a long time he spit out a word, “Masked Riding Dog is handsomer than Charizard! And! His spirit is the most important!”

“Cut!” The little boy’s friends suddenly laughed in disdain.

Is the masked riding dog handsome?

It’s really handsome!


“Clearly Charizard is more handsome! And it can fly!” The friends murmured again.

“Damn it!” The little boy stood helplessly, clenching his fists.

Suddenly, he seemed to remember something, and hurriedly moved towards the friends who went away, shouting: “You wait, Smeargle will have a competition soon! He will definitely let you startled!”

I firmly believe!

Smeargle must be able to show the true strength of masked riding dogs! “The little boy clenched his fists and thought firmly.

At this time, the masked dog hasn’t given up the idea of ​​Battle Armor.

He came to the ranch again.

“Duolu (I need! Battle Armor!)” Smeargle hugged Li Qiuran’s thigh.

Before coming, he had made up his mind! As long as he can’t get the answer he wants, he won’t leave. Even if Charmeleon is chewing his ass behind, he won’t shrink back!

“Battle Armor? I haven’t!” Li Qiuran rubbed Smeargle’s head embarrassingly.

He remembered Little Lu’s Smeargle, a rare Smeargle who loves to fight.

The flame riding dog kick in that competition was also hot for a while.


I really don’t know how to make Battle Armor.

“Duolu (please)!” Smeargle pleaded, both of his hands folded together.

Looking at Smeargle, who was holding his thigh tightly, Li Qiuran was lost in thought.

With the current technology…I really can’t get any Battle Armor.


Li Qiuran suddenly divine light flashed in his head.


Battle Armor is not out of reach!

He has an idea!

“Well, you go home obediently, I will get you out of Battle Armor as soon as possible, okay?” Li Qiuran knelt down and asked Smeargle softly.

“Dolu (I don’t want it, I want it now)!” Smeargle pouted.

“Let’s do it!” Li Qiuran pondered for a moment and said, “I will give you the Battle Armor in a week, so I can make it before your game.”

“Duolu (really?)” Smeargle suddenly looked surprised.

“Really.” Li Qiuran forcefully nodded.

“Dolu!” Smeargle obediently sent Li Qiuran’s leg.

His purpose has been reached.

It was only a week, and it passed as soon as I opened and closed my eyes!

In this way, Smeargle embarked on the way home, leaving orange red trails wherever he passed.

“Meow~~, Battle Armor? This black technology can increase battle strength.” Not far from the place where the previous conversation took place, Meowth secretly pulled the grass on the ground and overheard the conversation.

“Smeargle will definitely become very strong! Such Items damage the fairness of the game!” Meowth narrowed his eyes and muttered.

He was close to the grass, after all, he was eavesdropping and would never be discovered.

He felt that he had discovered a big conspiracy.

Battle Armor !

If you guessed it correctly, Lord Male God wants to mass produce this Battle Armor.

In this case, Pokemon wearing Battle Armor in the Pokemon competition will tyrannize.

As an outstanding referee.

Never let this happen.

The action is gone.

Meowth’s eyes grew deeper and deeper. He placed his right hand to his mouth and said in a low voice: “Code-named TC87110. I found a conspiracy capable of destroying the world. I will go into the enemy’s army alone to investigate, over.”

“Hey. What are you doing on the ground?” At this moment, Li Qiuran shouted to Meowth not far away.

He had noticed Meowth long ago.

It’s too obvious to be lying on the big grass during the day.

When did Meowth Rest like this?

Isn’t it sick?

Li Qiuran was a little worried, and hurriedly moved towards Meowth. He wanted to check Meowth’s body temperature to make sure everything was OK.

Many Pokemon caught a cold during this season change, so you can’t let it go.

“Meow?” Meowth, who was lying on the grass, jumped up, his face full of panic.

“Meow! You admit it! Meow!” After leaving this sentence, Meowth jumped quickly into the forest of the ranch.


Meowth’s body was close to a big tree, his small eyes peeping at the place where Li Qiuran was.

“Didn’t expect was discovered! You deserve to be a male god! Meow!” Meowth had a lingering fear on his face, his heartbeat was so fast.

“It’s weird! It should be okay to look alive and kicking.” Li Qiuran shook the head and immediately ignored Meowth.

Now Li Qiuran is full of Smeargle’s Battle Armor.

He already has an idea.

“Are you gone?” Meowth breathed a sigh of relief looking at Li Qiuran’s back.

“Finally I was fooled by the wit.” Meowth patted his chest softly and comforted himself.

“Tweet (what are you fooling about)?” At this moment, an immature voice suddenly sounded from the tree.

It’s Snivy Ogi.

Next to Xiaomu is Bulbasaur Xiaofen.

“Ah! Why are you on the tree?” Meowth looked puzzled.

“Tweet (that’s how it came up).” Snivy waved Vine Whip.

“Ao~~ By the way, I just discovered a great secret!” Meowth looked all around and confirmed that there was no one, then said in a low voice.

Tweet, da na?

Xiaofen and Xiaomu suddenly became interested.

They quickly jumped down from the tree to Meowth’s side, listening intently.

“Shhh~~I only tell you, you can’t tell others about 10000000!” Meowth kept asking with a mysterious face.

Tweet, da na.

Xiaofen and Xiaomuou immediately ordered and smashed garlic Normal, wishing to show Meowth their hearts.

We will never say it, this is our little secret.

“Okay! Let me tell you.” Meowth sighed, “This is the secret of the fate of the world!”

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