Pokemon Creation Chapter 250

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On the occasion of dinner.

Nini just passed the territory.

“Tweet (how are those two guys weird)?” Nini looked curiously towards Xiaofen and Xiaomu who got together and talked.

The other Pokemons are enjoying their dinner attentively. Only these two Pokemons are absent-minded and whisper to each other from time to time, as if they are plotting something!

Tweeted (seems like a situation)

Nini not only squinted her eyes, then she swaggered over.

“Jiu (big sister head! I wish the big sister head good health, 10000 good luck)!” As soon as he saw Nini, Xiaomu stood up straight half reflexively and shouted.

“Tweet (hmm~)” Nini nodded with satisfaction.

The performance of the little brother made her very satisfied.

“Tweet (what are you discussing)?” But if you are satisfied, you still have to ask.

“Tweet (no, nothing)!” Xiaomu denies hurriedly, and even tops the little fan next to him. “Tweet (do you think Xiaofan)?”

“Tweet (huh)!” Nini immediately revealed a hint of dangerous rays of light.

She is not happy anymore.

These two guys are definitely hiding something.

“Tweet (big sister, this is about the survival of the world, we can’t talk about it)!” Xiaomu said crying.

This mention provoked Nini’s curiosity.

“Tweet (say, say, say, say, say)!”

Tweet (it’s over, we are exposed). Xiaomu looked towards Xiaofen with a look of despair.

ten minutes later

“Hey (what happened to them, why they suddenly pulled up the line of defense and couldn’t get in)?” A Charmander scratched his partner and asked curiously.

“Gah (don’t know? Maybe you want to go to war with us)?” Charmander’s little partner has a band-aid on his nose, which is a scar from the previous war.

His tone was full of indignation, “Gah (I dare to fight these guys if they dare to come! The big deal is to add a few more scars! I will still be a good dragon in ten years)!”

“Gah (that is, who is afraid of whom)!” Charmanders agreed, and their look towards the Snivy group became worse.

These Snivy people are always plotting against what!

Snivy’s side.

Their Snivy security guards pulled up a dividing line in the territory, not to mention Pokemon, even the breeders were not allowed to enter.

Dozens of Snivy patrolled the surroundings with their hands tied together, and Vine Whip would wait on them as long as anyone approached.

Looking at the serious appearance of the Little Brat, people curiously unable to bear scratching their heads.

“What the hell are these guys doing?” A breeder was unable to bear opened the mouth and said, he tapped his toes, as if trying to get past the Snivy to see the scene inside.

It’s just that the Snivy are extremely cautious, they even used Vine Whip to form a wall to block their view.

In Snivy’s group, a platform was built in the depths of the forest, and Nini stood on it with a solemn expression.

Below the stage were a bunch of green Snivy. They all sat on the mat, with their slender hands on their legs and their waists straight.

This is an important speech.

“Tweet~~(I’m Nini, the leader of the Nini club).” Nini took a deep breath, opened the mouth and said.

Her crisp and tender voice echoed through the microphone in the forest.

pa pa pa.

The Snivy clumped their palms.

Nini smiled with satisfaction, the right hand pressed down slightly, and the applause suddenly stopped. She cleared her throat and continued.

“Tweet (From the inception of Nini to the present, it has been through hardships. From the old rival Charmander to the current surrounding by enemies, we Nini will be arduous. But)!”

Nini’s eyes dazzled and looked all around. There was no Snivy around who dared to look at Nini. This is the power of the leader.

“Tweet (under my leadership, we have defeated countless powerful enemies, and now, Nini will finally become the strongest force in the ranch)!”

pa pa pa

With thunderous applause, the Snivy faces flushed.


Without the leadership of the old big sister, Snivy would not eat well, and the stupid Charmander would not see themselves and run away!

“Tweet (Yes! Last time the little stupid dragon saw me and ran with its tail clipped)!” A tor arranged by Nini suddenly shouted, and he also Mimic the sneaky look of Charmander Run Away at the time, causing A lot of laughter.

Nini is satisfied with the current atmosphere, but this is not yet on the subject.

As a result, Nini’s voice became serious, “Tweet (a new storm is coming, how can we stand still)!”

“Tweet (new storm)?” The Snivy in the audience panicked, and immediately began to discuss.

“Tweet (my informant heard very important news).” Nini solemnly waved Vine Whip in the air to form a shape of Bulbasaur.

“Tweet (this World will be in crisis).” Nini said gravely.

Fall into…


How to do?

The Snivy were a little flustered.

The days of my happy salted fish are gone forever.

“Tweet (quiet).” Nini lightly coughed stopped the underground commotion.

“Jiu (the crisis of this World originates from Battle Armor, he will be produced by our most outstanding Master Li)”

Battle Armor ?

The Snivy couldn’t bear the inner commotion.

Will Battle Armor destroy this World?

“Tweet (it is power, Battle Armor gives Pokemon the power to reap without sowing, he will make all Pokemon addicted to power and violence, and finally lead to the destruction of the world).” Nini looked sad.

“Tweet (so we want to prevent Battle Armor’s research and creation).” Nini looked around all around, the Snivy in the audience looked serious, they all knew the seriousness of the matter.

Nini breathes deeply, as if a major decision had been made, “Tweet (we want to stop the development of this Battle Armor, I define this action as Plan A).”

All the Snivy are in action.

Some are lurking among the breeders to inquire about the news, and some are always alert to other Pokemon.

“Have you noticed that there are always a few Snivy following us today.” A breeder lowered his voice and said to the little friend.

There are 3 Snivy groups not far away from him. Although they seem to be chatting, do they look at the breeder?

“Are they watching us?” a breeder said with some horror.


There are always a few Snivy hovering near other Pokemon territories. They are constantly testing back and forth on the edge of the territories, causing many Pokemon dissatisfaction.

“Tweet (you don’t understand how great we are, we are saving this World).” A Snivy said secretly.

The future may be bad, but we Snivy will keep working hard to make the world better.


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