Pokemon Creation Chapter 251

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“The China Flying Competition expressed interest in Pidgey and Spearow.”

“Pidgey and Spearow may participate in the China Flying competition in the future and represent China in the battle.”

The past few days, these few news suddenly invaded the headlines.

Red & White Corporation’s new Pokemon, Pidgey and Spearow are also officially exposed to the public.

“You two get ready. There will be an interview later, but you have to perform well.” Zhang Meng said patiently to the two Pokemon with the information in the ranch.

Pidgey and Spearow were nodded, but they looked at each other at last, and they both grabbed their chests with their little paws in confusion.

They were just born, so naturally they did not understand the meaning of the interview.

Fortunately, Meowth was nearby, and he patiently acted as an interpreter.

“To be precise, someone will come over later, you just need to answer honestly! Everything you answer will become testimony in the future… No! Everything you say will be heard by 10000000 million people!”

Meowth almost moved the statement from the criminal investigation drama, but fortunately, he responded quickly and immediately changed his words.



The two Pokemon’s bodies suddenly shook, and their eyes were bright.

Will be heard by many people, then~~

Bi, Jie (Meowth Big Brother, I will beg of you later)!

Pidgey and Spearow immediately jumped over to Meowth with a flattering look, and began to fiddle with their bright feathers.

“Haqiu!” Meowth sneezed with a face muddled by bird hair.

“Meow! Don’t care about me being so close.” Meowth slapped his palms with disgust, and Pidgey and Spearow took a step back angrily.

“Cough cough! You need to know!” Meowth’s eyes turned to gu lu, and his tone became a little serious. “You must know that I am an upright cat, and my translation will not bring a trace of personal touch.”

Pidgey and Spearow burst into tears, they were still young, afraid of saying something wrong.

“But.” Meowth’s words suddenly changed, and his tone became a little crafty, “I can help you express your inner meaning to a certain extent.” Meowth said.

“It’s what you mean in your heart! I won’t make it up.” Meowth stroked his beard and stretched his waist.

Than, cleaner~~

After Pidgey and Spearow looked at each other, they jumped to Meowth and rubbed their heads against Meowth.

“Aiya, my back is itchy! Maybe the weather has changed recently?” Meowth said suddenly.

2 Pokemon understood in seconds, and immediately tickled Meowth with their mouths.


“As the first Flying Type Pokemon in the ranch, do you have any ideas for your future?” the interviewer asked during the interview.

Holding the question draft in his hand, he looked at the few Pokemon expressions in front of him who were listening seriously.

He was interviewing Pokemon, and he still used these sharp and weird questions.

Watching Pokemon.

Pidgey and Spearow were lost in thought, their eyes rolled in small circles.

Than, clean~ (don’t know yeah)!

They gave a helpless cry.

Meowth suddenly jumped out and translated: “cough cough! We have no specific plans or expectations for the future. What we can do now is to maintain our own good development and cultivate our own interests, so that we can enter the professional arena in the future. Lay a solid foundation for your career.” Meowth eloquently said a lot.

The interviewer was stunned. The pen in his hand was frozen in midair for a long time, and it took him a long time to start recording.

But at the same time he was puzzled.

How do Pokemon use a syllable to express such a long list of meanings?

This is really an interesting subject!

“So, as the Flying Type Pokemon of New Generation, do you have any knowledge of your own abilities?”

“Meow! As the Flying Pokemon of New Generation, we have felt the special abilities of our own since we were born. Compared with ordinary Genetic Organism, our flying speed is faster and more durable. We are always ready to contribute to society. , Meow~~”

For a moment, Reporter took notes and video clips and left with a dull expression.

He swears that this is definitely the strangest interview he has ever done.

Why can a Growl with the same tone in Pokemon parse out a few 100 words!


Soon after, Red & White Corporation released specific videos of Pidgey and Spearow.

In the video, the silhouettes of Dan Yellow and red are constantly chasing and flying in the air.

Their speed is comparable to that of an ordinary adult Flying Genetic Organism.

This is very amazing.

This means that when they reach adulthood, their evolutionary speed will definitely come to the first echelon of Flying Genetic Organism on the market.


In the video, Pidgey falls on Li Qiuran’s shoulder with a bright Growl.

His hair is clean and beautiful, handsome and vigorous, and he has attracted countless fans from the outside.

Spearow on the other side is not too much.

Although Spearow doesn’t have the pleasing appearance of Pidgey, it seems from the video that Spearow is more explosive. Under rapid speed, he is like a red light.

“Love is a light ~ so wonderful ~” In a house, an ordinary youngster hummed a small song and turned on his cell phone just after taking a shower.

“Is this a video of Pidgey and Spearow? This speed~~” the man groaned. He is a hardcore Flying competition fan.

He even has most of the outstanding Flying Genetic Organism on the market.

For Pidgey and Spearow, he is supportive and affirmative.

And this video did not disappoint him.

Pidgey and Spearow have just been born with good speed, it seems that the potential is definitely huge.

“Perhaps…this will be a good investment.” Youngster judged the various costs of purchasing a Pokemon.

He was born in an ordinary family, and after graduation he devoted himself to the society.

After several years of work, he has a small savings.

But he was not satisfied with this tiring life.

In his free time, he likes to watch the Flying competition of Genetic Organism.

Over time, he slowly began to study these Flying Genetic Organisms.

Perhaps because of the is innate talent, a few years later, he was quite accomplished in this field.

This world contest on Genetic Organism is lucrative.

Engaging in this industry can have a good income.

So the man came up with this idea…

Become a professional player!

And Pidgey and Spearow were listed as his first consideration.

Spearow’s instant explosive power is strong, and he is good at flying short distances.

Pidgey is the opposite.

Their feeding conditions are not harsh, and they are quite in line with civilians.

Spearow and Pidgey reservations will be opened soon.

But Spearow is open to people with breeding experience.

After all, it is still a bit difficult to subdue the irritable Spearow.

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