Pokemon Creation Chapter 252

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Soon after the Pidgey and Spearow reservations began, Red & White Corporation was also discussing the hosting of the Pokemon competition.

It has been 2 months since the first Pokemon booking.

In these 2 months, Pokemons have more or less learned some new abilities.

Therefore, Red & White Corporation considered holding a special competition.

Only Pokemon participated.

Participants will receive the Trainer Badge officially recognized by Red & White Corporation.

This will be a new revolution.

This is the 1st Step of the Alliance competition, and it can be considered a trial.

“Red & White Corporation will hold a Trainer competition in a week.” This news spread across the entire network in an instant.

Now the number of families with Pokemon in China is almost 1000. Excluding those Pokemon families who don’t like fighting, there are almost three-four hundred interested in participating in the game.

Pokemon Trainer Ah…

What a desirable word.

Red & White Corporation specially launched a promotional video for Trainer.

In the video, a young man is wearing red sportswear and carrying a Yellow backpack with several Poké Balls around his waist.

Opposite him is another Trainer wearing blue sportswear, and they are facing each other.

For a moment, the blue Trainer moved. He took out the Poké Ball around his waist, gently kissed the surface of the Poké Ball with his lips, and then took a pose and threw the Poké Ball away.

“Go! Squirtle.”


Blue’s silly Squirtle jumped out.

The red Trainer narrowed his eyes and muttered his mouth: “Water Type Pokemon? That’s it…” With a confident smile at the corner of his mouth, he took out Poké Ball from his waist and threw it out, “Go, Bulbasaur.”

Da na.

Bulbasaur jumped out of Poké Ball and stood in the field.

“Block the dignity of my Trainer and accept my challenge!”


Countless Vine Whip flocked to Squirtle.


The screen went dark for a moment. A few big words jumped out of “Pokemon Trainer”.

Where dreams begin.

Become a Pokemon Trainer officially recognized by Red & White Corporation and participate in the competition.

Registration conditions…

Possess Pokemon and Poké Ball.

Professional and amateur Trainers are welcome.

The video ends here, Red & White Corporation not at all reveals too much information about Trainer.

In the plan of Red & White Corporation, when Pokemon Pokédex comes out and Pokemon becomes popular, Travel Trainer will come into being.

Related information is also available on the Pokemon website.

On the career page, there are more information about Pokemon Trainer and Pokemon Breeder.

Pokemon Trainer: Focus on Pokemon training and combat.

Pokemon Breeder: Focus on the cultivation of Pokemon.

Every profession has a corresponding Pokemon Badge.

Those who hold Badge can get discounts at the Pokemon store.

In the future, more concessions will be introduced.

The prizes of this Pokemon contest are also very rich, the top 3 can be eligible to visit the ranch, and get a special Poké Ball, Luxury Ball!

And 1st place can even take a Pokemon from the ranch as a partner, provided that Pokemon is willing.

The prizes at 1st place are too generous!

“I must participate in the Pokemon contest, he is summoning me!” Countless teenagers clenched their fists.

“Charmander, let’s go to the competition, OK!” In a Charmander family, a little boy pestered Charmander.

“Don’t bother Charmander. This kind of fight and kill is not suitable for our family.” The boy’s parents objected.

The genetic battles since ancient times have more or less bloody colors.

No one wants to let their family members hurt and bleed.

“No! This is my mission, because I am…” The little boy helped his glasses, his knees were slightly bent, his slanting bangs dropped, his voice became low, “Pokemon Trainer!”

His eyes flashed with determination, and his light brown hair dazzled in the sunlight.


Charmander’s eyes flashed with the rays of light, and he stretched out his little paw firmly and firmly.


Let’s fight.


There was a shallow white mark on the trees around.

This is a symbol of a warrior!

Pokemon contest, here I am.


“Maybe! This is an opportunity.” In Jin Keke’s home, Jin Keke took a deep breath, her smiling face was brilliant, “This is to tell the world, I am also a Pokemon Trainer!”

“Go! Huahua!”

A Poké Ball smashed into the garden through a beautiful arc, and an orange red Charmander appeared sleepily in the grass.

Huahua looked dumbfounded, she rubbed her eyes lightly and slapped Yawn, feeling the wetness and coldness under her ass, she shivered suddenly.


She made a puzzled sound.

“So… you want to take Huahua to the competition?” Jin Keke’s mother stood aside with a smile, a little taking pleasure in other people’s misfortune.

“How about it?” Jin Keke burst into tears suddenly.

Bulbasaur hasn’t hatched yet, if the little villain…

Jin Keke looked towards the little bad guy.

To be reasonable, the battle strength of the little villain is absolutely amazing. If you take the little villain to the competition…

Jin Keke eyes shined.

“Tweet (don’t think about it, I’m going with mother)!” The little villain hurriedly hugged Jin Keke’s mother’s calf.

“My little villain and I will go to the competition.” Jin Keke mother said with a confident smile.

“Ah? Mom, how old are you going to join in the fun?” Jin Keke suddenly collapsed.

“Hmph! Why can’t my mother compete anymore.” Jin Keke mother was coldly snorted, and she immediately took the little villain back to Poké Ball.

The little villain is very attached to Jin Keke mother, so he is very well-behaved and does not resist.

Then Jin Keke mother held the Poké Ball in a mature and intellectual posture and threw it out.

“Go, little villain.”


The Poké Ball cracked open, and the little villain jumped out suddenly, Zhang Yawu scratched her teeth, showing a fierce expression.

There is a huge contrast with the cute and silly Huahua before.

“…” Jin Keke looked at the little villain, then at Huahua…

In the Pokemon Contest, you must not encounter a small villain, or you will be beaten up.


Little Lu’s home

Smeargle looked at the news solemnly.

Whether the masked riding dog can rise up depends on a week later…

As long as you can get Battle Armor…

You can get the hearts of 10000 1000 children.

Do not……


Inappropriate wording!

After all, he is the former child king.

The absolute leader, the strongest dog riding.

“We are going to participate in the Pokemon contest, I have already signed up.” Little Lu came to Pokemon and shouted.


Charmeleon 100 lifts the head boredly.

“As for the amateur game, we abstained.” Little Lu said.

The previous amateur competitions overlapped with the Pokemon competition. Little Lu chose the Pokemon competition without hesitation.


Little Lu looked towards Charmeleon.

Charmeleon should be the king in the Pokemon contest.

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