Pokemon Creation Chapter 253

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Duo Lu (Gust)

In the cold wind, Smeargle stood expressionless.

He slowly closed his eyes.

Duo Lu (the storm is coming).

Following his words, he slowly extended his right hand and held it above his head.


Smeargle right hand slammed down, bringing out waves of howling.

Then his hands woven various complex gestures.

His voice gradually became serious.

“Duolu (hen…shin…)”

zi zi 呲.

Smeargle used his mouth to simulate the special effects of Battle Armor’s upper body, and then his eyes opened and his eyes sparkled.

Transform is over!

Duo Lu!

After the YY was over, Smeargle smashed his mouth unconsciously.

This Transform method seems good.

When the time comes, Mega must be handsome.

Smeargle sat down satisfied.

“Duolu (remember, I am a passing masked riding dog).”


Charmeleon stood under the tree and stared blankly at Smeargle, who was caught in a self-portrait, his mouth twitched slightly.

What an unreliable partner.

Charmeleon thought so, and started gearing up.

It’s time to give partners a little encouragement of love.

Five minutes later, Smeargle flew towards the sky in a high-throwing posture, tears from the corners of his eyes flicking in the air, his figure resembling a miserable feather on the verge of collapse in the wind.

Duo Lu! ! ! (This time, I really passed by again).


“Tweet (The target has stayed in the laboratory from last night to today. It hasn’t been out for a long time. I suspect that Battle Armor is already in preparation, over).”

“Tweet (revisit and report).”

“Meow, the target has been writing code in the laboratory today. A total of 4 visits to the bathroom, one big and one small, took a total of 35 minutes and 21 seconds. It took a long time and is suspected of constipation… No abnormality has been found so far, over) .”

“Tweet (Don’t underestimate him, he is the most cunning human in the world. I suspect that he is conducting research on Battle Armor in the toilet. The toilet may have secretly thought.over).”

“Meow, then I will go to Kangkang quietly, over.”

The above is the conversation between Meowth, Nini and Snivy spy.

They didn’t know where they got a few walkie-talkies and took them with them.

Afterwards, Meowth sneaked into the laboratory toilet.


His little hand tapped gently on the wall.

According to the TV series, these walls may have hidden doors.

Meowth knocked on the wall anxiously, his ears erected listening to Li Qiuran’s movement.

“Damn it, why haven’t I found it!” Meowth only felt sweat dripping from his forehead and his heart beating fast.

“Damn it, time is running out.” Meowth murmured, but all the walls he knocked on made a dull sound.

This means…

not at all The secret door, or rather, has not been found yet.

At this moment, there was also movement in the laboratory.

Li Qiuran, who has coded genes for a long time, rubbed his sore eyes, stretched out a big waist, and hit Yawn again.

“I’m so tired, why does my stomach hurt again? Did you eat something bad?” Li Qiuran rubbed his stomach and slowly moved towards the toilet.

“It’s awful!” Meowth in the toilet glared.

The toilet is in the laboratory, and the small corridor through to the toilet is very narrow, and now you will be found out of the toilet.

“Oops! It’s over.” Meowth looked desperate, then he took out the walkie-talkie, his face was determined to die.

After a moment of silence, he said: “Codenamed TC87110, the target is about to find me, everything is over…” After 5 seconds of silence, he forcefully said the last words, “over.”

In the Snivy group, Nini put down the walkie-talkie stupidly, and two lines of clear tears crossed his face, “Tweet (2…fallen).”

“Tweet (in the fight against evil, countless heroes have sacrificed their lives, but this will not make us afraid, on the contrary! This strengthens the determination to follow through, and we will definitely organize the birth of evil).” Nini With that said, the Snivy around her looked firm.


“Ah~~comfortable~~” In the toilet, with a loud gu lu sound, Li Qiuran emptied all the sundries from his body.

He sat on the toilet with a relaxed and happy expression.

After excretion, what came immediately was a stock of Stench.

Li Qiuran relaxedly took out his phone and started playing.

“Today’s news~~Red & White Corporation is preparing to hold the Pokemon contest, which is predicted to have a huge impact and conflicts in the future China Genetic Organism contest. Alas, this title is interesting.” Li Qiuran came to be interested and clicked.

The news is very interesting. Unconsciously Li Qiuran was fascinated.

This is a pain for Meowth who is hiding behind the toilet.

The toilet itself is not big, it can only hide his body, and now he can see Li Qiuran and White Huahua’s legs as long as he pops his head out.

Smelling Stench at the tip of his nose, Meowth was distraught and even desperate.

It smells so bad!

It smells worse than meow’s shit! !

What Meowth didn’t know was that every time the breeder was shoveling shit, he would wear a mask and hold his breath.


After another loud toilet flushing sound, Li Qiuran finally left the toilet.

After the door closed, Meowth impatient walked out from behind the toilet.

“I actually survived.” Meowth said incredulously.

Then he recalled everything in the toilet.

“Is there no secret door? Could it be…” Meowth thought of Li Qiuran sitting on the toilet and looking at his phone…

He suddenly realized, “The problem is that phone! Connect with the person who specializes in making Battle Armor through the phone? The male god is just a brain, and making Battle Armor must be ordered to the next person!” Meowth felt that he had found the key to everything. point.

“This is the code name TC87110, I have solved all the mysteries, over.”


In the ranch, the Pokemon also learned about the upcoming Pokemon contest.

It’s just that the protagonist of this Pokemon contest is not them.

Ga (my Charmander please fight)!

A Charmander raised his small paw, his smiley face was filled with disapproval, “Gah (the amateur Pokemon will definitely not be me, the opponent of the professional flame magister)”

“Squirt (Me, blue devil please fight)!”

“Hey (I’m safflower flame please fight).” All kinds of Pokemon are somewhat be eager to have a try.

“The winner of this Pokemon contest will come to the ranch, and you can choose him and follow him.” Zhang Meng said while standing in front of Pokemon.


The Pokemon immediately discussed spiritedly.

Go with him?

Does he take care of the food?

Why should I give up such a great life now?

“Tweet (Is it possible to become a professional player by following him)!” a Snivy shrieked.

Pros! ! !

What a desirable wording.

At this time, the Pokemon couldn’t stand it anymore, they started to riot.

Especially the ethnic group of Tyrogue.

Tyrogue mostly fights in Covet, for them, becoming Trainer’s partner is definitely the best choice.

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