Pokemon Creation Chapter 254

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“Tweet (all this is your guess, TC87110).” In the Snivy group, Nini shook the head after listening to Meowth’s words.

“Tweet (perhaps, the right way from the toilet to Battle Armor).” Nini was frustrated.

“Meow, what are you talking about, code-named BB91311, we have worked hard for so long, but now you have to deny everything you did before?” Meowth’s voice suddenly became a little rushed.

“Are you going to overthrow all our efforts?” His voice gradually became sharp, and his little face was full of indignation.

“It’s almost! I’m close to the center of the storm, Battle Armor is at your fingertips!” Meowth hate iron for not becoming steel said.

“Tweet (just, we can’t lose you)!” Nini was a little embarrassed. “Tweet (your mission is too risky).”

“Trust me, I can.” Meowth looked firm, “I will definitely return the world to the world!”

“Tweet, Dana (we help you)!” Xiaofen and Xiaomu jumped out, their faces moved.

They were overwhelmed by Meowth’s spirit.

“Okay! With your help.” Meowth looked at Xiaofen and Xiaomu, with confidence in his heart, “We can definitely expose all conspiracies! Save this World!”

“We are… the red, yellow and green rescue team!”


In the Ponyta group, the speed will participate in a semi-professional competition in the afternoon. This is his first time on the field of a professional game, so he is very nervous.


He kicked the hard grass with extreme speed and snorted.

I don’t know what kind of opponent there will be in the professional game, and whether I can beat the opponent.

After all, I’ve only started training for a month, but it’s normal…


Don’t think so!

A’Zheng has said that he is the best, how can he be timid before fighting?

“Being nervous, just run like an ordinary race.” A’Zheng and Jisu get along with each other day and night, naturally seeing the tension of Jisu, and immediately stroked the fluff on Jisu’s neck with his hands, softly comforted.


Fast nodded, after running around the pasture, he snorted again.

“It seems that this race should be no problem.” A’Zheng slightly nodded, from the extreme speed test run, we can see that the extreme speed state is still good.

“We are ready to step into the professional arena.” A trainer next to A’Zheng nodded with satisfaction.

He is a good friend of A’Zheng, and was hired by A’Zheng to be a fast physical examiner.

In order to participate in professional competitions, everything in Speed ​​must be strictly controlled, even the type of grass, time and so on.

Hey (I want to drink 82 years of mountain spring water).

He slapped his nose quickly and let out a long roar, “Hey (preferably another 99-year-old French hay)!”

But speed must restrain yourself and be a Pokemon with self-control.


in the afternoon.

S City Stadium is already vastly crowded, which is rarely seen in the promotion game.

This is an extremely fast promotion match.

Pokemons have received widespread attention in China, and Pokemon, as the first Pokemon to participate in the Pokemon, will naturally be loved.

An old veteran player of the Speed ​​Race walked through the crowd, holding a wrinkled seat bar in his hand, struggling to find his seat.

He came to the game alone.

For him, this is a very important day. His favorite player, Jisu, will participate in one of the most important competitions in Jingsheng.

“120F. Where is 120?” He read the note, checking the seat carefully.

It is now 30 minutes before the start of the game, and there is a long line at the stadium gate.

The noisy crowd chatted wantonly, or played with mobile phones.

The stadium was almost full of people.

Everyone is waiting.

For this day, the man deliberately wore a suit.

just now……

He regretted the decision he made.

Because it’s too hot…

In the stadium, the heat exhaled by people brought this area to a temperature of over 20, which formed a sharp contrast with the coolness outside.

It didn’t take long before the man was already brow beaded with sweat.

Finally, after suffering untold hardships, he found his seat, and he relaxed and sat down.

At this point, the players should already be warming up.

The man played with the ticket in his hand repeatedly with some anxiety.

The ticket has been rubbed by him so that it is full of wrinkles.

“Brother, are you here to watch extreme speed?” a middle-aged man next to him smiled when he saw the man’s movements and asked.

“Eh? Yes! I’m a loyal fan of Speed.” The man was taken aback for a moment, and then he started talking with the middle-aged man.

“It’s hard for us in China to come up with a potential player. I hope he can keep going.” middle-aged man sighed said.

He is a person who has experienced China’s dark period. He naturally knew that China’s Genetic Organism suffered from Waterloo’s frustration in various international competitions during that period. He didn’t want to experience this feeling anymore.

“He must be able to go international at the speed.” The man looked confident. He was a bit introverted, but he was different when it came to the speed game.

“He is now able to sweep the amateur or even semi-professional competitions before he is an adult. His upper limit is very high, and besides, he can evolve!” the man uttered Danger Land.

He even took out his mobile phone to show the middle-aged man the speed video he took.

At this moment, the audience suddenly boiled.

The players are in!

The man immediately put away his mobile phone and quickly moved towards the field to look at.

“The first player to play is the hot horse of Red Core Gene Entertainment! This is a Fire Element creature. His flames bring him infinite strength and energy. His amateur record is 6 times first and 2nd second. 2st 1rd. His specialty is the prolonged game, and the short-term burst is slightly inadequate compared to other Genetic Organisms.”

Tone barely fell, a red horse came out of the contestant’s passage, he held his head proudly, his eyes full of arrogance.

“Che, it’s just a red horse, so proud?” Ponyta’s loyal fans coldly snorted disdainfully.

The players are still playing, and there are a total of ten contestants in this competition.

Ponyta will appear at the end.

After introducing the 9 players, the men were a little drowsy.

“Then the tenth player is also the last player.” The commentator’s voice became excited.

The scene also gave a huge response.

Many people stood up and whistled.

A trifling promotion match can’t attract so many people. For Normal, the stadium is good enough to sit in half.

So it is obvious that most people are here for speed.

“The tenth place, he is the representative of Red & White Corporation, Ponyta. After 10 amateur matches, without a single defeat, he is far ahead of the opponent every time! He is the winning general of your in mind, speed!” The commentator flushed, loudly shouted.


With a long whistling sound, he ran out of the passage at high speed, with A’Zheng sitting on his back.

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