Pokemon Creation Chapter 255

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“Come! He is here! Our hope.” The man was silent in rare moments, his eyes moist.

Speed ​​is all his sustenance.

Please, please win!

In the eyes of the audience, Speed ​​is like a blazing flame, and A’Zheng sitting on Speed ​​is like a Knight in flames.

“Is he really not hot?” Although they know that the approved person will not feel the temperature, many people still mutter to themselves with some worry.

“Sitting in the flames, I really want to feel it.” Many viewers have envy in their eyes.

However, the breeding conditions of Ponyta are too harsh, and the Normal family simply cannot afford it.


Quickly arrived in the queue of players, A’Zheng rolled over and got off his horse, finishing his downsuit.

“The game is about to start! You just need to play steadily.” A’Zheng also looked a little nervous, but he didn’t say it at all to add pressure to Speed.

“Speed ​​seems to be in good shape” the man in the audience was nodded, “It seems that there is no big problem with promotion.”

“Then choose the club well next.” The man smiled.

There are many clubs in this world.

When you become a professional player, you must choose a suitable club to represent the club in domestic and international competitions.

These are not far away for Extreme Speed. As long as this game enters the top 3, he can join the club and start his career.

The first 3, with no difficulty.

“Place your bets and hands off the table! Choose Ponyta first and make no loss!” Before the game started, the dedicated betting staff began to be active on the platform.

“I press Ponyta!” Countless viewers chose Ponyta without any hesitation.

“I press Ponyta!” The man immediately stood up and handed it forward without hesitation.

Give money for nothing, do not press for nothing.

The game officially started.

With a whistle, the players swarmed out.

Just the beginning, the gap appeared.

“The speed is like a normal group of flames running at the forefront, he is ahead of the second place! This speed is incredible! It is indeed the speed of the winning general!”

“The second place is the giant rabbit of Jixiang Company. The giant rabbit is famous for short-range bursts, but in front of Ponyta, his short-range acceleration is not enough!”

The game has just started, and the extreme speed is vividly and thoroughly displayed.

“It seems that I have experienced very rigorous training during this period of time.” The commentator said at this time, “According to the computer’s response, the speed of the game has increased by 10% compared to the previous game.”

Later the commentary also gave his own concerns, “But this time the event is a long-distance running, I hope the speed can manage my physical strength.”

Another commentator also took over: “This is a problem that most players will encounter in the promotion game. Too nervous or too excited will cause them to forget to manage their physical strength, and finally cause the phenomenon of subsequent weakness.”

Although A’Zheng is a Legendary Trainer, he is rarely nervous.

Although things seem to be pretty good now, he clenched his fists.

Involuntarily produced tension in my heart.

“Come on! Extreme speed.” A’Zheng in the heart said silently.

He understands speed, and naturally knows that the current speed is still managing his physical strength.

Sure enough, after a few minutes of running at the top speed, the top speed did not at all drop by how much.

This also proves…

“This is definitely not extreme speed. Now he manages his physical strength perfectly.” The commentator shouted in shock.

From the first round competition that I participated in to the current promotion competition, the rapid progress is obvious.

He is getting stronger crazily, so that this evolution shocked everyone.

“This is already the speed and physical strength of a quasi-professional game.” The commentator nodded in admiration.


With a long whistle at extreme speed, he found himself looking at these players high.

With his self-confidence skyrocketing, he became a little excited.

He found……

I am super strong!


In everyone’s eyes, what was originally like a blazing flame suddenly soared all over the body to form a huge Fireball.

Accumulated flame attack!

The extreme speed has almost doubled and crossed the finish line almost instantly.


The grass running at extreme speed left a long black trail, and the air was filled with heat.

Many of the Genetic Organisms in the back were even timid, and they shivered around the road.

On the other hand, he was only panting slightly after using Ability.

In terms of Performance alone, he is already a professional player.

“Congratulations to Jisu for winning with an absolute advantage. From today, he is a professional player.” With the exciting announcement, Jisu raised his head proudly.

A’Zheng cried with joy.

Several decades ago, he also stood on the same arena, but that partner has…

“Congratulations, speed.” A’Zheng muttered to himself in a low voice.

In the pasture

Pokemon each and everyone watched with admiration the speed of walking with graceful steps.

“Tweet (I’m a pro player, really good).” A Snivy said enviously.

“Squirt (I heard that professional players have a lot of benefits).” A Squirtle said, sucking his finger.

In the ranch, Jisu is the first professional player.

“Balu (we have to train hard and participate in professional competitions).” The Tyrogues were immediately full of energy.

Li Qiuran in the laboratory also learned the good news of becoming a professional player, he decided immediately!

Cook yourself tonight!

He looked at the genetic code in the computer, and then took a long breath.

“Cough cough, what are you doing? Do you miss me?” Meowth’s little head poked out from under the table, and asked milkily.

Although they were asking, Meowth’s little eyes kept peeking at Li Qiuran’s computer.

Entrance goals are densely packed complex genetic codes, and Meowth’s eyes immediately turned into small circles.

It is really difficult to lurch.

It is impossible to complete the task without extraordinary knowledge.

“I’m ready to go out.” Li Qiuran turned off the computer in Meowth’s disappointed eyes and hit Yawn.

“Don’t continue working, meow?” Meowth asked in a low voice, his little paw involuntarily scratching the table.

“Not working. Tired.” Li Qiuran reached out and grabbed Meowth and walked outside the laboratory.

“I will make you a cat meal today.” Li Qiuran’s laughter echoed in the laboratory.

“Tweet (it’s been 3 days, we haven’t made any progress).” Nini frowned and said in a low voice.

“Tweet (I suspect that TC87110 is not up to his job).”

Nini looked at his confidants, Xiaomu and Xiaofen, and made a decision in his heart.

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