Pokemon Creation Chapter 256

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“Tweet (TC87110, we decided to let you return after discussion, the mission is too dangerous).” In the ranch, Nini found Meowth.

“Why, meow? I can!” Meowth looked indignant.

Obviously, he was a little bit close to the truth, really just a little bit close.

But when he saw Nini’s unbelieving gaze, Meowth understood, “You don’t believe me.” Meowth’s eyes gradually became desperate, “You think I’m betrayed.”

Nini was silent, undercover, and faced all kinds of Captivate while in danger.

You must know that the lurking place is Li Qiuran’s laboratory.

Li Qiuran, the founder of the so-called Pokemon, definitely has a lot of chips to attract Pokemon.

No Pokemon can resist Captivate.

Even Nini himself is not confident.

heaven knows Li Qiuran has prepared many things Captivate Pokemon…


Little Lu’s house at this moment.

Smeargle is standing opposite Charmeleon, which is a daily duel exercise.

“Henshin.” With the tone barely fell, a red flame suddenly ignited on Smeargle’s arm.

“Duolu (flame riding dog bombards the sky)!”


Smeargle moved towards Charmeleon


With a loud noise, Smeargle flew backward like a cannonball.

“Duolu (damn, still not good).” Smeargle fell into the pit, covered in dust, and shook his sore arm, his eyes full of unwillingness.

“Duolu (no Battle Armor, it’s still a bit short).” Smeargle knew in his heart that he was definitely not Charmeleon’s opponent.

And not far from the Pokemon contest.


Inside the Laboratory.

Butterfree stayed on Blue’s shoulder, muttering something in his mouth.

Blue is watching TV, and news about the Pokemon Contest is being broadcast on the TV.

“Pokemon Contest, has Xianza sold that many Pokemon?” Blue said vaguely with a cookie in his mouth.

She has always focused on researching things, so naturally she doesn’t have that many free time to learn about others.

Even this TV was watched by Butterfree.


Butterfree flew around Blue, her little eyes beckoning.

“En?” Blue frowned, she was guessing Blue’s thoughts, “Are you hungry?”


Butterfree shook the head, he looked towards the TV anxiously.

The heart of Sima Zhao is well known.

Blue’s colleagues looked at Blue, who knew nothing about it, and they all smiled at the disabled to bear.

Blue’s response to aspects other than research was really dull.

“I think he wants to participate in the Pokemon contest.” The colleague stood aside and said with a smile.

Dick dick!

Butterfree hurriedly nodded, and the look towards that colleague was also full of admiration.

This is what he meant.

“Pokemon contest? Do you want me to be your Trainer?” Blue suddenly realized, looking at the crazy nodded Butterfree, Blue suddenly hesitated, “I have no experience at all. I will hold you back.”


Butterfree rubbed Blue with his body and explained his answer with behavior.

“Ai, I also stay with Little Brat every day, why don’t you stay close to me?” a male researcher sighed said.

“You can get it. A straight man who has been studying all day does not deserve to have Pokemon.” His colleague immediately played said with a smile.


Butterfree proudly used Confusion to move Blue’s cup.

“You Little Brat, don’t break my quilt.” Blue sullenly put away the cup.

Then she looked towards Butterfree curiously, “You have evolved twice. You should be better than Normal Pokemon, right?”

Blue looked at Butterfree.

The wings looked very thin, and the small body seemed not at all lethal.

There is no such thing as Charmander Pokemon that has the deterrent power in appearance.

Other Pokemon have sharp little claws.

But Butterfree…

There are big cute eyes.

“Can we get a good place in the Pokemon contest?” Blue couldn’t help but think.

“I’m asking for leave.” At this time, the laboratory director walked away and said to Blue, “You take this Little Brat to the competition.”

The director looked happy Butterfree couldn’t help thinking of the Butterfree data tested a few days ago.

According to the data, it can be seen that Butterfree’s battle strength is very Pokemon.

In addition to Psychic Type Ability, he also comprehended Flying Type Storm and Bug Bite.

The formidable power is good.

“This Pokemon contest can help us collect more data.” The director thought.

He has a hunch that Butterfree’s battle strength is definitely not low, and may even be stronger than Charmeleon.

He is not as fragile as he looks.


Little Jiu’s house.

Little Jiu and Dawu have signed up for the Pokemon contest.

Da Wu stood at home solemnly, and the TV in front of him played the video of the previous exchange game.

Baru (the enemy’s strength is definitely not lower than them).

Dawu is a cautious Pokemon. He likes to exaggerate the enemy’s abilities first, so that he has to work hard by 150%.

“Balu (that Charmeleon will compete).” Da Wu thought of Charmeleon from Little Lu’s house.

Charmeleon destructive power is amazing, and now he is not his opponent.

But… the game is coming soon.

“Masked dogs will also participate this time.” Little Jiu said aside, “Our opponents are very strong.”

There are already favorites to win the Pokemon Contest on the Internet.

The first is Charmeleon.

The second is the masked riding dog, Smeargle.

It can be said that Little Lu’s 2 Pokemon directly occupy the top 2 places.

Whether it is popularity or strength, it is not comparable to Normal Pokemon.

Barru (I need to evolve).

Dawu thought firmly.

He began to think of his own specialties.


He is good at attacking with his fists.

If you want to evolve…

He hopes he can have a stronger fist.

Not only that……

According to what the concern said, a good defensive power is needed.

In his view, both offense and defense are the necessary conditions for combat.


In the pasture. At this time the Pokemon were nervously surrounding a Tyrogue.

He is Paige of Covet Dance.

In order to have slender legs, Paige has been training himself hard.

Today, red light suddenly appeared on his body.

This is an evolution of rays of light!

All Pokemon were a little shocked.

No one expected Tyrogue who was born late to evolve.


This Paige doesn’t like fighting, he likes dancing.

Huh (is this an innate talent)?

A Tyrogue thought frustrated.

He spends most of his day training.

All he wants is to become stronger.

But I didn’t evolve after working hard like this.

“Balu (the direction).” Paige said suddenly in the red light.

“Balu (only after confirming the direction can I complete it, my own evolution).” Tone barely fell, Paige’s figure began to change, his height was constantly rising, and his legs became slender.

“Barru (My Covet has slender legs that can provoke an elegant dance)…”

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