Pokemon Creation Chapter 257

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In the pasture the next day.

There are several more posters in Tyrogue’s territory, all of which are written with various encouraging and careful words.

“Do you ever feel lost every day and fear the future? Face the unknown, find your way, and overcome fear.”

“A powerful Tyrogue comes from his heart.”

“How to find your own direction?” There are several Pokemon photos posted below this poster.

They are Hitmonchan, Hitmonlee and Hitmontop.

“A powerful fist, a symbol of both offense and defense, Hitmonchan.”

“Long and advantageous legs, the ultimate attack is unstoppable, Hitmonlee.”

“The sharp corners on the top of the head are so sharp, and the legs rotate so powerfully, Hitmontop.”

“Choose your own direction and become the pride of the race.”

In the center of these posters is Paige’s photo.

In the picture, Paige waved his slender right leg in a kicking motion.

In another picture, Paige opened his eyes and closed dancing lightly and gracefully.

“I am Paige, I evolved into Hitmonlee for dancing, and I bring salt for myself.”

Gather the power of your whole body on your toes, free your arms, and exert slight pressure on your waist and abdomen.

Spin, spin, spin again.

Paige has one foot independent, poses with both hands, and starts spinning in a ballet pose.

There were many Pokemon around him clapping and applauding.

I am a great dancer.

Paige thought proudly.

He slowly closed his eyes, and his feet began to tap softly on the platform just finished!


With the crisp sound, Paige’s face began to show a hint of happiness, and he gradually accelerated.

Bang bang bang.

After violently beating his feet and the platform, there was a crisp and sweet rhythm.

That’s it!

I can do it.

Paige moved more excitedly.


Pleasant beating sounds one after another.

The surrounding Pokemon applauded.

Spin, jump, I don’t stop.

In the depths of love, Paige stopped tap dancing and began to dance popular popular dances.

He released his heart on his platform.

Pokemon can also see as if drunk and stupefied.

Admire, this emotion pervades every Pokemon’s heart.

This is the first dancer on the ranch.

But it is definitely not the last one!

Hey (I want to dance too).

A Ponyta mustered up the courage loudly shouted.

Squirt (and me)!

A Squirtle struggled to get up from the water, shook the drops of water on the shell, and then spoke.

More and more Pokemon have come forward, and they all hope to become a great dancer.

“I announce that you will be the first dance teacher on the ranch in the future.” Li Qiuran pinned the gold-studded Badge to Paige’s chest with a serious face.

A Poké Ball is printed on this golden Badge, and the Poké Ball is surrounded by flying dragons.


All Pokemon lowered their heads silently, showing respect.

“Balu (I will definitely teach my dance).” Paige took a deep breath, shouting as if he had exhausted all his strength.


Little Lu’s home.

Little Lu and the two Pokemon came to the room as usual to take care of the Pokemon eggs.

The green Pokemon egg flashed with faint rays of light under the light.

Little Lu put her little hand on the Pokemon egg, and then she said in surprise: “I seem to be able to feel the life in the Pokemon egg!”



2 Pokemon hurried forward.

In a panic, Huahua tripped with her left foot and fell with her right foot, but she immediately got up without fear of pain, and eagerly ran towards the Pokemon egg.


The Pokemon egg trembled suddenly while watching.

“Is this… hatching?” Jin Keke exclaimed, and she hurriedly covered her mouth, for fear that the small life in the Pokemon egg would be disturbed by her loud exclamation.

I will witness the birth of a Pokemon.

Jin Keke’s breathing was a little short, and she looked towards the Pokemon egg that was starting to shake on the table.

She came to remember the excitement of meeting Huahua and the little villain.

Now this excitement is even stronger.

“Will he treat me as his mother?” Jin Keke thought.

The 2 Pokemon were also inexplicably excited.

This Pokemon egg will hatch their little brother Little Sister.

Huahua is especially excited…

Although she is a little older than the little villain, she is more like a dumb Little Sister at home.

Little bad guys gave her advice on everything big and small.

This will make you appear…

Very opinionated?

With the younger brother, you can help the younger brother to make decisions!

Huahua seemed to be inflating Normal on myself, clenching his fists to his chest.

Ga (I can do it).

Huahua fell into a self-made sitcom.

Under his wise leadership, little brother will thrive! Be your own…


How do you describe it?

Spare tire?

Huahua looking thoughtful and nodded.

It can be seen from the mobile phone data of his owner Jin Keke.

It’s good and good to yourself, all the little friends who are centered on themselves are called spare tires!

Ga (I’m looking for a lot of spare tires)!

Huahua made this decision immediately.


At this time, the Pokemon egg broke through a small mouth in the violent shaking.

The broken eggshells fell on the tabletop with a crisp sound.

Jin Keke’s heart also jumped.


A pure green head poked out.

Da Na?

The newly hatched Bulbasaur hadn’t opened his eyes completely yet, he looked at the surroundings with a confused expression.

“Wow! So cute!” Jin Keke covered her face and whispered. She cautiously moved her face up for Bulbasaur to see clearly.

“I’m your mother.” Jin Keke whispered, eyes full of expectation.

Da Na!

Bulbasaur looked at Jin Keke with dependence in his eyes. He narrowed his eyes and smiled softly.

“Is this the Pokemon that just hatched?” Jin Keke gently picked up Bulbasaur, which was still stained with a little mucus, and shook it gently.

Under the shaking, Bulbasaur’s eyelids rolled heavily, a little sleepy.

Jin Keke then checked the manual and took care of the new Pokemon.

The little villain and Huahua stood side by side obediently, they looked at this little…

Is he a man or a woman?

2 Pokemon is a little confused.

Jin Keke also has this doubt.

It’s just that she doesn’t know how to distinguish the gender of Pokemon.

I can’t see if they have any small chicks.

This is not a lady.

After finally coaxing Bulbasaur to sleep, Jin Keke took a long breath.

Only then did she notice Bulbasaur.

“Huh? This color seems to be different from the picture?”

Jin Keke hurriedly took out his phone to find Bulbasaur’s photo.

The Bulbasaur in the photo is in Gary’s color.

But what Jin Keke is holding is pure green.

Although the colors are quite similar, there is still a big difference when you look closely.

“Could it be because of just being born?” Jin Keke speculated.

She was a little nervous and afraid in her heart.

It’s not the different colors caused by malnutrition.

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