Pokemon Creation Chapter 258

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Countless guesses flashed through Jin Keke’s heart.

The originally happy heart also fell to the bottom in an instant.

From the first sight of Bulbasaur, she has been deeply in love with this cute Pokemon.

Now when she thinks that Bulbasaur may have a physical problem, her heart is very restless.

“Take it easy, it’s just my wild guess that’s all.” Jin Keke comforted himself.

After setting up Bulbasaur, she took 2 Pokemons and called her parents.

Jin Keke’s father is working, and his mother is shopping outside.

After receiving Jin Keke’s call, Jin Keke’s mother hurried home without stopping.

“Let me see, I see.” Jin Keke mother hurriedly moved towards the room before she even had time to take off her shoes.

“Now he is asleep. Just after hatching, I fed a little food and followed the manual strictly. He didn’t seem to have any signs of fever. I think he is quite energetic, unlike his poor health!” Jin Keke followed mother and kept talking.

Jin Keke has lost one’s head out of fear after seeing the pure green Bulbasaur just now. Now seeing the mother is like finding the backbone, and his thoughts are clearer.

“I have repeatedly compared photos, and the colors are indeed different.” Jin Keke took out his phone and said.

“Well, don’t worry, I’ll take a look first. We also have the Red & White Corporation hotline.” Jin Keke mother is much more mature than Jin Keke, and she directs calmly.

Coming to the room, Jin Keke mother gently placed his hand on Bulbasaur’s small head.

“The temperature is normal.”

“But this color does…” Jin Keke mother compared the photos with some concern. “Let’s call Red & White Corporation and ask.”

In a moment, the call of Red & White Corporation was connected, and the receptionist was a very patient little elder sister.

It’s just that Jin Keke and their problems are too unimaginable.

The discolored Pokemon…

What is this all about?

“Sorry, I need to consult the next high-level, we will call you back later.” The reception little elder sister said.

As a result, the Jin Keke family can only wait anxiously.

The wait is long and painful.

Since the customer service needs to ask, it means that this situation is likely to be the first case.

Could there be a problem with the incubation process?

Jin Keke’s family is anxious, and there is even some self-blame inside.

If it is not your own problem, perhaps Bulbasaur will not have mutation.

On the other hand, the little elder sister from the customer service reported the matter for the first time and received great attention.

“This is an unprecedented incident. Could it be a genetic mutation?” Zhang Meng looked confused and surprised. She didn’t dare to neglect and found Li Qiuran directly.

“Shiny has appeared?” Li Qiuran was taken aback, muttered in his mouth.

Shiny Pokémon is also a huge feature in Pokemon world.

In the game, the probability of encountering Shiny Pokémon is close to 1/10000th, that is to say, Shiny Pokémon is one of ten thousand li.

Li Qiuran didn’t expect a lucky one showed up so soon.

“Shiny Pokémon?” Zhang Meng looked confused, and she found that she couldn’t keep up with Li Qiuran’s thinking.

“Yes, Pokemon eggs have a probability of hatching Shiny Pokémon. We can also call him a heterochromatic Pokemon. Shiny Pokémon has different colors.”

“And the probability of Shiny Pokémon is about 11/10000th.” Li Qiuran explained with a smile.

“1/10000th?!” Zhang Meng unable to bear covered his mouth and exclaimed, “Then their luck is also very good.”

Li Qiuran was nodded hard, “I thought that the first Shiny Pokémon would appear in a year. Didn’t expect that fast!”

Li Qiuran thought of Shiny Charmander.

Shiny is always a feeling in the eyes of many people.

When Charmander was hatched, Li Qiuran even had a slight expectation, hoping that Charmander was Shiny.

But until now, there is no Shiny in the Charmander group.

Instead, Bulbasaur has the first Shiny.

What an exciting thing this is.

I have to go and take a look!

This is the first Shiny Pokémon I created!

At Li Qiuran’s signal, the customer service called Jin Keke’s family and clarified the situation.

Jin Keke’s family immediately relaxed after receiving the call.

“It turned out to be Shiny Pokémon.” The stone in Jin Keke’s heart suddenly fell. She hurriedly returned to the room, holding her chin and looking at Bulbasaur, who was sleeping.

Thinking of Bulbasaur’s peculiarities, Jin Keke felt a little proud.

His own Bulbasaur is likely to be the only Shiny Pokémon in the next year.

Thinking of this, she looked towards Bulbasaur.

The more I look, the more I like it.


Soon after, the pure green Bulbasaur video of Jin Keke’s family also appeared online.

The location of this release is Weibo of Red & White Corporation.

This was recorded after Red & White Corporation obtained permission from Jin Keke’s family.

“Shiny Pokémon! Have different colors?” Many people were attracted by the content when they clicked on the video.

“Shiny Bulbasaur is pure green! But this color contrast… is it too small?” Many people complained.

The Gary color is not much different from the pure green Bulbasaur.

In this contrast, Shiny Charmander is more eye-catching.

Shiny Charmander is Yellow, which is completely different in color contrast from orange red.

But even so, the luck of Luck Emperor Jin Keke’s family is envied by countless people.

1/10000th probability, this can be equivalent to buying lottery tickets.

The Jin Keke family is also happy.

After Jin Keke father returned home, the group began to discuss Bulbasaur’s name.

“Tweet (I think it’s called Little Discoloration)!” The little villain raised his hand and spoke. She is confident that the name will be adopted.

“Gah (I think it can be called Lu Se)!” Huahua also raised his hands bravely. My name is duplicated, so of course the younger brother’s name must be duplicated.

“Wu! Or call it pure green!” Jin Keke thought for a moment, and took a pose that he thought was handsome.

“Pure green? Why does it sound so stupid?” Jin Keke mother shook her head hurriedly.

“Thinking that we were exhausting our brains when we named you.” Jin Keke mother sighed.

Recalling the past, she and Jin Keke father couldn’t help showing the look of memories.

Finally, the Jin Keke family decided to name Bulbasaur as Little June.

Symbolizes Bulbasaur’s pure personality.

It also means that they like Bulbasaur to grow up simply, carefree, and don’t need to worry about anything.


Little June is a male Bulbasaur.

As the youngest brother in the family, he is naturally loved by everyone.

Even the little villain will leave food for Little June.

As for Huahua…

It is useless for her to keep more food because Little June does not eat meat.

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