Pokemon Creation Chapter 259

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You can never imagine how wonderful a Luck Emperor world is.

When you are still worried about ssr, others have already drawn ur.

How sad this is.

Netizens silently watched the introduction of Shiny Pokémon from Red & White Corporation, and fell silent.

This may be the world of Luck Emperor…

Look at other people’s families.

Snivy, Bulbasaur, and a Charmander, Bulbasaur or Shiny.

Only the Water Type 3 series are all available.

“When I was still worrying about getting a Pokemon, people could almost make up a table of Mahjong.” A netizen said very uncomfortably.

“The world of Luck Emperor is so unreasonable.” Many netizens said sourly.

Pokemon from Red & White Corporation is notoriously difficult to book.

You can only choose a few 1000 out of a few 10000 or 100 reservations each time.

This is not something that money can change.

Therefore, a person who can qualify to purchase Pokemon can be regarded as a Luck Emperor.

In this contrast, the Jin Keke family can be called a peerless Luck Emperor.

On the other hand, Bulbasaur, who was just born, was very well taken care of, and now his position in the family has become the first.

To get the wind, it’s raining.

Jin Keke’s parents even raised Bulbasaur as their son.

“Little June, come to mother’s arms, mother will feed you fruit.” Jin Keke mother held Bulbasaur Little June in her arms and gently fed the apple to Little June.


Dana (delicious).

Little June’s eyes narrowed when he was eating. He liked the family very much.

I like it very much.

“Mom! Obviously I am Little June mother!” Jin Keke was unhappy, stomping said while playfully pouting.

Da Na?

Little June tilted his head and looked at Jin Keke, then plunged his head into Jin Keke’s mother’s arms. His behavior was full of attachment and trust.

Seeing this, Jin Keke’s face suddenly turned green.

This Smelly Brat, only a few days ago, has been completely kidnapped?

Jin Keke bit his teeth with anger.

She remembered her childhood which could not bear to look back again.

The puppies I brought home before were completely conquered by Jin Keke mother within a few days.

Jin Keke mother seems to have a closeness buff.

In contrast, Jin Keke is like the unloved aunt Normal.

Very miserable.

Jin Keke looked pitifully towards Huahua unable to bear sitting on the ground and looking at the apple drooling, tears streaming down his face.

It seems that only Huahua has always been to myself, never changed!

Huahua, you are still the best! wu wu wu!

Jin Keke pounced on Huahua and held him in his arms.

Huahua, let’s live by 2 of us from now on!


Huahua blinked, her eyes filled with confusion.

In a moment, she put her mouth full of saliva into Jin Keke’s hair and took a bite.

Ga (smelly)

Bah bah.

Huahua looked disgusted.

“I haven’t washed my hair for a week…” Jin Keke reluctantly took out a tissue and wiped his own hair.

Looking at the somewhat innocent Huahua, Jin Keke felt helpless.

Sure enough, the reason why Huahua was not abducted by her mother should be because she was too stupid…


In the pasture, many Pidgey and Spearow have been born in these few days.

The forest on the ranch was suddenly crowded.

The problem also arises.

The Flying Type bird Pokemon is Catterpie’s natural enemy.

Even if they don’t need to worry about food in the ranch, their hunting instincts can’t be suppressed.

Therefore, there has been a terrorist incident in the ranch where Catterpie was carried by Pidgey and Spearow.

This caused all Catterpie looked towards Pidgey and Spearow expressions to be full of fear.

Pokemon (the birds Pokemon are so scary, the worm dare not move).

A Catterpie was shiver coldly lying on the tree, he was the victim of the previous incident.

Although Pidgey didn’t want to eat him that time, just wanted to tease him, he was still scared.

“Meow! Don’t worry, I will protect you.” Meowth sat on the tree to comfort Catterpie. After being deprived of the lurking qualifications, he was mingled with Catterpie all day.


He is very unwilling.

“I can’t just end this, or the conspiracy can’t be stopped.” Meowth’s face was grave.


A’jian is an ordinary urban youngster. At the age of 19 this year, he has just entered an ordinary university.

His family is also ordinary, a family of 4, he has a young 4-year-old Little Sister.

Father is a factory worker, and mother works in a supermarket on the street.

He is a big fan of Pokemon, and he memorizes every Pokemon’s information.

Not only that, he also put these Pokemon posters on the walls of his room.

His dream is to become an outstanding Pokemon Trainer.

He also heard about the activities of this Pokemon contest.

He is looking forward to the Pokemon contest. He even fantasizes about taking Pokemon to the competition.


With his living conditions, he couldn’t afford a Pokemon at all.

Leaving aside Pokemon, a Poké Ball alone cannot afford his pocket money.

Therefore, he silently hid these in his heart.

As long as you can silently support Pokemon.

On this day, he is walking in the city. During this time, some families will take Pokemon for a walk in the street market.

S city can be regarded as the city with the most Pokemon families.

Every day, you can see a lot of Pokemon on the street or playing in the garden.

The number of customers at the Pokemon store in S city is also increasing.

Not only Pokemon families will patronize, but even ordinary families will patronize Pokemon stores.

In addition to local people, many foreign people come to S City for sightseeing.

Unfortunately, the ranch of Red & White Corporation does not accept any visitors, so they can only visit the Pokemon store.

A’jian came to the small corner of the garden as usual. Every day he would sit in a daze in this small corner exclusively for him, thinking about his thoughts.

This time, he brought a small bag of potato chips.

“The college career is so boring, or Pokemon is interesting.” He muttered to himself while eating potato chips.

“It would be great if I could also participate in the Pokemon contest.” He sighed.


Suddenly a small fruit fell from the tree on Ajian’s head.


A’jian clutched his head in pain, “It’s a fruit.”

A’jian rolled the eyes, murmured softly, “How can this tree have fruit? Am I too ignorant and inexperienced? Oh! I’m really too useless.”


Another fruit fell on Ajian’s head.

At this time, A’jian was a little angry, and immediately angrily said: “When will this tree drop its fruit?”


At this moment, a ridiculous voice sounded above his head.

“Who is it?” A’jian hurriedly lifts the head.


I saw a yellow bird jumping happily on the tree, with a mocking expression in his eyes.

“This! Could this be!!! Pidgey!” A’jian exclaimed.

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