Pokemon Creation Chapter 260

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The eyes of Pidgey on the tree turned crescent-like smiles, and he thought the human below was very funny.

“No way! Why is Pidgey here?” A’jian looked incredulous. He slapped himself hard and rubbed his eyes repeatedly.

“That’s right!” He muttered.

Pidgey on the tree was still jumping from side to side, and his throat made a short sound of Bibi, as if he was smiling Normal.

A’jian’s garden is next to the ranch, so you can sometimes see Fly’s Little Flame.

But this is the first time I have seen Pidgey.

Because Normal said Pidgey and Spearow were both strictly controlled when they were born soon.

Therefore, this Pidgey was probably sneaked out.

Suddenly, A’jian, who had figured out all this, hesitated to extend the hand, but he was afraid of disturbing Pidgey, so he said softly, “Hello, my name is A’jian.”


Pidgey stopped laughing and nodded in response.

“I…” A’jian choked. He hadn’t communicated with Pokemon before, and couldn’t find the starting topic for a while.

“Uh…Did you sneak out!” A’jian scratched his head and asked awkwardly.


Pidgey was immediately affected by Astonish and was about to flap his wings and fly away.

Too terrifying, the human in front of him wants to report him.

“Don’t be afraid, I won’t tell anyone!” A’jian looked at the situation and hurriedly asked to keep Pidgey.


Pidgey looked towards A’jian suspiciously. After seeing the latter’s sincere eyes, he nodded and stood back on the tree.

“I…you…me.” A’jian was a little incoherent.

“Have you eaten?” It took a long time for A’jian to hold back these words.


Pidgey tilted his head in confusion, he was not quite clear the purpose of this human being asked this question.

“Uh…” An awkward atmosphere filled the air. For a moment, A’jian raised the potato chips in his hand, “Are you going to eat?”


At this time, Pidgey became interested. He jumped to A’jian’s arm and picked up a potato chip in the latter’s surprised eyes.

God, I actually got in touch with Pokemon!

A’jian looked moved and excited.

He feels that his life has reached Peak.

In the next period of time, A’jian kept talking about his family and his troubles.

Pidgey stood on A’jian’s arm and listened faintly.

Not long after, A’jian’s cell phone rang.

It was his parents who wanted him to go home for dinner.

“I must go, Pidgey.” A’jian said disappointedly.


Pidgey waved his wings at him.

Then Pidgey also moved towards the pasture and flew away.

A’jian, who was on the way home, felt a little lost.

I just got in touch with a Pokemon just now, right?

This is not a dream.

Early on the 2nd day, A’jian rushed to the Pokemon store with his pocket money.

“I remember Pokemon likes Honey very much.” He thought excitedly during the run.

“Welcome to patronize.” At the Pokemon store, the waiter just finished speaking with a smile, and A’jian in front of him was gone.

“It’s really impatient. It seems that I just formed a family with Pokemon.” The waiter lightly said with a smile, covering his mouth.

This is not the first time this has happened, and those youngsters often have this reaction.

“I really envy them to raise Pokemon.” Another waiter said with a smile.


A’jian who left the Pokemon store immediately rushed to the garden yesterday.

“I hope he will go to that garden!” A’jian thought in his heart.

Pidgey sneaked out of the ranch, so…

A’jian knew in his mind that Pidgey’s probability of being in the garden was very low.

His hands tightened the bag, which contained various Pokemon snacks.

If Pidgey is not there, these snacks will be useless.

After arriving in the garden, that familiar little corner, A’jian stood under the tree, lifting the head trying to find Pidgey’s silhouette.



he is not here……

A’jian sighed, with strong disappointment in his eyes.

He seemed to have lost his soul, Normal, and slumped under the tree.

“Sure enough… I’m just an ordinary person.” He sighed.

He originally thought that his life of attempt nothing and accomplish nothing might turn around.

But now it seems…

I am still the ordinary me.

I don’t look good and I study Normal.

nothing special.

A’jian sat under the tree for a long time.

Until he was a little drowsy, a small fruit suddenly fell on top of A’jian’s head.

this is……

“Pidgey?” A’jian immediately lifted the head in surprise.

This is how he and Pidgey met yesterday.

I was very angry yesterday, but today I am looking forward to the pain from the top of my head.

Sure enough, Pidgey stood bouncing on the tree.

His Yellow wings flapped to bring the breeze.

There was still a slight mocking expression in his eyes.

Isn’t this the dumb human yesterday?

Pidgey thought so.

He slipped out of the ranch again today.

of course……

He will not admit that he actually wants to see this human being!


Pidgey looked at the plastic bag in A’jian’s hand, and he could vaguely see the Honey logo.

Honey can be regarded as the most popular snack in the ranch.

As a newborn Pokemon, these snacks will be strictly controlled.

As for he has rarely eaten Honey a few times.

He was greedy.


Pidgey flew down the tree and pecked the bag with his mouth.

A’jian understood in seconds, and hurriedly opened the bag, some hurriedly unpacking.

It’s a good start, and the favorability is going up.

A’jian was full of fighting spirit.

Maybe, maybe…

He can make Pidgey like himself!

Then moved Red & White Corporation! !

A’jian thought stupidly, this kind of daydreaming is not enough for a lifetime.


In the pasture.

“Recently, a Pidgey often ran out for several days.” Zhang Meng reports.

Pokemon’s movements in the ranch are actually under surveillance.

So Pidgey was noticed the first time he left the ranch.

It’s just that Li Qiuran thought that Pokemon should be given freedom, so there was no one to stop it.

Although Pidgey left the ranch, many people still made a special trip to protect it near the garden.

“I think Pidgey is going to be youngster kidnapped.” Zhang Meng said displeasedly, “We have everything on the ranch, and there is no shortage of Honey! It makes it as if we were abusing him.”

Li Qiuran suddenly said with a smile: “After all, that is not the Honey at home, and other people’s things are always the most delicious.”

Li Qiuran thought of eating snacks when he was young.

Other people’s snacks are the most delicious, because I can only eat one or two bites.

But when you buy the same snacks, you can enjoy them but they don’t taste good.

“If he is really abducted by that man…” Li Qiuran said after hesitating for a moment, “Just let him go.”

A’jian’s information was obtained from the system before Li Qiuran.

He believes that A’jian will treat Pidgey well.


Isn’t this kind of Pokemon encounter also one of the major features of Pokemon world?

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