Pokemon Creation Chapter 261

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“Hey, Pidgey! Do you have friends in the ranch?” A’jian suddenly asked as he looked at Pidgey who was enjoying snacks.


Pidgey nodded, he has many of the same kind in the ranch, as well as other Pokemon.

of course!

There is also a little friend who likes to tease, Catterpie.

A’jian was a little bit disappointed. He knew that the abduction of Pidgey he had previously thought about was wishful thinking.

Why do you like dreaming?

Pidgey has friends, eat and drink, why should he go with him?

Besides, even if Pidgey was abducted, he would not be able to raise Pidgey.

Parents don’t like animals, and all expenses must be borne by themselves.

There is not enough space in the home either.

Just every day, no, just chat together every week.


After eating Honey, Pidgey hiccuped and immediately fell out to become hostile.

Than (I’m leaving).

Before A’jian could answer, Pidgey flapped his wings at Fly Ranch.

Now this point is the snack time for the ranch, and he wants to hurry up.

After eating here, there is also the ranch.

“Ah? Just left?” A’jian stayed in a daze, his brain still not turning.

and so……

Pidgey ate mine, drank mine, and then throw it away?

Am I the legendary Top Rank tool person?

“Hahahaha, you are a good person, but I have a better one.” Li Qiuran, who was peeping through the system, suddenly laughed like a pig.

Pokemon in my ranch is not so easy to abduct, young man, a long way to go.

Li Qiuran didn’t want A’jian to give up like this in his heart, after all, A’jian was also a typical civilian.

If he really forms a bond with Pidgey, he can serve as a representative of the Red & White Corporation to promote civilian Trainer.

It just seems…

It is difficult to abduct Pidgey.

Food is more attractive to Pidgey.

In the pasture

Pidgey and Spearow were eating snacks side by side.


Pidgey’s little head touched the garlic Normal, and the food in the bowl almost instantly bottomed out.

“Jie (Why do you run out often these days! What’s fun outside).”

Spearow asked Pidgey curiously.

“Bo (There is nothing fun outside, the air is not as good here, and people are not as good as here).”

Pidgey said with a full burp.

“Jie (then you still go out often)?”

“Bi~~ (You don’t understand, although there is no fun outside, there are delicious ones).” Pidgey said mysteriously.

“Jie (delicious? Where is it)?” Spearow eyes immediately straightened.

“Bi (want to eat? I’ll take you next time).” Pidgey raised his head proudly, his eyes revealed a proud expression, “Bi (I have a tool man now).”

“Jie (tool man? Heavens! You actually have that kind of thing)!” Spearow looked shocked.

He found that he underestimated this little partner, and in just a few days, the little partner found a tool man.

“Bi (Tomorrow I will take you to pretend to take you to fly).” Pidgey screamed triumphantly.

Although he was still young, he knew exactly what the humans thought of him.

That human obviously has a bad idea about himself!

Although I still have a good impression of this person, but!

I am a reserved bird, pooh, Pokemon.


2nd day.

As usual, A’jian came to sit under the tree in the garden. He looked up and confirmed the top of the tree.

No Pidgey.

Pidgey hasn’t come yet, right?

A’jian comforted himself like this.

He didn’t know what he was.

Is this developing a Pokemon?


Maybe your own efforts will be rewarded.


A’jian thought of himself kneeling and weeping bitter tears at the gate of Red & White Corporation.

However, the staff held Pidgey with a cold face.

While crying, he moved further and further away from Pidgey.

It’s so sad.

He was unable to bear with a sad face.


At this moment, laughter suddenly came from the tree.

Pidgey is here.

As soon as he arrived, he saw A’jian, possessed by the actor, performing like a fool.

Too stupid.

This made him very sorry, after all, this time he brought Spearow over to introduce him to his tool man.


But this tool is too…

Cough cough.

Bi (this is my tool man No. 1).

Pidgey cleared his throat and introduced.

Jie (looks silly). Spearow proud and arrogant glanced at A’jian who was smirking, with a look of disdain.

I don’t want this kind of tool.

On one side, A’jian looked at the two Pokemon on the tree with a silly look.

How could he not recognize Spearow and Pidgey.

At this moment, his heart is full of happiness.

Unexpectedly, I can have close contact with 2 Pokemon in my lifetime.

That’s right, for him, this is considered intimate contact.

“Come here, I also brought a lot of delicious food today.” A’jian hurriedly greeted 2 Pokemon.

He unpacked the bag like offering a treasure.

This time there are canned food, Honey, and small Pokéblock.

Than~ (This is not bad! I have tried it, it is a bit sweet! This is too sour! No way).

Pidgey introduced these snacks to Spearow like a Senior.

Spearow’s small eyes remained on the snacks.

In the ranch, their snack choices are firmly controlled, when will they be able to access these rich snacks?

Than, cleaner.

2 Pokemon immediately plunged into the battle to eliminate snacks.

After 5 minutes, Pidgey and Spearow fluttered their wings and left the woods and returned to the pasture.

“…” A’jian carried an empty bag in his hand, his expression a little frozen.

Than (I am a good tool person, right).

Pidgey showed off in the sky.

Jie (I want one too).

Spearow said enviously.

This kind of free tool is great.

Than (others are also pretty good, if you can be so good, let him shovel me shit is not bad).

Pidgey in the heart thought.

He had already heard from the seniors in the ranch.

If you meet the right human being, you can become his partner and travel together.

“Tweet (a big powerhouse villain of our Snivy clan found his own shit shovel officer, and is now living happily with the shit shovel officer)!” Pidgey remembers a Snivy who said this when chatting with him. .

Pidgey thought of the Pokemon competition. It is said that Pokemon with Trainer tends to be a bit better than before.


Maybe we should find a Trainer.


In the garden, A’jian alone sat under the tree for a while and walked towards home with a bag of empty cans.

Perhaps in a daze, he walked into the house with the bag.

“Brother, what did you buy?” As soon as I entered the house, I heard the younger sister’s voice.

Bang bang bang.

With the sound of the crisp slippers Stomp on the floor, A’jian’s younger sister snatched the bag.

“Did you buy me delicious…Huh? Why are they empty cans?” The younger sister looked disappointed.

“What are you doing!” A’jian then reacted and hurriedly snatched the bag.

“Hmph, why are they all Pokemon food?” A’jian younger sister gave a smirk.

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