Pokemon Creation Chapter 262

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“Brother, do you like Pokemon too much, so you secretly buy Pokemon snacks and eat yourself. Are you sick?” A’jian’s younger sister smirked and asked.

“Don’t worry, I will keep it secret for you.” She made a stitched mouth movement.

“Why are you this girl so eight hexagrams?” A’jian said helplessly.

He turned around and threw the bag into the trash can, then moved towards the room and ran.

“Hmph, I want to see what little secret you have.” The younger sister pursed her small mouth in discomfort.

During dinner, A’jian was a little absent-minded. He cautiously looked at his parents.

Father is reading the newspaper and will eat a few bites of food while reading the newspaper.

mother is playing Doudizhu on her mobile phone.

“The inside… Wouldn’t it be very interesting if we had an extra Pokemon in our house.” A’jian hesitated for a moment and opened the mouth and said.

That’s right, although Pidgey hasn’t been abducted yet, he is already trying to convince his parents.

This is called…

Plan ahead.

“Pokemon? You’re a prodigal thing, can we afford Pokemon?” A’jian mother immediately put down her phone and screamed, “A Pokemon is almost 100000. It’s not good to have this money.”

A’jian’s father also put down the newspaper, his views are completely different from A’jian mother.

“It’s good to be able to raise a Pokemon, but it’s a pity that we don’t have money.” A’jian father sighed.

“Ai, I really like Snivy, the little one, Rest must be very comfortable in my arms.” A’jian younger sister pouted and muttered.

She has asked her parents if she can raise a Pokemon more than once.

But without exception, they were rejected.

Apart from A’jian mother, the A’jian family are fans of Genetic Organism.

They will watch all major Genetic Organism games.

And their mother is a typical housewife.

I like watching all kinds of romance dramas, and I am not interested in Genetic Organism at all.

“What’s so good about Pokemon! It’s already exhausting enough to raise you, and I have to raise another Pokemon.” A’jian’s mother rolled her eyes and said grimly.

“I’ll also ask, what’s the fierceness!” A’jian shrank his head and said weakly.

Yes, it seems that even if Pokemon really goes home with him, he can’t raise it.


As the start of the Pokemon Contest is getting closer and closer, the contestants are also getting a little nervous.

“This is the first Pokemon competition, we must play well! Charmander you can.” A young boy encouraged in a Charmander’s home.

He is wearing sky blue casual clothes and a red cap on his head.

A Charmander stood opposite him, and they were training at the moment.

“Attack the trees!” the young man shouted.


Charmander immediately raised his paw, which flashed cold light in the sun.


Shallow white marks are left on the bark.

“Damn it! This formidable power is not enough!” the young man said frustratedly.

He has watched the exchange game and naturally knows how powerful the formidable power of Pokemon Ability can be.


Charmander also lowered his head in frustration. In fact, his battle strength was pretty good in the Charmander clan at the time, but it was a little inferior compared to the big guys like Little Flame.

The same scene has been staged in countless families.

Everyone is working hard for the Pokemon contest.

“Pokemon competition… Pokemon’s battle strength is very important, but! There is another important factor.” A professional Trainer looked towards Ponyta who was training.

“The most important thing is the tacit understanding between the on-site command and Pokemon.”

Professional Trainer knows that the tactics deployed by the human brain can play a role in turning things around.

He watched the previous Pokemon battle videos repeatedly. The tactical arrangements were very rough, but they all had merits.

His eyes were deep, and he was one of the few people who paid attention to this point.

Defeating the enemy with rich tactics is the point of Pokemon battle.

He looked towards the venue.

“Characteristic Trait that can make good use of the venue. The ordinary battle platform is smooth and suitable for run-ups.” The man murmured.

“So abilities like Sand Attack should not be feasible anymore.” He frowned and looked towards Ponyta’s hoof.

Sand Attack is a deceptive ability that can effectively interfere with the enemy’s line of sight in battle, resulting in a drop in hit rate.

But at the same time, it is also affected by the venue. If the venue does not have sand, wouldn’t Sand Attack be unusable?

“Ponyta, can you make sand out of thin air and use Sand Attack?” the man thought for a while or asked.



Ponyta shook the head, and nodded, he lifted his little hoof, his expression focused.

Then a burst of Yellow energy began to gather on his hoof.

This little Yellow vortex slowly formed a small group of tiny grains of sand in the eyes of the man.


Ponyta lowered his hoof a little discouragedly, it was too hard to create a large ball of sand with his current ability.

“Didn’t expect it to be feasible?” The man was surprised from ear to ear.

“How is this explained scientifically?” He was a little incoherent.

If Fire Element Energy of Fire Element Pokemon within the body can help him use Fire Element Ability, how does Sand Attack explain?

Sand is not fire.

Could the fire energy be converted?

The man couldn’t help being lost in thought.

He found that he had found a new direction.

If you study it carefully, it may play an unexpected role in the Pokemon contest.


“There are only 200 trainers registered for this Pokemon contest. Charmander occupies 100/47, Snivy 100/35, and the rest of Pokemon occupy the rest.”

“Ponyta and Tyrogue also participated in many competitions, but… can Ponyta also fight?” Zhang Meng looked confused.

In her opinion, Ponyta is the Pokemon participating in the race.

In this regard, Li Qiuran could only smile helplessly, “You didn’t even realize the battle strength of Ponyta itself.”

In fact, Ponyta’s own battle strength is stronger than Charmander, Snivy and other Pokemon, their initial form is not Ponyta’s opponent at all.

With its own speed, Ponyta can cause great damage.

Just like the Ponyta group in the ranch.

There are a few militant Ponyta in the race. They don’t have much interest in running. Instead, they always pick things up in other Pokemon turf.

Their battle strength is amazing.

Although they were born not long ago, they have been able to compete evenly with many Pokemon.

Their strength has won the friendship of Tyrogues.

Tyrogues regard powerhouse is respected.

They often play against Ponyta.

At first Ponyta is not the opponent of Tyrogue. Later, as their skills become proficient, Ponyta can even win.

They are all looking forward to the holding of the next Pokemon competition at the ranch, and they are confident that they will be able to shine.

In fact, they are indeed well-known figures in combat ability after rigorous training.

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