Pokemon Creation Chapter 263

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“South City University invites Qiu’zi to give a lecture?” In the laboratory, Li Qiuran was crying out in surprise with a pile of materials.

“Yes! Now Qiu’zi is China’s most famous Biotech Designer. I hope you can attend this lecture.” Zhang Meng said helplessly.

“So you have to show your identity?” Li Qiuran frowned, and now he doesn’t want to make it public.

He just wanted to be quiet, silently, pretending to be…

think about it……

Teaching courses in front of 1000 people…

I feel nervous just thinking about it.

Cough cough.

forget it.

And now the designer of Pokemon still calls himself Qiu’zi.

“Um~ you can also broadcast live remotely.” Zhang Meng flipped through the information.

In South City University, there was a similar situation.

The professor could not reach the scene and used the Internet to conduct live teaching.

Several thousand students are looking at the huge LCD screen in the auditorium.

“Wait a second, South City University…” Li Qiuran suddenly stared wide-eyed, why is this name so familiar.

“This is your university.” Zhang Meng said helplessly with pats on his forehead.

My boss is good at everything, but his reaction is a little slow.

“Huh? Right!” Li Qiuran suddenly realized.

I go to the Laboratory of South City University regularly.

Just not in class…

I even forgot that I was a member of South City University.

Since it was an invitation from his alma mater…

As a member of the school…


“No, no interest, no time, too busy.” Li Qiuran looked cold.

“Uh…” Zhang Meng had a smile on his face. In her opinion, Li Qiuran had a probability of 97.4752% and agreed to give a speech.

But this result is too unexpected.

He actually gave up?

“Really not going? This is a great thing!” Zhang Meng looked puzzled.

Biotech Designers who can give lectures at South City University are definitely Peak professors in the industry.

Although Qiu’zi’s status is not low in most people’s minds, it is still short of official recognition.

And this speech is a good time.

Not only that, Qiu’zi itself is well-known internationally, and his speech at South City University will definitely bring South City University’s reputation.

Therefore, Qiu’zi can not only become one of China’s most outstanding designers, but also help South City University build a reputation.

This is a win-win situation.

“Why should I go?” Li Qiuran looked confused.

“Why don’t you go?”

“Why are you going?”

“Why don’t you go?” The two people began to repeat the question and answer.

“You can go…” Zhang Meng frowned and thought for a long time before suffocating a word, “Pretend to be forced.”

“Heh… Am I like someone who likes to pretend?” Li Qiuran asked rhetorically.

“Not like?”

“Um~~Okay.” Li Qiuran thought carefully, this kind of pretending thing does not seem to be rejected.

“When and where?”

“The day before the Pokemon competition, in the auditorium of South City University, of course you can choose to use the remote live broadcast method.” Zhang Meng said.

This world has an app called zoom.

Professors can use this software to broadcast their studies.

To be precise, the school auditorium, which can accommodate several thousand people, will open a live teaching show by Li Qiuran.

“The question is coming, what do you want to talk about?” Li Qiuran looked distressed.

Although I have a lot of inventory, I don’t know what to say when I want him to speak, teach, and return Drew.

“Just talk about Pokemon casually.” Zhang Meng suggested.

This can be regarded as a disguised form for Li Qiuran to share part of his knowledge for the benefit of this world.

Just like those Scholar Normal, they will generously contribute their research to mankind, which benefits everyone.

But Li Qiuran is not these great Scholars.

I finally got it from system, so how can I share it at will.

Li Qiuran is still a little careful.

But for this World, he is willing to donate generously (funny laugh).


“Have you heard that Qiu’zi is going to teach a class at South City University.”

“Have you heard that Qiu’zi is going to be a professor at South City University.”

“Have you heard that Qiu’zi is going to be the Principal at South City University!”

“Have you heard that Qiu’zi is leaving Red & White Corporation to South City University!”

Various rumors began to fly in the sky.

Qiu’zi, what a mysterious Biotech Designer this is.

The Pokemon she designed pulled Red & White Corporation out of a stagnant pool and changed into new clothes.

Now Qiu’zi is teaching at South City University?

That must be heard!

“Parents, don’t stop me, this time! I must be willful once!” A young man stood firm in front of his parents at home, he decided to go to South City University…


After all, he is not a student of South City University.

“Don’t stop me! Mom and Dad, I’m determined!” the man roared heartbreakingly, and he even shed tears.

Such a powerful consciousness.

Male parents:…

“We didn’t stop you, can you let go of the hand holding my leg first.” The man father looked speechless. He looked helpless at his son who was caught in the sitcom and couldn’t help himself.

Why did I get this stuff in?

“In this way, I resolutely left the family where I was born and raised me and went to South City University.” A monologue sounded in the man’s heart, and he slowly stood up and walked towards his destination with a heavy step.

“If you want to enter South City University, one condition is to have South City University credentials.”

“Only students and professors, staff have South City University credentials.” The man stood in front of South City University.

Beside him stood countless students with the same movements and expressions.

Where should I get a certificate?

He couldn’t help falling into thought.

“What are these students doing? Isn’t that guy from Chengbei University?” On the campus, many students stood at the door and pointed fingers at the people outside.

“Do they want to get in?” said a person with a sense of justice.

“No! Qiu’zi belongs to our South City University!”

“Chengbei University and dogs cannot enter.”

South City and Chengbei University themselves are incompatible as fire and water, and the students on both sides immediately launched a fierce scolding war.

But many passersby are very confused.

“You can watch the video in a few days.” A passerby said in a puzzled manner.

“What do you know! Of course you have to see this kind of event with your own eyes!” The person next to him immediately retorted.

“This puzzle can only be completed by seeing Qiu’zi’s teaching process with my own eyes.”

“My life was originally a maze, but now, I’m just one step away from the map.”

“So… South City University, I must enter!”

Countless Biotech Designers are jealous of South City University students.

They can be taught by Qiu’zi in the university.

This is not the kind of appeal that can be felt by watching the video.

What kind of person will Qiu’zi be?

Is she a gentle old woman?

Or a humble beauty?

For a time, South City University became a hot spot.

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