Pokemon Creation Chapter 264

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“Meow! Lord Male God is going to give a lecture at the university? Can I go?” Meowth, who didn’t know where to get the gossip, came to Li Qiuran’s laboratory and said.

“What are you going to do?” Li Qiuran asked curiously.

“I want to enrich my experience! An outstanding referee needs these experiences, meow.” Meowth touched his beard, said with a smile.

Watching a speech is one thing…


The most important thing is Battle Armor.

The South City University teaching this time seems to Meowth for another purpose.

“Perhaps this is some kind of information.” Meowth muttered in a low voice.

“Using teaching, passing key information through various passwords to the team that made Battle Armor, in the eyes of others, the sacred and solemn teaching, in fact…it’s nothing else!”

His eyes narrowed slightly, his right hand was holding his chin, his eyes were deep.

“There is only one truth, and I…will expose it all, meow!”

“I’m going to teach, so don’t go.” However, Li Qiuran gave Meowth a head-on in the next sentence.

“Meow! Why not!” Meowth hurriedly jumped to the table and shouted.

Then Meowth tried to persuade Li Qiuran incoherently, “If you let This Meow participate, they can feel the charm of Pokemon at a deeper level, which is helpful for teaching!”


“This Meow can also give a live speech, and I will show my admiration and gratitude to you like the surging river Normal.”

“In this way, you can not only gain fans for a long time in teaching, you can also…” Meowth frowned for a long time. He saw this word on the app and thought it was cool at the time.


“Can you still be a fan?” Meowth said tentatively, tilting his head.

Li Qiuran:…

“Well, okay?” Meowth said Charm hugging Li Qiuran’s arm.

“Not good! I’m not going to the scene! I’m going to live on the web.” Li Qiuran said helplessly with a smile.

Sure enough, it was a wrong decision to give Meowth a mobile phone, and it didn’t take long for him to learn the term cao fan.

But looking at his reaction, he should not understand the true meaning of this word.

“You and Little Brat always learn vocabulary randomly, and the phone is confiscated.” Li Qiuran’s face was dark, and the phone was mercilessly taken away under Meowth weeping bitter tears.

“Damn it!” Meowth looked at the back of Li Qiuran who was going away, his heart was broken!

“Just take away my mobile phone at you, I will definitely expose Battle Armor’s conspiracy, I want to Retaliate the mobile phone.” Meowth said angrily.

Snivy’s ethnic group.

Nini has forgotten about Battle Armor.

To be precise, she is 3 minutes hot.

Whether Battle Armor can destroy the world has nothing to do with her, she just wants to play that’s all.

But Xiaofen and Xiaomu don’t think so.

They really regard Battle Armor as their important task.

Even if the big sister doesn’t help, she will keep track of it.


“Duolu (I’m looking for the wise Master Li Qiuran).” A few days later, an unexpected visitor came to the ranch again.

In the reception room outside the ranch, a Smeargle stood on tiptoe, put his hands on the front desk, and said cheerfully.

“Cough cough. long time no see.” The receptionist’s little elder sister suddenly showed a bright smile.

Smeargle is a regular customer of the ranch and will come every 3 to 5 times.

Every time there was only one sentence “Duo Lu”, but everyone understood what he meant.

He asked Li Qiuran.

“He must miss Li Qiuran too much.” The receptionists thought so.

“Sure enough, only those who love Pokemon can get Pokemon’s love. We really are still not enough.” The receptionists thought.

“Duolu (then I will go in).” Smeargle saw not at all and got a response and walked towards the ranch.

In front of the entire ranch is the reception room, and at the end of the reception room is an electronic fence, through which you can enter the ranch.

Since Smeargle is all acquaintances, it will not be blocked.

“Duolu (I have a little hairy, I never ride).” Smeargle hummed a little tune, jumping across the fence.

When I came to the ranch, it was a familiar place and a familiar atmosphere.

Just the current self…

It’s already different.

Smeargle raised his head and walked not recognizing one’s family, oh no, passing by one group after another in a confident pace.

Passing by the Charmander tribe, Charmanders are holding trees and grind their teeth.

“Duolu (rude).”

Passing by the Squirtle tribe, the Squirtles are in the Water Spout.

“Duolu (childish).”

Passing by the Ponyta clan, Ponyta are running freely.

“Duolu (a waste of energy).”

Smeargle gives one comment after another from the perspective of God.

Before long, he stopped at the door of the laboratory.

See him skillfully enter the lab password.


The laboratory door opened quietly.

“Duolu (my dear, I’m here).” Smeargle burst into the laboratory with an uncontrollable smile on his face.

“Why are you… here…” Li Qiuran stared at Smeargle, who was holding his thigh again in front of him.


Obviously it’s from Little Lu’s family and still stick to myself.

People who don’t know think how attractive they are.

Who knows he is a tool man in Smeargle’s eyes?

run out……

Will you come again?

“Duolu (Is my Battle Armor ready)?” Smeargle lifts the head with a look of hope.

It’s been almost a week, he thought about it day and night, finally looking forward to today.

The Battle Armor should be researched and developed, and he… The Masked Riding Dog has also entered full body.

The so-called Pokemon contest…


Sorry, my masked riding dog took over.

“Uh, you came at the right time.” Li Qiuran shook the head helplessly.

“Duolu!” Smeargle suddenly flashed a little star, admiring Li Qiuran like a surging river.

too strong!

Worthy of being the man who created Pokemon.

really! Battle Armor is a small test for him, have the words at hand.

“Duolu (my wife is too strong! You are the most powerhouse I have ever seen in my life!)!” Smeargle flattered from the heart.

Soon after, Smeargle to ones hearts content left the ranch.

“It’s strange, did he get the Battle Armor?” Meowth not far away took everything in the entire scene, his eyes a little gloomy.

“Has Battle Armor come out? How is this done?” Meowth 100 was puzzled.

He really didn’t understand how Li Qiuran completed the Battle Armor during the daily input of the genetic code.

He even…

Even Li Qiuran goes to the toilet.

He can clearly remember the length of time Li Qiuran spends in the toilet in a day, even if it is big or small. The smell is not big, whether there is diarrhea, etc.

All the sacrifices did not prevent all this from coming.

“Damn it! I lost.” Meowth looked depressed.

Immediately after he took out the cell phone he was going back to, his face was quickly filled with a bright smile.

If you lose, you lose, I still have a mobile phone.

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