Pokemon Creation Chapter 265

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Smeargle embarked on the journey home. This time, his eyes were firm and his steps were arrogant.

“Mother, how did that Smeargle walk like that! It’s like…a big fool.” A boy pointed to the road and said Smeargle swaggeringly.

“The baby can’t walk like this after 10000000 million.” The child’s mother lowered her head and reached her son’s ear and said.

“Hmm.” The little boy hurriedly nodded.

It’s ugly to walk like this.

However, Smeargle didn’t feel that, he put his hands behind his back and walked wildly.

He showed his abdomen calmly.

There are…

“Mother, why is there a belt around Smeargle’s waist.” A sharp-eyed child cry out in surprise.


Smeargle hearing this suddenly revealed a mysterious smile.

Someone finally noticed.

That own belt.

A belt that represents strength.

“Could it be that he is a masked riding dog?” the little boy exclaimed.

Duo Lu (yes, little fan, I’m just a passing masked riding dog).

A mysterious smile conjured up at the corner of Smeargle’s mouth.

Now the masked riding dog is completely physical!

At his waist, a belt was shining rays of light in the sun.

The pure silver belt is mixed with red patterns. The belt is very metallic, and there is a rectangular groove in the middle of the belt.

“That belt is so cool.” A boy said with a look of envy.

“I really want it! Mother, I want that belt too!” A boy hugged his mother’s arm and coquettishly.

Little Lu’s home

Charmeleon is training in the garden while Little Lu is reading a magazine.

As for what magazine…

Of course it is a magazine about training.


Smeargle opened the door and walked into the house with a satisfied smile.

“Smeargle, why did you sneak out again?” Little Lu asked, poking his head out of the book, her tone was not at all dissatisfaction, just curiosity.

Dolu (secret)! Smeargle looked mysterious, he walked to Little Lu’s side and rubbed Little Lu’s arm.

“Duolu (poop shovel officer, you believe me, I am very strong now! I will definitely not embarrass you)!”

Smeargle’s tone was full of pride.

“Ga (how strong can it be)?” Charmeleon laughed mockingly. He moved his muscles and stood up and walked towards Smeargle.

Ga (come for one)?

Duo Lu (cut).

Duo Lu (I’m not afraid of you).

Smeargle squinted his eyes, revealing dangerous rays of light, he actually started taunt/provoke Charmeleon.

“Huh? Interesting, did Smeargle take the wrong medicine today?” Little Lu got interested and put the magazine aside.

Until now Smeargle was afraid of Charmeleon.

Now he boldly started taunt/provoke Charmeleon.

What gives him such courage?

Could it be…

Little Lu knew that Smeargle often ran to the ranch during this time.

Is it Little Ran’s son?

Duo Lu (Charmeleon! Now I have the power to defeat you). Smeargle stepped forward and said loudly.


Charmeleon is a bit Rage, his violent temper makes him want to do it!


“Dolu (this Pokemon contest, we see the real chapter)!” Smeargle shouted.

This is the next battle book!

Smeargle, who has been in the shadow of Charmeleon for a long time, has actually written a battle book.

Little Lu’s eyes lit up suddenly.

This is the consciousness that a fighter should have.

He will not fear any hardships and powerful enemies.

No matter how powerful the enemy is, he will draw his sword without hesitation!

Stand to the end!

“Smeargle! Before, his battle strength was good, but he didn’t have a powerhouse heart. But now, he has it.” Little Lu looked pleased.

Smeargle has grown up.

Ga (this guy)

Charmeleon squinted his eyes, and the little friend in front of him who was getting along day and night was so strange at this moment.

He actually had some fear.

What gave him courage?

Is it…

Charmeleon looked towards Smeargle’s red belt at the waist.

The extremely metallic belt actually gave him a little oppression.

Ga (that’s not an ordinary decoration).

Duo Lu (I am different from before, Pokemon contest, you will be defeated by me).

Smeargle looked towards Charmeleon and stretched his hand to his waist.


A red compact mobile phone appeared in his hand.


the other side

The courses at South City University are about to begin.

No maths poured into the school’s auditorium.

This was originally a large auditorium with a capacity of 1000 people, but at the moment it is already overcrowded.

Normally, the teaching in this kind of auditorium will only be about half down.

Although the professors who conduct open classes in the auditorium are very famous, the students have very different majors. Impossible is gathered here because of the reputation of a professor.

But Qiu’zi did it.

This is a phenomenal Biotech Designer.

The Pokemon he created is loved by a wide range of people.

Of course, many of these students come from outside schools.

Although I don’t know how they got in…

The middle 2 youth is also in the crowd.

“I did it! Even though my parents interrupted my legs and nailed my arms to the wall as much as 10000, I still walked into South City University with my own perseverance.” In the eyes of the man. Exuding indescribable rays of light, his lips trembled a bit, and he muttered to himself.

“Damn, brother, you can walk over if your tm leg is cut off, are you a gecko?” A student next to him heard the middle 2 youth talking to himself, and said with horror.

During the speech, the student looked at the young man’s legs carefully.

It doesn’t look like fake.

Very flexible.

“Cough cough. You don’t understand.” The middle 2 young man looked towards the distance with a melancholy expression.

“My life is a life of ups and downs…destined to…follow the flow.” The man was interrupted by an exclamation before he finished speaking.

“It’s about to start!!”

In the exclamation, an old white-haired old man slowly walked onto the stage.

“No way? Qiu’zi is a man? Are you so old?” Many people were a little disappointed.

They all regarded Qiu’zi as a Goddess-level figure, and now the appearance of this old man shattered all illusions.

Some of them even regret coming here.

“But think about it. A designer who can design a magical creature like Pokemon wouldn’t be a youngster.” The students whispered.

Their eyes looked towards the old man with respect.

Sure enough, the older the profession, the stronger the ability of Biotech Designer.

However, it is worth noting that at such an advanced age, Qiu’zi can even design such a creative Pokemon.

Maybe this is the heart of a child.

The old man walked onto the stage tremblingly.

“Cough cough, I believe you are all disappointed to see me?” The old man said with a smile.

The students laughed cooperatively.

“I have good news and bad news.” The old man continued to say with a smile.

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