Pokemon Creation Chapter 266

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“The good news is that the famous Biotech Designer who developed Pokemon will hold a grand public class here.”

pa pa pa.

There was thunderous applause and constant whistles.

“And I, will take the position of Principal next semester.” The old man continued.

“It is said that South City University is going to change Principal. Can’t it be true?” The audience began to whisper.

Before long, the old man continued to speak with a smile, “And the bad news is…”

Ears pricked up in the audience.

“I am not Qiu’zi!”

There was louder applause from the audience.

“This is good news.” a naughty student shouted.

Qiu’zi should be a beautiful girl, how could she be a bad old fogey!

“Cough cough, now we have our Qiu’zi Teacher!” The old man cleared his throat and said loudly into the microphone.

The applause was so enthusiastic that many people stood up, stretched their necks to try to see the situation ahead.

They stared at the passage behind the platform, waiting for Qiu’zi to appear.

At this moment, there was no noisy discussion in the audience, only holding their breath.

“My heart… beating so fast!” The middle 2 young man opened his eyes wide, as if he wanted to completely imprint this scene into his mind.

This will be a historic scene.


Inside the ranch laboratory of Red & White Corporation.

Li Qiuran is a little bit burnt.

“Aiya, it’s about to start, what to do, what to do. I have forgotten.” At this moment, he is still wearing a white coat and white gloves in his hands.

Meowth was sitting on a chair eating strawberries, his small eyes fixed on Li Qiuran’s every move.

“Don’t worry, you won’t go there.” Zhang Meng smiled while tidying up Li Qiuran’s messy clothes.

“Ah… yes.” Li Qiuran suddenly, he didn’t need to go to the scene.


Not nervous anymore.

“Cough cough, what are you going to do next?” Li Qiuran sat down.

His imposing manner changed in an instant.

From the previous panic became calm and calm.

The speed of this transformation is also secretly astounding.

The actor.

“Then now… I am Qiu’zi.” Li Qiuran secretly said in one’s heart.

He arranged his clothes, and then said to Zhang Meng, “I need a voice changer!”

“Ah? Are you going to change your voice into a woman?” Zhang Meng looked horrified.

She looked at Li Qiuran carefully.

The mannequin is dog-eyed, and quite handsome, not very much like a lady’s boss.


Basically, these special handsome guys have some quirks.

So women’s addiction is understandable…

hiss~ ~

Is it understood something important?

This matter absolutely…

Zhang Meng glanced at Li Qiuran secretly.

Absolutely can’t speak out, sealed.

“What are you thinking?” Looking at Zhang Meng’s rich expression, Li Qiuran didn’t know what she was thinking, he asked with a dark face.

“Ah, I won’t say… ah no! I didn’t think about anything.” Zhang Meng hurriedly covered his mouth and shook his head desperately.

“Hmph, your evil thought…I want to deal with my voice.” Li Qiuran explained helplessly.

Li Qiuran is worried that the original sound will be found by the audience, so the necessary processing is necessary.

“Meow, This Meow can actually help you.” Meowth suddenly raised his hand.

“I can speak for you.” Meowth looked smug.

He is a chattering Meowth.


Li Qiuran put Meowth in his arms, ignoring Meowth’s objection, and slammed, “You, a mascot, stay aside and watch.”

“Meow! I want meow right!” Meowth looked unhappy, but it was useless.

“Let’s start, then.” Li Qiuran sat in his seat, and the scene of the auditorium began to appear on his computer screen.

It is impossible to say that it is impossible to be nervous. This is Li Qiuran’s first public teaching.

He carefully looked at these 1000 people through the camera, and each and everyone’s faces were full of curiosity.

This is the student of South City University.

He turned out to be a member of this school.

What an honor.


“I haven’t thought about what to say yet?” Li Qiuran scratched his head and said in annoyance.

There is no other way but to brace oneself.

Li Qiuran has a variety of classic teaching scenes from previous lives in his mind.

There are funny, serious, and solemn, but only one is deep in his mind.

That is……

Li Qiuran dreamed about…

He made a gesture, “get out of class is over, you all go back.”

This classic way of ending a class is too impressive.

“The class hasn’t started yet, why did I think about it.” Li Qiuran smiled dumbly.

“Then it’s going to start,” Zhang Meng reminded.

A countdown has appeared on the screen.


Li Qiuran breathes deeply, from this moment on, he is the Teacher!


In the auditorium

After the future Principal gave a speech, the huge screen slowly fell from the height in everyone’s gaze.

Many people have an unknown premonition in their hearts.

“It must be ppt! Qiu’zi Teacher must cooperate with ppt teaching.” A student is self-comforted.

“I remember the last time I used the screen, it was because the teacher couldn’t come.” A student said expressionless.

“So… Qiu’zi Teacher probably didn’t come.” The student concluded.


The screen suddenly started to turn white.

A huge Poké Ball pattern emerged.

“Red & White Corporation logo.”

“Sure enough, Qiu’zi Teacher didn’t come to the scene.” Almost all the students lamented.

The first unsolved mystery of this world…

What does Qiu’zi Teacher look like?

Ka ka ka.

Along with the sound of the audio, the sound processed by Li Qiuran appeared in everyone’s ears.

“Hello everyone, my name is Qiu’zi.”

Li Qiuran’s voice is a bit like a robot after processing.

The students suddenly wailed.

How can people follow stars by covering up so thoroughly.

“Forget it, I’m here to learn knowledge, not for some of these.” A student said inconsistently.

His rhetoric immediately caught the eyes of people around him.

“Meow, that’s it.” At this moment, Meowth’s voice suddenly came out.

“This is Meowth.” The students immediately had some commotion.

Many people are fans of Meowth.

The live contest hosted by Meowth is still being watched.

“Is this the beginning, Meow?” Meowth’s curious voice came from it, but immediately came the voice of Meowth being covered with his mouth, “No sound.” Li Qiuran said some flustered and exasperated on the other side.

“Wu wu wu.” Meowth looked at Li Qiuran pitifully.

Many people here are knowing smiles.

If Qiu’zi felt personally inaccessible before, then everything that happened now gave this mysterious Goddess a touch of human aura.

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