Pokemon Creation Chapter 267

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“When I received the invitation from South City University, I thought it was the wrong person.” Li Qiuran received laughter in the first sentence.

“For myself, I just created the Pokemon in my heart. To be honest, I didn’t expect such a big response.” Li Qiuran said modestly.

The expressions of the students gradually became more focused.

See, this is the style of a big boss.

They create Pokemon just as they like, and they can take China by storm.

“Actually, I don’t at all think how special I am. Since I graduated and stepped into this industry, I have hardly released any designed Genetic Organism.” Li Qiuran continued.


The students can’t help being nodded, Li Qiuran is like a normal born out of nowhere.

He didn’t have any resume before.

To be precise, before Pokemon, no one even said the name Qiu’zi for you.

“Until one day, I created Pokemon, and now my popularity in China should be pretty good.” Li Qiuran said with a smile.

“It’s not bad, everyone is well-known.” Meowth talked aside.

Meowth watched itchy.

The lectures in the auditorium of these 1000 people made people passionate.

He can’t wait to replace him.

“I must also hold a referee teaching of this scale.” Meowth murmured.

“You must be curious why there was such a blank period before Pokemon was created.”

Li Qiuran paused continued: “In fact, many of us are the same. Sometimes it is easy to waste time on an insoluble or insignificant problem when we concentrate on one thing.”

“But when you change your thinking angle, there may be new developments in all this.”

Tone barely fell, many students are a little confused.

Does this have anything to do with Pokemon?

“Nature.” Suddenly Li Qiuran said.

Everyone present was immediately confused.

This is nature?

Still interested?

“At that time, I was delving into elemental research, and I found the more interesting things.”

“Change in nature.”

“Water will change into water vapor when it meets high temperature, and it will become ice when it meets cold.”

“This change in the nature of the elements opened a new door for me.”

Having said that, many people have begun to adjust their sitting postures. In their opinion, the next thing is the key point.

“When I made the first Genetic Organism, I used the genomes of flame and water. I tried to use their seemingly contradictory combinations to create a new Ember, but unfortunately, it failed.” A set of genes appeared on the LCD screen. code.

“It’s really bold, but there is no successful probability attempt.” Many students murmured in their hearts.

“It is not difficult to see from various traditional studies that this combination has no successful probability, but I still have a trace of doubt in my heart.”

“Since the elemental creatures on the market are so weak, there must be an element.”

“So I started to study the change of element Attribute, I call it the change of element property… A few years later, I succeeded…”

In the auditorium, Li Qiuran’s voice resounded through the audience, and everyone stared at the big screen intently.

“The change in the nature of the elements… is really a bold idea.” Not only the students, but many Biotech Designers were watching, and they were shocked.

It turns out that when I was still worrying about Early-Stage, others were already at the forefront.

“Wood creates fire, aquatic wood, finds a delicate balance in the genome of the representative element. Is this why Pokemon Ability is so powerful? It’s shocking.” A Scholar muttered in a low voice.

This is a very bold and unimaginable idea.

But it turns out…

“He succeeded, he created Pokemon.” A Scholar murmured.

He stood up and quietly left the scene.

He can’t wait to show off his skills in the laboratory.

Many Biotech Designers are also scratching their heads and want to leave, but worry that they will miss more important content next.

The success of Li Qiuran opened a new door for them.

“Maybe the textbook will also be changed.” Many people thought.

This world’s genetics textbooks will be revised and rewritten to a certain extent based on actual research almost every 2 years.

I believe that during this time, Qiu’zi Teacher’s new discoveries in genetics will be written into the textbook.

“What about Igglybuff’s singing? Why do you Rest?” Many people still have greater doubts.

Igglybuff is not an elemental Pokemon, but her own abilities are more unimaginable.

“In addition to the element system, there is also the study of the brain.” Many people thought to themselves.

They understand that even if they study the nature of the elements themselves, they are impossible to create Pokemon.

Because the change of element properties is just the tip of the iceberg of Qiu’zi Teacher.

In addition to these, there are brain research, and even…

Unique, Pokemon technology.

Pokemon’s IQ and ability show that the technology that can develop them is absolutely not simple.

Trifling nature changes and brain research are certainly not enough.

But these Li Qiuran will not answer.


He didn’t even know that he had mastered so many techniques.

When Li Qiuran talked about dry mouth…

The one and a half hour public class finally ended.

Li Qiuran realized that there were so many stocks in his mind.

The audience burst into warm applause.

The students smiled with contentment and admiration.

They have a deeper understanding of Qiu’zi.

“Only people with a pure heart can go further and further in biological research.” People sighed.

It is not difficult to see from Qiu’zi’s self-report that he has no interest in utility at all.

Only such people can create Pokemon.

What about yourself?

Should I work hard in the school?

You can become the next Qiu’zi yourself!

The students were enthusiastic, and after class, they each and everyone ran to the library.

The library must have relevant materials, study, you must study!

“Hu, it’s finally over.” In the laboratory, Li Qiuran stretched out a lot.

“Meow, that’s amazing.” Meowth admired.

He even forgot to detect intelligence.

When I was a referee, my mouth would be dry and my brain blank for a few minutes.

But Li Qiuran was able to hold on for an hour and a half.

And looking at the reactions of the students, what did Li Qiuran say well?

“Mana Deity!” Meowth couldn’t help but let out a voice of admiration.

“Fortunately, Normal.” Li Qiuran said with a curved corner of his mouth, pretending to be modest.

“Too much humility is to pretend to be forced.” Meowth curl one’s lip.

Li Qiuran smiled triumphantly, and then left everything behind.

All he does now is to create Pokemon.

He just wants to quickly create some ordinary Pokemon, and then build a paradise.

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