Pokemon Creation Chapter 268

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“Very regretfully to inform everyone that the Pokemon contest will be postponed.” This announcement appeared on the official website of Red & White Corporation.

“What’s going on?” Many contestants were at a loss. Although the competition was on weekends, the sudden cancellation still made people a little completely unprepared.

“Hurt, I’m all ready, but the game is postponed, what’s the matter?” Little Lu looked puzzled, and Charmeleon and Smeargle beside her looked regretful.

Charmeleon regrets that he cannot abuse Smeargle.

And Smeargle regrets that he cannot prove his strength.


“Ai, why is this game postponed? I even pushed the sisterhood for the game!” Jin Keke’s mother said regretfully in Jin Keke’s home. She has been showing off about this Pokemon contest for a long time.


The little villain also looked regretful. She was very confident of her own strength and wanted to show her skills.


Huahua on one side scratched her head in confusion, she was not interested in the game.

But it is said that she has to play herself?

She raised her head and looked at Jin Keke, who was grateful.

“Very good, so I can train Huahua, the game is promising.” Jin Keke said.

Huh? ? ?

A huge question mark appeared on Huahua’s head.

Obviously, she had no preparations for a tragic future, even unaware of it.

“I don’t know why the Pokemon contest was postponed?” Jin Keke was puzzled.


A few days later, Red & White Corporation updated again.

“Pokemon exists in places you didn’t expect.”

“Common Bug Type Pokemon, Catterpie will be breed in the forest near S city.”

Then attached a picture of Catterpie.

Detailed information can be found on the official website.

“So that’s how it is, is Pokemon going to start training on a large scale?” Jin Keke suddenly realized.

No wonder there is no time for the Pokemon contest.

This kind of major event really needs to be careful.

“It’s not just Catterpie!” At this time, the classmates beside Jin Keke suddenly opened the mouth and said.

There is a new Pokemon under the latest Weibo from Red & White Corporation.

“Koffing, Poison Type Pokemon, will be put in the sewer of S City, can it absorb the air polluted by Purify?” Jin Keke suddenly cry out in surprise.

“How is it possible? Purify air? Is it so magical? This is something that technology can’t do now! Is Koffing an air Purify machine?”

Suddenly, a terrifying guess came to Jin Keke’s mind.

Is Koffing within the body implanted with an air Purify device?

Is this Pokemon’s secret?

It’s not how powerful genes are…


Their within the body machine.

and so……

The core technology of Red & White Corporation is Genetic Organism within the body implanted core device!

Jin Keke suddenly realized.

No wonder Pokemon is so magical.

No wonder! !

Jin Keke was a little proud.

Everyone was drunk and I woke up alone.

When everyone thinks that Red & White Corporation masters core technologies such as the brain, only I can see through the layers of fog outside the truth of Red & White Corporation.

I really am World’s First witty girl!

Jin Keke was nodded with satisfaction, unable to extricate himself from his beauty and wisdom.

“In addition to Koffing, what else?” At this time, Jin Keke’s classmate was cry out in surprise again.

After Koffing is…

“Rattata? Is this a mouse?” Jin Keke was stunned.

She immediately logged on to the official website to view Rattata’s information.


Rodent Pokemon

There are 2 teeth in the mouth, and anything can be bitten through. If only one is found, it means that there are about 40 inhabiting the vicinity. With Life Strength that can survive anywhere, he is very vigilant.

Rattata has very low environmental requirements and breeds quickly. Rattata’s most proud attack weapon is the tooth. It will use the tooth to use the Hyper Fang, Super Fang, Crunch and other abilities to attack with the tooth.

Characteristic Trait

Run Away: Easier to escape.

Perseverance: Attack increases when in Status Condition.

Implicit Characteristic

Vitality: Attack increases, but hits decrease.

“Isn’t this a mouse?” Jin Keke pats headed.

“So… mouse, caterpillar… Huh? And there?” Jin Keke continued to pull down.

“Pidgey and Spearow will also be put into the forest? Wow! There are also birds. What kind of ecosystem is this going to form? No? Why is there another one?”

Jin Keke looked stunned, this time Red & White Corporation invested so much?

#013 unicorn

The unicorn is a Pokémon in the form of a larva. The whole body is yellow and the body is divided into sections. The distinguishing feature is the horns on the head. There are 7 pairs of pink gastropods with pink nose-like parts on the head. There are also spikes on the tail. The eyes are Black and very small.

Unicorns eat a lot of Leafage and they like to inhabit the forest.

Characteristic Trait

Linfen: The additional effect of Ability has no effect on him.

Implicit Characteristic

Run Away: Easier to escape.

“Is this Pokemon similar to Catterpie?” Jin Keke looking thoughtful.

Now for the masses, these Pokemon are quite mysterious, no one knows what form they will evolve into and what abilities they possess.


“If the insect grows fast, the insect will pupate and transform into a butterfly, so these Bug Type Pokemon should grow wings?” Jin Keke had a guess in his heart.

This guess …

Very accurate.

“Turning cocoons into butterflies, then their ultimate form must be very beautiful.” Jin Keke thought carefully.

She knows the forest near S city.

What kind of beasts are not at all in the forest. In fact, it is a forest that’s all planted in S city. Usually, people go to the forest to enjoy the shade or stroll.

Overall, this forest is very suitable for hiking.

Since these experiences are going to be put into the forest, does that mean you can take Pokemon home with you?

Such evil thoughts have been lingering in Jin Keke’s mind.

But soon, she refuted the idea herself.

“Impossible, the forest will definitely be blocked.”

If Pokemon is to be released, then these places must be guarded.

Jin Keke can appreciate the ideas of Red & White Corporation.

Let Pokemon integrate into this society in the future and become a part of society.

But now Early-Stage will definitely have many people coveting Pokemon.

Even poaching?

Jin Keke looked solemn.

These all are some problems that must be encountered in popularizing Pokemon.

in fact……

These are just the launch of Early-Stage.

In the laboratory…

Several gene seeds in the culture tank are immersed in the culture solution.

“I hope this decision will have a good result.” Li Qiuran looked at the gene seed muttered.

He waited for a long time on this day, but didn’t expect it came so soon.

In addition to these Early-Stage releases, follow-up Pokemon is also being created.

The forest will become the first ecosphere of Pokemon.

In the forest, Pokemon’s rule of survival of the fittest will be followed.

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