Pokemon Creation Chapter 269

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“Dick (I’m leaving now)”

In the ranch, a Catterpie said to Meowth.

“Where are you going?” Meowth was a little puzzled. “Isn’t the ranch very good? There is food, drink and sunshine. Why do you want to leave?”

“Beep (because I want to live in Big Forest, there may be danger there, but… I am longing for it).” Catterpie shook the head explained.

“Oh! The forest is too dangerous! A lot of monsters will eat you!” Meowth looked distraught, he was still trying to convince Catterpie.

But Catterpie is firm.

Similar scenes are being staged all over the ranch, and many Pokemon are bidding farewell to their partners.

They all went to the forest voluntarily.

In addition to Pidgey, Spearow, Catterpie and other Pokemon, Snivy and Charmander groups also want to go.

It’s just that I don’t have any ideas for Charmander and Snivy, so let’s give it up for now.

There are many new faces in the ranch.

Unicorns who don’t want to go to the forest.

They live in the forest with Catterpie and live a carefree life.


“We will temporarily lock down the forest and will be guarded strictly.” In the Red & White Corporation, the representative of City S said to Li Qiuran and the others present.

This decision is huge for S City and even China.

If it succeeds, it is very likely that various Pokemon will be released everywhere in China.

“Pokemon for insects, Pokemon for birds, Pokemon for rodents, dogs and even cats will be added in the future.”

“They will form a perfect ecosystem.” Li Qiuran was satisfied and nodded.

The forest launch is more like an experiment.

If the results are perfect, then the future Pokemon Paradise can be successfully established.

The gate of the ranch opened slowly.

All kinds of Pokemon walked out of the ranch under the leadership of the breeders.

Pidgey and Spearow were flying slowly in the air, and they were full of curiosity about everything around them.

“Look! Those Pokemon!” The people around the ranch pointed at the Pokemon and shouted.

They hurriedly took out the camera and started taking pictures.

“So these Pokemon are going to be put into the forest?” Many people have already guessed.

Now it seems that this posture is really not small!

There are about 100 Pokemon who left the ranch together.

This posture looks really grandiose.

There are many security guards in front of Pokemon and all around.

All crowds cannot be too close to Pokemon.

You can’t even have a shiny light for the camera.

Everything is very strict.

Little Flame hovered in the sky and strictly guarded Pidgey and Spearow.

Now that Pidgey and Spearow are both very young, they are naturally a bit naughty, and they may fly to other places without taking care of them, which is very dangerous.

At the front of the team, there are many Tyrogue volunteers as security guards.

They each and everyone looked serious, watching all around.

But in people’s eyes, these serious Tyrogues are extremely cute.

Until now, Tyrogue is relatively ordinary in comparison with other Pokemon.

Relatively speaking, they have no special elemental abilities, and they have no particularly cute appearance.

But these photos of security Tyrogue instantly hit the whole network.

“Look at Tyrogue’s sturdy figure, inexplicably safe!” a netizen commented.

“Yes, if you let them become a member of the family, then safety is guaranteed?” Another netizen left a message.

There are many Tyrogue videos on the Internet.

Many Tyrogues in the video showed great battle strength.

“Perhaps… Tyrogue’s battle strength is above Charmander and the others?” Many people couldn’t help speculated.

They look forward to the Pokemon contest even more.

It seems that there are many Pokemon worth looking forward to in this Pokemon Contest!

“I don’t know if Pidgey and Spearow, and those new Pokemon will participate in the competition?” Many people have a hint of hope in their hearts.

It’s just that Pidgey and Spearow were born shortly, and their battle strength is definitely not as good as the Pokemon after the ranch was born.

Data shows that in the survey, the number of people interested in Tyrogue has increased a lot.

Little Jiu’s home

“Is Tyrogue strong? You can be a Pokemon security guard! That means… Dawu is very strong?” Little Jiu looked towards Dawu next to him in surprise.

He has watched some Pokemon battle videos, and now he is thinking of his own Dawu…

“So I am a strong contender for the championship?” Little Jiu said in shock.

Although he is Dawu’s Trainer, he has not understood Dawu’s specific strength.


Damu watched thoughtfully on TV about the migration of Pokemon at the Red & White Corporation ranch.

Until now, he was obsessed with training, and his innate talent… should be pretty good.

So he is more confident about the Pokemon contest… right?

“Balu (I should not be weak)!” Da Wu clenched his fists and encouraged himself.

“Balu (Quick Punch, Fire Punch, and all kinds of abilities I can do)!” Tyrogue nodded vigorously.


A’jian at home

A’jian watched Pidgey and Spearow on TV, he sighed again.

He really wants a Pokemon, he wants to be a Trainer.


He peeked at his parents.

The parents are staring at the TV with concentrated attention completely, while discussing, “Pokemon is very active these days! Pokemon news is everywhere.”

“My colleagues are all discussing Pokemon.” A’jian father said with a smile.

“Isn’t there a Pokemon contest? I heard that many people have bought tickets, and my boss also gave me a few tickets!” A’jian father continued.

Both A’jian’s parents sighed that it was only a few months since Pokemon was born.

In this short time, Pokemon suddenly became a well known existence.

It has gained great attention at the international exchange meeting.

“This time, we can see a lot of things. China is promoting things about Pokemon. Maybe… Pokemon will spawn some new professions.” A’jian father frowned.

This is a huge opportunity for people like A’jian father at a lower level.

“Pokemon career? Like Trainer?” A’jian looked thoughtful on the side.

There is a similar job introduction on the official website of Red & White Corporation.

Out of Pokemon Trainer and Breeder.

“Maybe Red & White Corporation will support this series of occupations in the future?” A’jian began to stir in his heart.

“I want a Pokemon.” At this moment, A’jian younger sister pouted and coquettishly again.

“We can’t afford it. These are all Bai Huahua’s silver.” A’jian mother sighed said.

For ordinary families like them, the burden of 100000 is indeed a bit heavier.

“I hope that the price of Pokemon can be reduced in the future after it becomes popular,” A’jian sighed said.

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