Pokemon Creation Chapter 270

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The truck door was slowly pulled down, and several huge trucks carrying hundreds of Pokemon drove towards the forest.

“Sorry, the forest will be closed in the near future. The specific opening time is unknown.”

There was a group of people in front of the forest, and government officials were explaining in front of them.

“No, the forest belongs to everyone, so why can’t we enter?” a person took the lead and shouted.

“That’s right, I used to go outing every week, now you have closed the forest, where do I go?”

Under the leadership of a few people, many people have Rage’s emotions in their hearts.

Yes, if the forest is blocked now if no one protests, serious things will happen in the future.

Therefore, many people are filled with indignation.

“This forest will be used to test the Pokemon ecosystem. If it succeeds, Pokemon is likely to be popularized in the future. When the time comes…”

The security guard had a meaningful expression, “It’s not a dream to have a Pokemon in one hand.” He knew the thoughts of these people very well.

People are greedy.

When they draw a large pie, all problems will be solved.

Sure enough, after listening to this kind of rhetoric, the uproar voice of the crowd suddenly subsided a lot.

“A Pokemon is worth several 100000. My son is arguing every day to buy a Pokemon. Where is our family rich.” A middle-aged man said among the crowd.

“That’s right, I want a Pokemon too. It’s so human, and it’s good to be a child.” A woman said.

“My child everyday all clamored for Pokemon. I heard there is any Pokemon competition?”

“If it is for Pokemons to multiply, this forest is actually not impossible to block.”

“When Pokemon becomes popular, will this forest open up?”

“At that time, maybe there was another feeling about going out.” The crowd began to discuss spiritedly.

The previous dissatisfaction has disappeared.

“You’re really good, so that solves the problem.” One of the security guards shuddered and said in a low voice with admiration.

“Hehe, normal.” The security guard who spoke before was smug.

“By the way, did Red & White Corporation really say that?”


“Then you were so solemnly vowed before?”

“It’s all made up by my brain, hehe.” The security guard said with a smile triumphantly, “First fool them, who knows what will happen in the future anyway.”

At this moment, the truck has stopped in the forest.

Many Pokemon slowly walked out of it.



Pidgey and Spearow, who followed the Sky Fly truck, also slowly moved towards Ground and landed under the guidance of Charizard Little Flame.

Little Flame spread its wings and landed on Ground, shocking the surrounding crowd to retreat extremely quickly.

Although many people know that Little Flame will not hurt them, they still feel scared when they see Little Flame’s burly body.

“This is the Charizard that easily killed Matt Sen’s company. It’s really powerful.”


The first is the unicorn and Catterpie.

After they got out of the queue and said goodbye to the other Pokemon, they walked into the forest.

“We have placed a lot of food in the forest. These are enough for them to live for a long time.” Zhang Meng said with a look of dismay.

Since they have just entered the forest, Pokemon will definitely be unfit, so those foods can help them through the adaptation period.

Next are the Rattatas.

The purple Rattata ran into the forest in groups.

“Although these Rattata are mice, they are also cute.” The crowd took out their phones and kept taking pictures.

After watching all the Pokemon enter the forest, the security guards also started to drive the Loose Practitioner group.

The forest will be in lockdown for the next month, or even a few months.

At the same time, the silhouettes of Koffings appeared in many sewers in City S.

“Koffing is in good condition, and everything is currently moving towards a good direction.” In the Laboratory, the researchers said calmly.

This forest will be renamed…

Forest of Pokemon.


In a blink of an eye, a week has come.

During this period of time, the topic of Pokemon Forest became more and more popular.

Pokemon will multiply in the forest and eventually spread throughout the world.

They will be our partners.

Someone in the vicinity photographed Pidgey and Spearow circling and chasing above the Pokemon Forest.

Such photos spread all over the Internet immediately.

Many people make pictures of Pidgey and Spearow into avatars.



A Catterpie lay lazily in the forest, with a chrysalis beside him.

That is Metapod.

Catterpie is almost all in this small area.

Creatures have ethnic instincts, and Pokemon is no exception.

They have already divided areas in the forest.

Among the unicorn populations, many unicorns also pupate.

They will eventually evolve into Beedrill.

Beedrill’s attack power is even stronger than Butterfree.

Their sharp double guns can pierce everything.

In Pokemon world, the boss of Team Rocket once had a Beedrill.

That Beedrill is the existence of Trump Card.

Overall, Beedrill is considered a well-known figure in Bug Type Pokemon.


The Pokemon contest was held as scheduled.

The venue is still in the stadium in S city.

The audience for this Pokemon contest is not much smaller than the previous exchange contest.

There are not only local Chinese people, but also many international tourists.

Many of them come here admiringly.

“Hello everyone, this is the White Tiger TV Station. Now I will broadcast the pokémon contest live for everyone.”

The camera jumped to the periphery of the stadium. At this moment, the periphery was already vast crowd, and many people were waiting in line with admission tickets.

There are still many Yellow Oxs selling tickets at the door.

“As you can see, many tourists outside the stadium are waiting for admission. This Pokemon competition has attracted more attention than everyone expected.”

“Look, everyone, there are many Pokemons of contestants.” There are many cute Pokemons in the lens, including Charmander, Snivy…

There is even Bulbasaur.

“Now let us interview the visitors on the spot.”

The microphone was handed to a young man with black hair.

“Sir, are you a contestant or a spectator?”

A black haired youth appeared in the camera. He was wearing a peaked cap with a Poké Ball around his waist.

“Eh eh eh, am I on TV? hahaha! I am a contestant! This is my partner, go! Bulbasaur!” Under the camera, the man threw a Poké Ball out of the 2nd position.


A Bulbasaur jumped out.

The people around suddenly exclaimed.

No matter how many times I watch it, I think Poké Ball is extremely magical.

“I will definitely get a good place in the Pokemon contest! I am the future Pokemon Trainer!” The youth made a final conclusion.

“It’s really impressive! It’s been less than a month since Bulbasaur’s booking. I am looking forward to Bulbasaur’s performance! Then let us interview the next passerby.”

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