Pokemon Creation Chapter 271

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“Well, this gentleman, what do you think of the Pokemon contest?” The microphone gave a middle age person with a slight vicissitudes of life.

The middle age person’s eyes were deep, and after a moment of indulgence, he said melancholy: “This is the beginning of my life, and it is also a turning point. I will…”

“Okay, then let’s continue to interview the next one.”

“Hello, this gentleman seems to be an international friend, do you have any thoughts on the Pokemon contest?” The microphone was handed to a blond foreigner.

“Pokemon contest, Goode (great), I Lake (like).” International friends said with a smile, without a thumbs up.

After releasing a few people in this way, Reporter finally took the camera to the Pokemon contest.

“The game is about to start. At this moment, the audience is full of people. The contestants are ready in the lounge.” Reporter said as he walked.

“The audition ended a few days ago. Out of the 500 players, the top 100 have been born. They will have the final duel in this arena.”

“Refee Meowth will announce the rules later, let us wait and see.”

A picture of Meowth appears on the TV screen.

“Referee Meowth is the only one Pokemon who can only speak. His dream is to become a great referee.”

“Now I will enter the player’s rest area through the player channel for interviews.”

Reporter then took a brisk step towards the passage.

After showing his credentials, he entered the player lounge.

The player lounge in the stadium has a lot of space.

Every Pokemon does not need to stay in Poké Ball, there is enough space for them to play.

In fact, most Pokemon stayed in Poké Ball.

Only a few Rookie Trainers were released for Pokemon.

“This is a strategy. You can’t reveal your Pokemon too early.” A Trainer said in an interview.

“But… there are only so many Pokemons in total?” Reporter scratched his head in confusion.

It was countless backs of heads that responded to him.

“Cough cough, it’s okay, let’s continue the interview.” Reporter scratched his head awkwardly, and he began to wander around in the lounge.

“Hey, that player’s Pokemon looks very interesting.” Reporter ran away.

There are Charmeleon and Smeargle from Little Lu.

“This is the only Charmeleon among the players, and the call to win the championship on the Internet is very high.”

“There is also a masked riding dog, Smeargle, which is very popular among children.” Reporter naturally knows Pokemon, so he has heard a little about it.


Facing the camera, Charmeleon flexed his muscles and showed a brilliant smile.

Smeargle followed.

He looked up at the sky at 45 degrees with a melancholy look.

The metal belt around his waist is so dazzling.

“This is a Smeargle with a belt. It’s very special.”

“As a contestant, what sort of ranking do you want to achieve?” Reporter asked.

“Of course it’s number one.” Little Lu gave a thumbs up and smiled.

“Do you know that your Smeargle and Charmeleon are both favorites to win the championship?”

“Of course! But we will not be proud! On the road of youth, we must keep moving forward!”


Charmeleon followed you with a thumb, showing a white tooth.


Not long after the interview came to an end, the game was about to begin.

Meowth wore a customized Black suit and walked lightly to the small podium in the center of the stadium.

After he jumped onto the podium hard, he took out a small white card from his suit pocket.

His lines are written on the card.

“It’s so cute.” Many people on the stage smiled and took out their cameras.

Meowth is quite popular among the crowd.

Many fans have been gained in previous live broadcast contests.

Therefore, people are also looking forward to the rules of this game.

“On this vibrant day, on this clear sky ten thousand li, we gather together.” Meowth stood on the small podium and read aloud.

“For this day, we look forward to, we fight, we fight.”

“100 players will have the final duel in this area. Our spirit is that regardless of the final outcome, as long as the style, level and style of the game are enough, it is enough.”

Meowth held a small card in his hand and looked up at the crowd from time to time.

Looking at the serious faces of each and everyone in the audience, Meowth nodded with satisfaction.

“Then next, I want to announce today’s game rules.”

“One-on-one against knock-out competition. The battle stage will be divided into 1 areas, and each area will have a battle. The loser will be eliminated.”

The rules for the first day are pretty ordinary.

Half of the 100 players will be selected to advance.

This kind of audition-like competition has a low fault tolerance rate.

Failure is equal to elimination,

Therefore, many players are very nervous.

And this format has a drawback.

If two powerful Pokemon meet, one of them is bound to regret.

The game officially started.

One of the five games in the first game was Smeargle vs. Unknown Charmander.

Duo lu

Smeargle groaned in disdain.

He Covet’s is a powerful opponent.

Not such a rookie.

Opposite him, a naive Charmander was scratching his head, and he looked towards his master helplessly.

He doesn’t think he is the opponent of Smeargle.

“Damn, we actually met a champion-level player, and there is still a chance, Skyfire, we can.” Charmander’s Trainer is a little boy, he is unwilling.


Charmander nodded hard, and he looked towards Smeargle again.

This Pokemon is full of expert breath.

Just standing there puts tremendous pressure on myself.

And the belt around his waist.

So dazzling, so bright.

It seems very strong!

Damn, what should I do?

Duo Lu.

Smeargle looked up at the sky 45 degrees, hands on hips.

This kind of opponent is not enough to make him Transform.

After one minute.

Duo lu

Flame riding dog kicks.

The indifferent voice resounded through the speakers, and then a poor Charmander flew up into the sky.

The battle is easy and neat.

Smeargle won.

“Ok…really strong.” Most of the contestants were dumbfounded.

Smeargle’s battle strength is beyond imagination.

Even Charmeleon himself was a little surprised.

Smeargle’s strength seems to have grown a lot after a week without duels.

Not only that, but his mentality has also changed.

Smeargle used to hesitate before shooting, but now…

Very decisive and very confident.

Is it the confidence that the belt brings him?

Charmeleon squinted in secret.

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