Pokemon Creation Chapter 272

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Not long after Smeargle’s victory, Charmeleon’s competition began.

And the result is obvious, his opponent, a Snivy was beaten and cried and ran back to Poké Ball staggeringly.

The whole process made its Trainer feel distressed

“Wu wu wu, who are you bullying! Excessive!” Snivy’s Trainer, a little girl, said with tears in his eyes.

“It seems that Pokemon Trainers still have a long section of the road to go.” Seeing this, Li Qiuran couldn’t help sighed.

Since Pokemon are relatively young, and most of their potential is still unknown, so few professional trainers will buy Pokemon.

Because they are impossible to spend years and energy on a Pokemon with unknown potential.

Therefore, most families with Pokemon have no actual combat experience.

And their registration for the Pokemon contest is more of curiosity.

Their Pokemon has almost no training.

And Pokemon itself does not have too much desire to fight.

Smeargle and Charmeleon are the few Pokemon who like to fight.

So in the face of Smeargle and Charmeleon, who have been trained and are full of innate talents, these Pokémons can only hate.

At this point, Smeargle and Charmeleon have both advanced.


“The difference in strength is too great, it deserves to be the favorite to win the championship.” The commentator said in surprise.

“No Pokemon can do a trick on Charmeleon and Smeargle. Their Trainer doesn’t even command me.”

“It is worth mentioning that their Trainer is the same person, Little Lu. This is the first time she has participated in this kind of combat competition.”

“Let’s look at her profile, Little Lu, there is no contestant in the family history. Her intention to apply is to become an excellent Pokemon Trainer. Her 2 Pokemon Charmeleon and Smallgle have participated in the live broadcast contest.”

“So Little Lu is a live broadcaster?” another commentator started.

“Yes, but I heard that she rarely broadcasts live broadcasts.”

“Charmeleon achieved an excellent result of the 1st place in the live broadcast competition, and Smeargle was defeated by Charmeleon.” The commentator looked surprised.

“Charmeleon’s resume is amazing. You must know that the real value of the live broadcast competition should be close to Peak in the amateur competition.”

“This shows that the evolution of Charmeleon combat ability must not be underestimated.”

“And Smeargle’s resume is not bad. He also shines in the live broadcast contest.”

“That trick of Flame Knight kick is still popular among children.”

The two commentators talked and laughed, and the first round game gradually subsided.

“Then the contestants for the next second round…… Live host Jin Keke?”

“Jin Keke is also an outstanding anchor, her Pokemon Charmander, Snivy, and a Bulbasaur.”

“It’s just that Snivy was carried by her mother, and Bulbasaur… was actually carried by her father?”

“So is the whole family here to participate in the competition?” The commentators said with a smile.

The audience also responded with kind laughs.

If Little Lu is more professional, then the Jin Keke family is entertainment.

“It’s just that Bulbasaur also participated in the competition. It should have been born soon.” The commentator was puzzled.

“Little June from Jin Keke’s family is the only Bulbasaur to compete.”

“There is also an interesting Pokemon in the second round, Tyrogue.” The commentators continued, flipping through the information.

“There are not many Tyrogue participating in the competition, but the specific strength of Tyrogue is still a mystery. I hope this game will allow us to see Tyrogue’s potential and abilities.”

The first battle stage is the little villain against the unnamed Charmander.

Charmander vs. Snivy can be regarded as a classic duel.

From the ranch, Snivy and Charmander have been in a hostile state.

There are also many battles (fights) of various large and small, so dealing with Charmander, the small villain can have sufficient experience.

Amidst the cheers of the audience, the contestants are about to appear.

Jin Keke mother walked through the dark corridor with a nervous expression on his face and walked slowly to the opposite platform.

Her legs were a little weak, and there was uncontrollable tension in her heart.

“It turns out that the battle is like this.” Jin Keke mother said silently in her heart.

She looked very capable in this red tight-fitting suit, with a Poké Ball around her waist, and the little villain was sitting in it.

Walking out of the tunnel, Jin Keke mother was startled by the loud cheers.

In order to participate in this competition, she also specially put on makeup. Although she is 40 years old, she seems to be only in her early 30s.

“This is my opponent?” Jin Keke mother looked towards Charmander’s Trainer.

A youngster looking nervous.

At the same time, Jin Keke father also appeared on the stage. He was used to seeing the big world and he was not very nervous.

He combed his head, his oily hair and rays of light flashed under the dazzling light.

With a confident smile at the corner of his mouth, he slowly walked towards the stadium in a suit.

Everyone should be fascinated by me, right?

I still have the charm.

Jin Keke father smiled and thought to himself.

“It’s so greasy uncle!” A girl covered her mouth and cry out in surprise.

“I think it’s very handsome, very contemporary.” An aunt said seriously.

“Like that… God of Gamblers! The God of Gamblers advances!”

Bulbasaur’s opponent is a…

Squirtle ?

“Hiss~~This is the only one in the Pokemon Contest, Water Type Pokemon Squirtle, his Trainer is…”

“A Liang, a fire brigade member?!”

The audience suddenly boiled.

Squirtle is also very mysterious in the eyes of the masses.

They do not accept sales, only provide them to the fire brigade.

The fire brigade also regularly publishes some videos about Squirtle.

According to the video of the fire brigade, it is not difficult to see that the water storage capacity of Squirtle is extremely large, and the formidable power of Water Gun is not small.

“Squirtle’s battle strength should not be low. At least he is Charmander’s nemesis.” The commentator pondered then said.

“It’s just that the Bulbasaur of Grass Type is not afraid of water!”

“That’s hard to say, the plants will wither if they are watered too much.”

The commentators started arguing, and discussions began in the audience.

“Squirtle’s potential should be higher than Bulbasaur!”

“Bulbasaur looks too heavy.”

“But Squirtle is cumbersome with a turtle shell.”

“Could it be that they would release Ability from a distance? That would be too boring.”


Here, the battle of the little villain begins immediately.

Jin Keke mother took out the Poké Ball from her waist, her eyes were firm, she lightly threw the Poké Ball out very casually, “Go on, little villain.”

“Hiss~~ The posture of the contestants throwing Poké Ball seems to be substandard, I remember this is different from the Poké Ball exposed on the Internet!”

To explain tone barely fell, the little villain jumps out of Poké Ball.

“Uh…it seems…that’s just a prank by Red & White Corporation.”

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